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Article by: Anna AKA thetommoway__arg Art by: @_dani_pao

On August 31st Louis Tomlinson announced his sophomore album Faith In The Future, and with the new album came a new 14 song tracklist ( more on deluxe ). One of the songs is called Chicago and is track 6 on the regular and deluxe version. Then on September 02 iHeartRadio hosted a Twitter Space where JoJo Wright talked about being able to speak and listen to a few songs with Louis before the album had been announced. JoJo mentioned being able to listen to Chigcago. JoJo stated that when listening to the couple of songs Louis left the room to let the others really listen to the song. After Louis came back JoJo had asked what or who Chicago is about, and Louis responded that it was about a person, and was very vague with his response to JoJo. JoJo then stated that the fans would more than likely already know who it’s about just by the title track. It was described as a deep track, and it got JoJo thinking about who it could be about. You can listen to the full Twitter Space here, and they start talking about Louis around 10:10 into the space. 

Going into what Chicago is theorized to mean to and about Louis, Harry, and Larries it’s important to note that there is also a musical called Chicago, and Louis has a known love for musicals and acting. Chicago, the musical, is about a women convicted of murder who fakes a pregnancy in order to regain control of a narrative created by the press. If you want to read the full synopsis you can find it here. Both Harry and Louis have expressed their love for Chicago in tweets and during concerts with mentions being had during HSLOT21 and during LTWT 22,            

(Screenshots Taken on 09/14/22 by thetommoway_arg)

Going back to the One Direction days there are few things that happened while on tour while being in Chicago. On June 2, 2012, One Direction was in Chicago for the Up All NIght Tour, and this is the show where Zayn Malik and Liam Payne decided to rip open Harry’s white button down while he was performing his What Makes You Beautiful solo [x][x]. Also during this show was a famous whisper kiss, where Louis and Harry are supposed to be whispering to each other but it looks like a kiss [x]. Then in 2015 two major things happened in Chicago, the first being that Louis got his 28 tattoo on December 19, 2015 in Chicago by Erik Gillespie [x]. The second event that happened is that Louis wore one of Harry’s famous jackets ( or a jacket very similar ) while out in December 2015 in Chicago [x].

While in Chicago for LTWT Jesse, who is someone from Louis’ team, wore a Chicago Bulls Jacket in Chicago and said she was buzzing, which is a term that is commonly used by No Stunt Larries ( if you know you know ). If you look further into the Chicago Bulls you’ll find arguably their most famous player : Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has famously had someone accuse him of being the father of a child that wasn’t his, and had to end the allegations with a paternity test that ended up showing him NOT the father of the child in question [x]. Louis in January of 2021 tweeted about watching a documentary on Michael Jordan, but 20 min before he tweeted saying that we read too much into stuff. 

These are all the connections to Chicago that we know of. Once the album comes out here’s to hoping we find out the true meaning of Chicago.        

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