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We talk a lot in the fandom about PR relationships and stunts, but what are they? Well, read on for a little explanation.

PR stands for public relations. Celebrities employ PR teams to manage their image and how they are viewed by the world. Think of them as storytellers who make sure we see and hear the things that fit the narrative management wants to present. Some of the tales they tell are plausible enough for the general public to believe, but often live pretty far from the truth.

PR relationships, also known as showmances or fauxmances, are created when someone needs to be in the public eye to promote a project – like an album or a movie/TV show –  or to dispel rumors that don’t fit the chosen “story” (like…one’s sexuality, perhaps?). Having a famous couple in a relationship gets them in the news and, in turn, whatever project they are working on gets press. But we know most of the time, “it’s all lies.” This type of marketing tool has been around as long as the entertainment industry itself. Even in the early days of film, stars were linked together in the press to get the whispers started in beauty shops and bars. Studios and management companies sometimes went as far as holding actual weddings to quell what they considered unsavory rumors (look up “lavender marriages” if you want some eye-opening bedtime reading).

A stunt is something a celebrity does to get their name in the press. Their teams may fake an engagement, a pregnancy, a lawsuit, or any number of things that get attention and create buzz. Sound familiar? PR relationships are also considered stunts. These stunts are meticulously created in boardrooms and executive offices and involve strict contracts that can detail the length of the “relationship”, the goal both parties want to achieve, and may even go as far as specifying the number of public kisses a couple must undertake. Regardless of how extensive the stunt is, there is always money involved. Heavy penalties and possible lawsuits result from one or both parties not fulfilling their end of the deal. And rigid non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) prevent those involved from ever discussing or disputing the details involved, even years down the road.


So, how do you spot a stunt? An article written in 2020 by Andrea Taylor for Celeb Magazine provides a great guide (paraphrased here, but the whole article is linked below if you’d like to read further).

  1. Do the celebs have a movie or album in the works or one that was just released?
  2. Do you see quotes from “insiders” or “sources” when they’re mentioned in the media?
  3. Is one of the celebs trying to divert some negative press?
  4. Are there copious amounts of paparazzi pictures of the couple together (or apart) to keep them in the news?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, do yourself a favor and look into it a little further.

In future issues, we’ll delve a little deeper into the stunts that involve Larry. So, stay tuned!


Celeb Magazine article https://writer.celebmagazine.com/romance-or-showmance-hollywood-rumored-pr-relationships/

Some light reading on lavender marriages



(Bonus) A Tumblr post that gave great info


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