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By Mary – @FitzAndLarry

It’s summer, and the heat is out in full force! With our skin slick from sweat and our boats knotted to the dock, it’s easy to fall into a reading rut. But don’t drop A/B/O from your list! Omegaverse won’t leave you deprived, but it will have you begging for more.

Welcome to the world of A/B/O! Omegaverse is a genre of fiction in which all humans have a secondary gender/sex: Alpha, Beta, or Omega. They typically present sometime around puberty years. Some people love this genre for the dynamics reminiscent of soulmate fics, some like the animalistic physical draw, and others love seeing how different typing combinations change the characters’ dynamics.

Here’s a great thread about Omegaverse from @OHFicFest on Twitter. There’s also a Wikipedia page about Omegaverse fiction. This last one is quite random, but the resource I referenced the most starting out was this Boku No Hero Academia Roleplay server A/B/O introduction page.

The most important thing to remember, though, is there is no one set way to write an Omegaverse fic. Rules are entirely at the author’s discretion, and each author creates their own A/B/O universe for the characters to exist in. It’s fun immersing yourself into different Omegaverses created by so many talented fic writers. That being said, let’s dive into my personal favorites!

  1. Saving Symphony Hall Series by HelloAmHere

Summary: Symphony hall was the first place Louis had felt at home in this city, and he always had the box to himself. Until tonight.

Why I loved it: I find something about HelloAmHere’s writing style fascinating and addicting. Louis’ perspective is immersing and intricate, and his dynamic with Harry is phenomenal. Probably my favorite fic Harry. It’s only partial A/B/O, so no heats and ruts, no knotting, etc. If you are newer to this universe, it might be an easier place to start. It starts a bit slow for some readers, but it’s well worth it. Make sure to read all three parts in order!

Content/Trigger Warnings: PTSD, Past Domestic Abuse

2. Quiet People Have the Loudest Minds by 2tiedships2

Summary: The one where Louis is a nonverbal omega who has accepted the fact that he will never find an alpha that will treat him as an equal. On the other hand, he’s never met anyone like Harry.

Why I loved it: This fic is incredibly endearing and heartwarming – a true comfort fic. Harry has a practically psychic ability to read Louis’ thoughts through his scent, and watching them adjust to each other and settle in was gorgeous. This is a fantastic starter fic if you’re new to A/B/O.

3. These High Walls by LarryAlways28

Summary: Louis Tomlinson is in over his head. After the tragic death of his older brother, Louis has no choice but to put his music career on hold and head back home to handle the family affairs. The family business is drowning and Louis doesn’t know what to do.

So… when the older, and wildly attractive Harry Styles offers him a deal in exchange for saving his family’s legacy- how could Louis ever refuse that?

Why I loved it: One of my earliest Omegaverse reads, These High Walls, is incredibly well-rounded. It has angst, humor, comfort, and smut – and everything is done so well. In addition, this fic features one of my absolute favorite first-meet scenes. It was my first ever re-read, and I tore through it both times. Unique storyline!

Content/Trigger Warnings: Past Abuse, PTSD, Mention of Car Accident

4. Light, Spark and Fire Series by green_feelings

Summary: Life’s pretty ordinary for Harry. He lives with his best friend, got into university just like he’s planned, and manages to support himself just fine for an unbonded omega. If he sustains that lifestyle by getting paid to help alphas through their rut every now and then, that’s nothing to be hung up on. Until he’s hired by an alpha that turns everything upside down.

Why I loved it: The storyline was great, starting strong in book one, Light, with a surprising dynamic between Louis and Harry. The way they’re drawn to each other is intoxicating. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed book two. The Spark book of this series is focused on the Ziam plot, but I couldn’t be mad because it was incredibly well done. Great fic featuring touch deprivation and the significance of scents, still with a heavy music influence.

Content/Trigger Warnings: Dubious Consent

5. Fucking Animals by pointerbrother

Summary: Louis is the frontman of an equal rights-movement, author of a book about beta-omega marriage and the struggles of being born and boxed into a personality you don’t necessarily feel you fit. The notion that an omega must want to be with an alpha or else he or she’s just settling for less, is bullshit.

But, fucking hell.

Why I loved it: Alright, buckle up. A complete surprise favorite for me, Fucking Animals goes in many crazy directions, and I’ve never read anything else like it. Every character is complex, and the way they all interact leads to some shocking situations. Your jaw will be on the floor. I will never stop screaming about this fic! Newbies, bookmark this for later when you’re more comfortable with the Omegaverse. This one is definitely worth keeping in the back of your mind.

