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Larry’s Love Letters – Article: Mahi | @hlouishome Cover art: nikkimmedia.com

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When two closeted lovers communicate through songs; joy, sadness, and complications of the closeted lovers lay bare.

By Mahi | @hlouishome

When young Louis Tomlinson asked the boys during one of the many One Direction video diaries the question, “What is the most loving and caring thing you would ever do for a girl?”, young Harry Styles answered with “I would write them a song.” 12 years later, with three studio albums during his solo career, it is not unknown that many of his songs are for and about the same person that he fell in love with years ago, which was the same person who asked that question, and whom Harry was looking at while answering it. After the release of Louis Tomlinson’s first studio album, multiple parallels can be seen from his songs with the songs written by his beloved. Through their songs, they communicate of their love, joy, sadness, and complications of their relationship. Only those who truly listened can tell that this love, for these closeted lovers, is one worth fighting for. 

Let’s explore the parallels of Harry and Louis’ songs, which, in many ways, answer each other’s songs like love letters. There are many, of course, but I will only be including specific songs from their solo careers. Let it be known that analysing these parallels are solely based on my personal understanding of what they mean. Other people may interpret these songs differently, and I respect that. Before I begin, here is a curated playlist for you to listen to while reading this piece: Larry’s Love Letters Playlist. Happy reading!

Harry first released two albums, Harry Styles (2017) and Fine Line (2019), before Louis’ album, Walls (2020), and then the recently released Harry’s House (2022). When we observe the parallelism in this order, it’s essential to study and understand the albums’ overall tone. This is to gain a clearer picture of how the relationship is going, including all the complications, and how it is improving with time.

In general, Harry’s first album has a melancholic, almost sorrowful tone, with the repetition of “we don’t talk/speak enough” or the lack of communication in the relationship, as well as the act of being “stubborn,” “selfish,” and the sheer loneliness he feels when his lover is away. Larry’s love letters are not always happy and in love, there are times that they also share their sorrow and loneliness of being apart from each other. We can also see the similar tone in Louis’ songs, which will be explained later.

Fine Line, Harry’s second album, has a more cheery tone, yet it still deals with stubbornness and loneliness lyrically. “Falling,” “To Be So Lonely,” and “Golden,” among others, all convey the same message: he doesn’t want to be alone, and what he desperately values is his lover’s company and his reassurance. Not only that, Harry has also inserted his admiration for his lover through “Adore You” and “Sunflower, Vol. 6” while mentioning his eagerness of “going home” to his lover in “Canyon Moon.” He clearly feels the same loneliness when he is away, and he is concerned that the distance may harm their relationship. But, above all, he still looks forward to seeing and adoring his lover.

Prior to his album, Walls, Louis firstly released his debut single, “Just Hold On” with Steve Aoki in 2016, and three more singles, “Back To You” (ft. Bebe Rexha), “Just Like You”, and “Miss You” in 2017. He would later gradually release new singles in 2019, and finally release his first solo album on the 31st January 2020. What a perfect gift for his beloved, Harry, whose birthday falls on February 1st. The album itself seems more intimate and honest, with references to his youth, such as the Princess Park lyric and giving “into the pressure,” to name a few. Not only that, but there is a lot of reassurance on this album, with the repetition of “Always You,” expressing he is sorry and still in love. Being “Defenceless” by knocking down his “Walls” for his beloved. This illustrates that he is striving to be more honest with his lover, as well as to communicate more and better understand each other.

When two lovers communicate their emotions and fears, these conversations can heal and strengthen the relationship even more. Which brings us to Harry’s third album, Harry’s House, is all about. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind, this album is full of confessional love, a very intimate one, meant for one person only. They finally had the talk they wished they could have had earlier, after all the references of loneliness and stubbornness.

Let’s go on to the parallels that could be seen in particular songs, which respond to each other like love letters, now that we’ve got a sense of the general tone of the albums.

Two Ghost | Too Young | As It Was

“We’re not who we used to be” | “Everything’s feeling different now” | “It’s not the same as it was”

Life is not the same any more, as they are both growing up and growing old. Perhaps, when they were younger, things were simpler in a way. Now, they cannot be seen publicly together, no interactions, not even on social media. Being away from each other becomes difficult when they have to stunt and put up an act that they never wished for. They reminisce of their younger, X-Factor selves, when it was just them on those stairs and in that house. But, things are just not the same as it was.

