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Each star sign is unique, with their own individual positive and negative qualities. Considering this, it’s no surprise that some star signs are more suited to being romantically involved than others, such as Leo and Gemini, just as there are those which would be disastrous together, such as Pisces and Aries. However, there are some matches which are challenging but, if the timing is right and both parties work at it, will blossom into outstanding and long-lasting love, such as Capricorn and Aquarius.

With Louis being a Capricorn and Harry an Aquarius, it’s easy to see how they manage to navigate their relationship in a way that makes it stronger. Their positive traits are known to work in harmony if both are on the same page. This is especially evident in video footage of Harry and Louis interacting with each other in the early One Direction days, such as the many One Direction Video Diary videos on YouTube. 

According to Astrology,  Capricorn and Aquarius tend to bring out the most positive attributes in one another when romantically involved, stating:

‘Capricorn is a more cautious, rational outlook on life, while Aquarius is insatiable, fostering an idealistic approach to nearly everything. On the surface, they may seem like total opposites, but once these two set eyes on one another, an unbreakable bond is formed.’ Capricorn’s are known to be hard-working, responsible, humble, and calm, while Aquarians are known to be positive, courageous, intelligent, and loyal.

However, as much as these two star signs can bring out the best in each other, they can also bring out some of their more negative attributes. For example, Capricorn can be pessimistic, a workaholic, and stubborn. When you mix this with Aquarius’ negative traits of being cold, condescending, over-idealistic, and unpredictable, it’s easy to see how things could become strained. 

Furthermore, Capricorn is a cardinal sign (leader qualities) and Aquarius is a fixed sign (stabilising qualities), and therefore both can be incredibly stubborn and driven. Although Capricorn will help Aquarius generate new ideas and Aquairus will help Capricorn balance their stresses, conflicts can occur when both parties let their pigheadedness take hold. 

This is certainly an aspect of their relationship that has shone through on occasion, especially within their music.  In particular, by looking at Grapejuice, Written All Over Your Face, and Talk, it’s easy to see the different aspects of the Capriquarius relationship within the lyrics, giving insight into what their relationship dynamic is really like. Firstly, let’s look at Talk (green text) and  Written All Over Your Face (blue text).

Here, we can see two sides of the situation. On the one hand, Harry has, as often happens with us Aquarians, woken up on the wrong side of the bed and can feel his temper already getting away from him. From the first couple of lines, it’s clear he’s been drinking and slept badly, causing him to wake up in a bad mood. Add in Aquarius’ tendency to release their emotions in sudden bursts without warning, it’s no surprise that by the time he’s just starting to wake up properly, he’s already managed to work himself into quite a state.

If we then look at Louis’ response in Written All Over Your Face, it’s not surprising that he clearly doesn’t know what’s wrong, only that something is. He’s clearly been in the situation before and can read the signs quickly, such as Harry rejecting the coffee that he just made for him, giving him ‘the silent treatment,’ and the ‘atmosphere’s so cold’. We see him sizing up the situation and trying to figure out, not necessarily the reason for Harry’s mood, but more a clear path through it. 

Ultimately, we see him deal with the situation in a very Capricornian manner: he decides to be patient, knowing that space and understanding is the best way to deal with the situation. He knows that when Harry’s figured out ‘what we’re fighting for’ that he’ll come find him, and they can finally talk it out. As a fellow Aquarian, I can vouch for this being the best approach to take in this situation. A bad temper is a huge problem for many Aquarians, particularly those who face a lot of pressure within their lives. This temperamental reaction to pressure happens because Aquarians dislike being emotionally vulnerable as it can make them feel clumsy and exposed, so when a situation like the one above occurs, it’s generally an amalgamation of several different pressures mounting up over a period of time. Harry certainly faces a lot of pressure from many different directions within his life, and so this will likely be a frequent problem the couple has to navigate in their relationship. 

Don’t think that I’m implying that Louis chases Harry around trying to calm him out of whatever tantrum has struck him that day. That would be an unhealthy relationship for sure. I would argue that it’s a very equal situation, as can be seen from Grapejuice (pink text). Harry calms Louis with emotion, just as Louis calms Harry with patience. 

In this song, it would appear that we’re looking at a love song, but not your usual love song. It’s clear from the beginning that there’s some tension within the relationship, be it a simple argument or some greater issue. Harry’s describing his reaction to the situation, to fix it with affection (sweet nothings and gifts) which is very Aquarian of him. Tarot describes this as Aquarians having their own love language, stating: ‘they certainly don’t express love in the same way…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t showing it! Aquarians show love in ways you won’t expect, but you can be sure they will treat you like no one ever has before!’ Aquarians also are very respectful of boundaries and Harry, realising that his idea of flowers and a date relaxing with some wine together isn’t being well received, is happy to let it go for the greater peace: ‘But I got over it, and I said “Give me something old and red”.’ Within the song, Harry repeatedly reassures Louis that he loves him, stating ‘just me and you’ and ‘there’s no getting through without you’ several times. In the end, he’s happy to sit, relax, and drink wine, waiting on Louis coming out of his funk. He maintains a constant presence nearby, ready with comforting words when they’re needed. 

Considering the above, although the relationship isn’t without its complications, Capriquarius works well together. When an Aquarius is in a relationship, they always think about the needs of their partner and go out of their way to make them happy, even if they can be a little awkward when they’re trying to express themselves. Similarly, Capricorn can be intensely devoted, although it can take a while for them to properly open up emotionally, and their loyalty and protectiveness is worth it. 

Although there are other star signs which are more easily compatible, there’s something very special and magnetic about Capriquarius. This is certainly true of Harry and Louis, who’s relationship managed to capture an insanely huge following from the beginning of their X Factor journey. 

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