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We’re in between LTWT and FITFWT so we ought to get to know Louis’ band before they start up again, yeah?

Michael Blackwell (pronouns unknown, but has been referred to by Louis and others as he/him)

@themichaelblackwell (Instagram, TikTok)

@mblackwellmusic (Twitter)

Lead Guitarist


Michael recently turned 30 (who could forget the cupcakes when he turned 29?), and joined Louis in the lead up to LTWT in 2019. Michael has also worked with Lewis Capaldi.

Michael just released his first solo song Nothing makes sense last week. He had his first headlining show the day before his single came out.

This year Michael also opened for Isaac Anderson on his European tour.

In LTWT Michael had his iconic guitar solos, but other fan favorite moments were when he carefully hung a pride flag up onstage in Antwerp and wore a jersey of sorts at Portland Night 2. At the start of tour Michael did Thought of the Day and Behind the Scenes of Tour TikToks with the crew.

Isaac Anderson (he/him)

@isaacandersonmusic (Instagram)

@isaacandersonuk (Twitter, TikTok)



Isaac’s been part of the band since 2019, while also making his own music. He’s released 2 EPs (in 2021 and 2022) and had his own tour in January and February of this year (the one Michael opened for).

What’s likely the fan favorite moment of Isaac from LTWT is when he wore a tiger costume in Portland Night 2.

Matt Alejarra-Dinnadge ​​(pronouns unknown, but has been referred to by Louis and others as he/him)

@mattdinnadgemusic (Instagram)

@mattdinnadge (Twitter)

Bassist, Synth, Keys


Matt also joined the band in 2019, and started making his own music just this year.

Matt has more than once turned and smiled/laughed with other members of the band after the Princess Park line. The first time he did this (in Boston) was quite the fan favorite moment for some time. Matt was also possibly the most chaotic in Portland Night 2.  He did 15 push-ups, ate a bowl of cereal, and randomly went back to grab deodorant.

Matt got married in October of last year to Natalia Alejarra.

Steve Durham (pronouns unknown, but has been referred to by Louis and others as he/him)

@steve_durham (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok)

Drummer and Musical Director


Steve Louis as musical director in 2019 and began playing drums both on the album and live on tour at the same time. He frequently posts videos of rehearsing for shows (his one of 7 from January 2022, got us incredibly hype for tour), and even more often posts his perspective of shows, which are amazing to watch.

And going with the trend of ‘what did they do in Portland Night 2’ Steve did a handstand. Another somewhat odd thing he’s done onstage was wear a hairnet in Kansas city because of a bet.

Zak Craner (pronouns unknown, but has been referred to by Louis and others as he/him)

@z_craner94 (Instagram)



Zak is 31 and has been in Louis’ band since 2017. The Sydney Night 2 crowd, sang him happy birthday last year. He’s also played for Little Mix, Raye, Terri Walker and Beverley Knight.

Of course, we cannot forget his amazing orange suit from Portland Night 2.

In January of this year, Zak proposed to his girlfriend Danyelle Shanice.

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