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Sell Out Louis’ Biggest Concert

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In 2014 One Direction performed to a sold out crowd at Velez Sarsfield in Buenos Aires. Now, a decade later, Louis Tomlinson has the chance to do the same thing. His Faith in the Future world tour will take Louis to Velez Sarsfield on May 18th. In Argentina tickets for Louis cost the same amount as most people make in a month, between $50-$150. Many fans save up for months or even years to afford going to one of his shows.

Since the age of 8, one dedicated fan has been listening to Louis Tomlinson. Now at the age of 20, having grown up alongside Louis’ career, this fan, reflects on his evolution and the profound impact he’s had.

Expressing pride in Louis’ growth as an artist and individual, the fan highlights the journey from Louis’ early days to his present stature.

“I’m very proud of him, not only because of how he is achieving his dream but because he has achieved confidence in himself,” she shares. “I think that over the years he has become an example to follow for many of us.”

Driven by this admiration, the fan embarked on a mission with the creation of the @LtenVelez account, dedicated to the success of Louis’ upcoming show in Argentina. Recognizing the significance of this event the fan aims to fill the venue where Louis once performed with One Direction.

“@LtenVelez is an account that I decided to create since his show in Argentina is the biggest in his career as a soloist,” explains the fan. “Due to the high prices, we have not been able to get it sold out. We are doing raffles and raising money to give away tickets to girls who can’t afford it.”

The initiative, rooted in the desire to ensure Louis experiences the overwhelming support of his fans, has already begun to make a tangible difference.

“We have already given away 5 tickets and we are on our way to giving away number 6,” the fan proudly states.

For the fan and the team behind @LtenVelez, the importance of selling out this monumental show goes beyond mere attendance figures. “This show has a capacity for 65,000 people,” they explain.

“It would be the biggest of his career as a soloist. We want to make him feel proud to see so many people in one place just for him.”

Reflecting on the reactions of the ticket winners, the fan describes the sheer joy and emotion that accompanies the realization of a dream. “They get very happy, sometimes they cry, sometimes they scream,” she shares. “It is magical since they had all lost hope of going to see him.”

Amidst the anticipation for the upcoming concert, the team managing the @LtenVelez account eagerly anticipates hearing their favorite Louis Tomlinson tracks, including “Chicago,” “Saturdays,” “Holding on to Heartache,” and “Defenceless.”

No Stunts magazine has gifted two tickets to the Argentina show and we are hoping to do more before May. If you’d like to support this mission and help fill the venue, consider donating through their PayPal link  www.paypal.me/louisenvelez. Together, we can make this a special show for the FITFWT.

“Our goal with @LtenVelez is to ensure that every fan has the opportunity to experience this monumental event, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we’re working hard to provide support through our raffles and fundraising efforts, aiming to alleviate the burden for those who may find the ticket prices prohibitive. It’s about ensuring that Louis’ music reaches as many hearts as possible, regardless of financial barriers.”

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