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Love On Tour is in full swing and we are loving it! Let’s take a minute to get to know Harry’s band. (presented in no particular order)

Mitchell “Mitch” Rowland (he/him)

@mitchrowland (on Instagram)


Lead Guitar

Mitch is 34 years old and joined the band while Harry was writing his first album. He has songwriting credits on all three of Harry’s albums with co-writing songs that include (but are not limited to) “Sign of the Times,” “Golden,” “Watermelon Sugar,” and “Music for a Sushi Restaurant.” He also does session work on the albums playing anything from the drums to the glockenspiel and occasionally laying down background vocals. Known for his straight face while performing, Mitch is a fan-favorite and brings the house down with his guitar solo in the song “She.” He is married to Sarah Jones, Harry’s drummer, and they have a son (born in 2021).

Mitch has also written for other artists. Most notably a couple songs for country Artist, Cam.

Sarah Jones (she/her)

@pillowpersonpp (on Instagram)


Drums, Backing Vocals

Sarah is 37 years old and joined the band early on in the recording of Harry’s first album. She toured with Harry during Live On Tour (2017/2018), joined him again for Love On Tour 2021, and continues to rock our worlds during Love On Tour 2022/2023. Sarah constantly gets the loudest cheers when she is introduced during concerts and Harry often refers to her as the “leader of the band.” Sarah is married to Mitch Rowland, Harry’s lead guitarist, and they have a son (born in 2021).

Sarah also writes and performs songs under the name Pillow Person and was a member of NYPC, who released albums in 2007 and 2013. 

Elin Sandberg (she/her)

@_basselin (on Instagram)


Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Elin is 24 years old and started with the band at the beginning of Love On Tour 2021. We are extremely lucky that she stayed put and is part of Love On Tour 2022/2023. Elin has a natural charisma on stage. She has a near constant smile on her face and can be found laughing along as Harry interacts with the crowd night after night. Elin got married earlier this year.

Elin is a multi-talented artist and has toured with A.R. Rahman and Chloe x Halle. She also performs her own individual music and is part of a band called Coy Panda with her husband, Juan Ariza.

Yaffra (he/him)

@planetyaffra (on Instagram)


Piano, Keyboard, Percussion

Yaffra is the newest member of Harry’s band, joining up for the 2022/2023 leg of Love On Tour earlier this year. He has fit in seamlessly with the rest of the band and shows endless amounts of energy and joy in his performances. We love to see him smile!

Yaffra also makes his own music and loves to perform for his friends and anyone who will listen.

Ny Oh (she/her)

@lookitsnyoh (on Instagram)


Piano, Guitar, Backing Vocals

Ny Oh joined the band during the Fine Line era, starting at the beginning of Love On Tour 2021 and continuing on the 2022/2023 legs. She has a phenomenal sense of edgy style and radiates happiness. Whether she’s dancing along while playing the piano or strumming the acoustic guitar and singing backup vocals during “Boyfriends”, she is a wonderful addition to the team.

Ny Oh has also released two albums and several singles on her own, receiving quite a lot of critical acclaim for her latest record “Ny Oh’s Garden of Eden”. 

Pauli Jovejoy (he/they)

@paulithepsm (on Instagram)


Percussion, Musical Director

Pauli is 34 years old and joined Harry’s tour as percussionist and Musical Director in 2021. They are still very much a part of the team as we fly through Love On Tour 2022/2023. An absolute fan-favorite, Pauli is well known for their energy on stage along with the “BEST FRIENDS DANCE” they do with Harry every night of tour. The jumping and kicking and boas – we can’t keep up! 

Pauli also performs music on their own, releasing four albums and many singles in the last eight years. They have a solid career of working with other artists as a performer, songwriter, and musical director. They have also dabbled in music influencing and modeling!

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