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Interview with @emsfinewalls

In the vibrant world of music and fandom, passion knows no bounds. Emsfinewalls has not just attended Louis Tomlinson’s concerts; she’s immersed herself in the experience, boasting an impressive count of 11 shows during the “Faith in the Future” world tour.

How long have you been a Louis Tomlinson fan?

  • 11 + “ONO” London (I’m more than grateful that I’m in a place in my life that makes it possible for me to see so many shows and for having so many shows close to me. I know it’s a privilege.)

How many concerts did you go to for Louis last year?

  • 4 + AFHF 2022 + Lokerse 2022

What were your most memorable tour moments?

  • What I will definitely never forget are the many wonderful moments with other fans and new friends. Those are the ones that make going to concerts super special to me.
  • I will also never forget the moment when we met Louis’ band members and Joshua and we were able to talk to them briefly and take a photo.


I was able to hand over the Pride flag with fan signatures from all over the world. It was part of a fan project (@LTflagproject) and toured the world with many fans.

‘Night Changes’ in Malaga (AFHF 22) and ‘BTM’ in Milan 22 were also very very special moments.

What was the biggest difference between your first show and your last show?

  • My first Louis concert was still in the middle of the pandemic. Concerts back then were a bit different, especially with masks.

I also wasn’t quite prepared for the intensity of the fandom. I love the atmosphere at Louis concerts, but I had to get used to it myself first. I feel more comfortable and confident in the crowd now than I did 1.5 years ago.

Funnily enough, I have the feeling that Louis feels the same way. He has definitely become more self-confident over time and watching him develop and grow means a lot to me.

What was your favorite part about the concert? Was it different for every show?

  • I love the moment when Louis comes on stage. The atmosphere is indescribable. Louis and his team have a great talent for picking the perfect opening songs. The intro to ‘The Greatest’ gives me goosebumps every time.

I like that Louis plays with the setlist a bit. You never really know what to expect.

To see and hear how grateful Louis is to us fans feels special. He thanks us fans in every concert, and yet it never feels monotonous, he has the talent to make everyone feel seen.

How do you feel about Louis as an artist? And how has he grown since LTWT?

  • Louis impresses me time and time again. His musical and personal – as far as you can tell as a fan – development is incredible.

I love seeing him become more and more confident and self-assured.

Louis has the talent to connect people. And that also makes me feel connected to him. I’m incredibly proud of him. I know it’s weird for some to say that you’re proud of other people’s achievements and development that you can’t really influence yourself, but when I think of Louis, I’m just in awe of what he can do on his own and I can’t think of a better word than ‘proud’. I hope so much that he is proud of himself above all.

Did you do the bracelet trade?

  • Yesss. Got some super cute and pretty ones that I will keep close to my heart forever.

Did you meet with mutuals?

  • Yes, one of the best parts of going to concerts. Some became good friends who I nearly talk to everyday. I wish I could meet them all.

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