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Music Therapy and One Direction

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Article by: Hiraeth

Music therapy is a well-known, evidence-based strategy used to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of people suffering from mental illnesses. It entails activities like listening to, composing, and playing music, and it can bring benefits like emotional expression, cognitive stimulation, relaxation, social interaction, self-expression, and motivation. Music therapy is usually used in conjunction with other types of therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan, and it should be performed by a licensed music therapist.

Music therapy is a healing practice that uses the power of music to help people express their feelings, connect with their emotions and find comfort and peace. Imagine a melody that makes your heart soar or a rhythm that makes you want to dance joy or cry your heart out. Music has a unique ability to touch us on a deep, emotional level, and that’s why it’s such a powerful tool in therapy. 

When you’re depressed, music may be as soothing as a warm hug, allowing you to process your emotions and find relief. It may be a balm for a shattered heart, a companion in times of loneliness, and a source of hope when you’re down. With its melody and lyrics, music has the capacity to uncover memories and emotions that may be difficult to articulate in words, and it may help you navigate through complex feelings.

To me, music is an escape; it’s someplace that I run off to when things get too hard to handle. Louis once said that Music can save lives and that it doesn’t have to be his, he talked about how music has the power to pull someone back from their darkest times. I can vouch with my whole heart that Louis is right.

For One Direction days, every time I had to take some time off from reality, I would take my earphones and would wander off to some corner to just sit and mindlessly listen to the boys. Sometimes it was words like, 

“Let me be the one to light a fire inside those eyes
You’ve been lonely, you don’t even know me
But I can feel you crying
Let me be the one to lift your heart up, and save your life
I don’t think you even realize
Baby, you’d be saving mine”

-”Diana,” One Direction. 

Sometimes it was the soothing melodies like that of “Don’t forget where you belong” and sometimes it was just the boys laughing, singing, having fun, or in Louis’ case being melodramatic. 

Not just One Direction as a band. Their solo music has a special place in my heart. Whether it was Zayn singing “When the world was ending
I’d hold you in my arms
And we talked about the places we’d never been” 

Or Niall’s ”On My Own” and even Liam’s “Polaroid.”

There aren’t words that can define what Louis and Harry’s songs like “Matilda,” “Just Hold On,” “Falling,” “Don’t Let it Break Your Heart” and “Angels Fly” meant to me. These are the songs that are the reason that I am alive. They are the reason why I’ll be turning 19 this year instead of staying 16 forever. They saved me. Their music saved me.

I have many goals in life, some materialistic, some personal, but one of those is to be able to see the boys, my boys, and tell how they brought me back to life. To hug all five of them and make sure that they know that their music is Therapy. 

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