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Peace Ring Pride – Article: Anna | @Thetommoway_arg

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 By Anna | @Thetommoway_arg

Harry Styles hasn’t always worn an exorbitant amount of rings. Even to this day there has always been one ring that remains constant throughout the years: The Peace Ring. The Peace Ring is a significant ring that is worn by Harry, and is theorized to be either a promise or engagement ring from Louis Tomlinson. Although it has been a constant ring throughout the One Direction and HS1 eras it hasn’t been worn or seen in a long time except for a few sightings in recent years. 

The Peace Ring wasn’t the first or even the second ring that Harry was spotted wearing. The first ring that Harry was ever spotted in was a simple black band worn on his right middle finger or left index finger [x]. The ring made its first appearance on February 13, 2012, in Stockholm, after Louis had returned from an extended ski trip with long-suspected beard Eleanor Calder. The band was spotted constantly for about 14 months when stunting was at its peak, until it was replaced with the Peace Ring in April 2013.

The Peace Ring was first spotted after Louis and Harry were rumored to have had dinner at a Manchester restaurant Rosso’s in April of 2013  [x]. Although Louis has tweeted about the restaurant, and Rosso’s Manchester has tweeted to Harry and Louis multiple times, there is nothing actually confirming they were actually at the Restaurant in April 2013. The only thing was was tweeted in this time period would be in March the establishment welcoming them back, and again in April where they stated that they were due for a visit again. 

*Screenshots of Tweets  taken June 17th 2022*

Harry wore the Peace Ring consistently throughout One Direction days ( 2013-2015 ) during his first solo tour, Live On Tour ( 2017-2018). Harry wore it for two shows during his Love on Tour ( 2021 ) and once during his Harry’s House release Promo ( May 2022 ) wore it for two shows during Fineline, and once during Harry’s House.  

While in One Direction Harry would play with or motion towards the ring while in interviews when long-term relationships, or relationship status, would be mentioned. Some examples of this would be during the Johnathan Ross interview on November 21, 2015, where the boys were asked who was single, and when they all confirmed that they were single Harry began circling his right middle finger which was dawning attention towards the Peace Ring.  

During Live on Tour ( 2017-2018 ) there were many times that Harry would play with the ring whenever a relationship status or lyrics were mentioned such as in the Thailand show on May 17, 2018, when he talked about a couple’s anniversary [x]. 

While in between albums and during public appearances Harry would wear the ring on his right middle finger. It’s spotted during the Gucci Memori photoshoot on August 01, 2019. Then when Harry co-hosted the Met Gala on May 9, 2019, the ring was ever present during his time on the red carpet.

During the One Night Only performance, December 12, 2020, in LA for Fine line, Harry, for the first time, changed the Reace Ring, from his right middle finger, which is commonly known as the finger for a gay engament // marriage rings, to his left middle finger, which is the hand used for straight marriages.

While Harry was unable to tour during the beginning of 2020- middle of 2021, due to COVID happening in full force, Harry did a Gucci Beloved Camping, with James Corden, April 23, 2021. The Peace Ring was spotted back on his right hand, but sadly wasn’t on his hand for the Brits or Grammy’s in 2021 [x].

The Peace Ring’s second sighting during Fine Line was during his Denver HSLOT show on September 7th 2021. Now the sighting might seem like your classic ring sighting, but with the outfit that Harry was wearing it made the appearance of the ring a little more special. Harry was wearing red trousers, suspenders, and a blue vertical striped shirt, and what makes this outfit special is that it’s the type of outfit that Louis would constantly wear on their Up All Night Tour. The suspenders and stripes were an iconic piece of clothing which were in Louis’s closet during this time. This combination of red pants and blue and white stripes was seen in the What Makes You Beautiful music video. The importance of this video is that it’s where Larries believe that Louis and Harry fell in love for the first time. 

As of the publishing of this article ( July 1, 2022 ), the only known sighting during Harry’s House was during the Today show appearance on May 19th 2022; however, his Peace Ring’s appearance was overshadowed in favor of the return of the Lion Ring. 

A few weeks prior to the Today show, Harry performed to a sold-out crowd at Coachella on April 22, 2022, where his Gucci Lion Ring slipped from his hand mid-performance. The ring was found by a fan who took to Twitter to ask for help in getting the ring back to Harry. The fan was successful in this endeavor, as Harry posted to his Instagram account on May 18th that the Ring “hath returned.” 

Some speculate that Harry may’ve posted this the day before his Today show appearance to distract people or draw attention to the fact that the Peace Ring was present for his U.S debut of Harry’s House. Either way that you see it, the ring being spotted after not seeing it for so long is an important thing to take note of. 

  Now that we’ve covered the constancy of the appearance from the ring, and that it’s still every present 9 years later. Let’s break down why the ring itself is important and what we think the ring is a sign. Larries think that not only is the ring a gift from Louis, but that Harry uses the ring to communicate with Larries to let us know that everything is okay, they’re still together, and that someday they’ll be open together. Marriage and Promise rings themselves are a method to show the world in a universal sign, that is well known, that someone is in a committed relationship, and to not make a move or try to hit on this person. Since the ring has been making less and less sightings when the ring is present on Harry’s finger it’s a message to the Larries letting us know that they’re okay and still going strong and to have Faith in the Future. 

Here’s to hoping that the Peace Ring is starting to make a more consistent appearance on Harry’s hands. 

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