From The Dining Table | Miss You | Late Night Talking

“Maybe one day you’ll call me and tell me that you’re sorry too” | “Now I’m asking my friends how to say “I’m sorry”… And we can’t even be on the phone now” | “We’ve been doing all this late night talking about anything you want until the morning”

Relationships are hard, especially when you still haven’t figured out how to communicate properly with each other. Perhaps there were things that the lovers kept from each other which caused miscommunications along the way. When they were away from each other, misunderstandings were rarely addressed, which led to the need of “I’m sorry”. However, over the years, they finally figured it out. They take full advantage of the moments together to stay up and talk about anything and everything until the morning.

Sweet Creature | Always You | Grapejuice

“We’re both stubborn I know, but oh… Wherever I go, you bring me home” | “Walked through my door, but it felt nothing like home because you’re not home… I’m wasting my time when it was always you” | “There’s never been someone who’s so perfect for me… There’s just no getting through without you”

In Harry’s earliest albums, the concept of “stubbornness” features prominently. He usually used it to describe both his lover and himself. They may have struggled to express their emotions and difficulties due to their frustration. All of this causes miscommunication and unwelcome distance between them. In the end, they do, however, find home in each other because of their profound love. They fit together like puzzle pieces, as they were made for one another.

Meet Me In The Hallway | Don’t Let It Break Your Heart | Keep Driving

“Give me some morphine, Is there any more to do? Maybe we’ll work it out, I gotta get better, gotta get better” | “What hurts you is gonna pass, and you’ll have learnt from it when it comes back, you’ll be doing better, yeah, doing better” | “A small concern with how the engine sounds, we held darkness in withheld clouds, I would ask, “Should we just keep driving?”

Harry often blames himself whenever things go wrong. He desperately wished that they could work things out, and he would do anything to make things better. However, Louis never blames him for anything. Instead, he often reassures Harry that whatever pain and difficulties that they are both going through will eventually pass, and they will both get better. In other words, with all these problems and bumps on the road, should they just keep driving? Yes, definitely. 

To Be So Lonely | Defenceless | Satellite 

“I just hope you see me in a little better light… And I’m just an arrogant son of a bitch, who can’t admit when he’s sorry” | “I’m lost in my head, I’m spinnin’ again, tryna find what to say to you… and I can’t get inside when you’re lost in your pride”  | “Am I bothering you? Do you wanna talk? I can see you’re lonely down there, don’t you know that I am right here?”

Here, it is clear that both of them are addressing the relationship’s hubris. Miscommunications can occur for a variety of reasons, one of which being egoistical behavior on the side of one or both partners. Louis is attempting to figure out how to communicate with Harry’s pride in the way, while Harry is hoping that his lover will be able to view him differently despite his arrogance. Harry made the decision to swallow his ego and start talking to his partner, telling Louis that he is here if he needs to talk.

Falling | Habit | Music For A Sushi Restaurant 

“You said you care and you missed me too… And I get the feeling that you’ll never need me again” | “I’ll always need ya, In front of me, in front of me… I was better with you and I miss you now” | “I don’t want you to get lost, I don’t want you to go broke, I want you… It’s ’cause I love you, babe, in every kind of way” 

Lovers can experience self-insecurity even while they are committed. Doubts may uninvitedly enter the picture when the huge distance and the number of days away become too burdensome. Harry is aware of Louis’ affection and compassion for him, yet he occasionally struggles with the feeling that he isn’t enough for him. But Louis reassures him again that Harry is someone he will always need, since they work better together. This profound love that they have for each other will never change, and they will always love one another in every kind of way.

Fine Line | We Made It

“There’s things that we’ll never know, you sunshine, you temptress, my hand’s at risk, I fold… Spreading you open is the only way of knowing you… We’ll be a fine line, we’ll be alright” | “Oh my, I remember those nights… Share a single bed and tell each other what we dream about… Knew that we would be alright… Never coming down with your hand in mine”

They share everything with each other, and they open up to one another regardless of their differences. They talk of the future ever since they were young, with their hands intertwined. Even with all the past difficulties and future challenges, they will survive. Even if they’ll never know for sure what kind of future awaits them, they will be together. The glass will break, the door will open, and the truth will come out. They will be alright. We will be alright.

These are just a few of the numerous analogies that I find both appropriate and intriguing. Of course, many of the songs, in my view, blend nicely with other tracks. If you have any opinions on lyric parallelisms, please post them on Twitter and tag @nostuntsmag or @hlouishome so that we can discuss them together! We may all agree that the parallelism and Larry’s love letters will continue with the recent release of Harry’s third album and rumors of Louis’ long-awaited second album. From here, how will these two closeted lovers continue their love story? Only time will tell. Faith in the Future. 

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