Content/Trigger Warnings: Read Tags (feel free to reach out with questions)

6. thinking about the t-shirt you sleep in by nonsensedarling

Summary: Harry’s alpha fraternity donates to a local thrift shop (because of Liam’s latent crush on a cute beta in his lecture). Louis’ financial situation (and confusing omega instincts) lead him to make some interesting fashion purchases. Lots of pizza, feelings, and not-really-lying.

Why I loved it: The Uni setting for Omegaverse fics is always fun. Louis ends up wearing Harry’s thrifted clothing and doesn’t know why he’s so drawn to the Alpha – seeing the way their instincts blend with their conscious thoughts and feelings is so interesting. Some good moments of angst in there, too.

7. two sugars by everysingleday

Summary: Lonely and anxious in a new city and a new job, obsessed with preparing for a picture-perfect future he can’t actually picture, Harry begins to nest but can’t allow himself to indulge enough to satisfy the bone-deep, instinctual urge. Louis works in a café with a yellow door, has an extensive collection of soft sweaters, and keeps offering Harry books and pastries.

Why I loved it: This fic is incredible, especially considering it’s one of the shortest on this list. Everysingleday does a masterful job of telling a complete, thorough story through quick snippets. We see Harry going through severe touch deprivation and his fascination with the baker across the road. It’s touching, and I loved every moment.

Content/Trigger Warnings: References to Depression, Accidental Self-Harm

8. I’ve Kissed Honey Lips (Felt the Healing in the Fingertips) by loveroflou

Summary: Carefully, Zayn starts, “You do know Niall wasn’t joking about him being unstable, right?” Louis opens his mouth to cut him off, but Zayn continues, “He might not have done anything yet, but that doesn’t mean he can’t, or won’t.”

“You don’t know him,” Louis tries, because it’s true. The only problem is that Louis doesn’t really know Harry, either.

Why I loved it: I’m a sucker for a good hurt/comfort, and this is a perfect example of one. There’s a huge emphasis in this fic on society’s perceptions of secondary genders and how those influence individuals. Lovely and soft, this is a fantastic fic if you crave gentle Harry and protective Louis.

Content/Trigger Warnings: Read Tags (most, if not all, are references to past events)

9. Little by Little by nonsensedarling

Summary: Harry Styles is an omega who works at the London Planetarium, has lived in the same flat for ages, and is happy enough on his own. When he gets home from his first (horrible) attempt at dating in years, a new pregnant neighbor knocks on his door after smelling his cooking. He and Louis quickly become close, but their friendship gets complicated when Harry begins questioning who he is and what he likes. 

Why I loved it: This fic alone converted me to being an Omega/Omega fan! I adored them together, and there’s a lot of well-done conversation around sexuality involved with a cute potato metaphor. Louis also plays a key role in helping Harry process and embrace his Omega identity. It’s undoubtedly a comfort fic for many, and their mutual pining is so sweet. Nesting!


10. sleeping on our problems by falsegoodnight

Summary: Louis sleeps with Harry and they have more than just catching feelings to worry about.

Why I loved it: falsegoodnight is well-known for consistently putting out great A/B/O works, and this is my favorite of theirs (of what I’ve read so far). It’s a very relationship-centric fic, creating a 

balanced fic environment. For many people, mpreg (male pregnancy) is hard to handle in fics, but I would encourage you to try it as this one handles it well.

Content/Trigger Warnings: Underage Drinking, Mpreg

If you have questions or are seeking additional recommendations, you can find me on Twitter at @FitzandLarry – happy reading, and have a lovely August!


By Drea for @NoStuntsMag 

Hey, y’all. This is Drea, the unofficial beta reader / copy editor / all-around badass from No Stunts Magazine. I basically pestered Mary into letting me recommend her ABO fic on this month’s fic list. Why? Because IT DESERVES TO BE HERE.  

Bug Boy by FitzAndLarry

Summary: One day at summer camp, Harry, a peculiar twelve-year-old fascinated with bugs, met fourteen-year-old Louis, the only kid who’d ever stood up for him or taken an interest in his little friends. From that day forward, the two became inseparable, bound by their self-proclaimed destiny to one day be Alphas together.

Except that’s not how destiny works.

Why I loved it: Bug Boy is Mary’s first Larry fic, and you would be remiss to miss this absolutely endearing, thoughtful, and cheeky fic. It’s the epitome of fetus Larry at its finest, but in an ABO universe. You can’t help but want to cuddle them with the scrolling of each page. Mary does an amazing job at developing her characters and weaving their coming-of-age stories together into the larger plot. It’s one of those fics that you wish had either a sequel or a sibling fic attached to it. I can’t wait for Mary to write more fics. Bug Boy is definitely a Top 5 Fave ABO fic for me, and it will probably be one of yours too!

Content/Trigger Warnings: Non-Consensual Advances/Touching, Violence, Thoughts of Depression and Self-Harm

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