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Fun in the Sun Room- Article: Freedomrry

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By Freedomrry

From the beaches of Southern California to venues in Europe and Latin America, Sun Room has taken Louis’s fan base – and the world – by storm. With two years, two EPs, and three singles, the surf rock band has amassed thousands of fans worldwide. Their high-energy performances and music infused with the fun of growing up under the California sun captured the attention of Louis Tomlinson. He brought them along as his support act for the North American and Latin American legs of his first solo world tour. If getting matching tattoos with them or competing against the younger boys in countless ping-pong tournaments and footraces is any indication, they captured his heart too! 

The group consists of Luke Asgian (lead vocals & guitar), Ashton Minnich (guitar), Max Pinamonti (bass), and Gibby Anderson (drums). Sun Room began during quarantine in 2020 when Luke decided to dedicate his life to making music. Growing up in Long Beach, California, he was immersed in the local music scene from a young age, playing in bands during high school and regularly attending shows at small, nearby venues. When he entered college, he saw most bands disband as members moved away or moved on to new interests. Quarantine, and the boredom it brought with it, cemented his determination not to lose sight of the music that meant so much to him. Sun Room’s other three members joined shortly after, all having grown up playing music, much like Luke. Connected by the local scene, all four knew each other from previous bands they played in during high school and college. 

Left to Right: Max, Gibby, Luke, Ashton (photo taken by Freedomrry) 

The band attributes their unique sound to blending their backgrounds and musical influences. While they were all raised in Southern California, each is from a different town with a different “dialect,” as Gibby puts it, within their music subcultures. In an interview with Atwood Magazine, Luke jokes that the individual Spotify wrapped of each member is so different, but the blend of so many styles is what sets Sun Room apart. Their music falls under the “surf rock” umbrella but also contains elements of 60s reverb, 70s classic rock, and even traces of a punk influence. Each creates its own vibe, something the band prides itself on. “Red Dress” has the feel of a typical rock song, while “Sol Del Sur” brings a laid-back beachy feel with a definite 60s influence. 

Their support of Louis is the band’s second ever tour. Their first tour was with the Irish band Inhaler, supporting them on their first American headline tour. However, complications arose when the tour got postponed due to issues with Inhaler receiving their visas on time. Sun Room revealed their true nature facing this setback, determined to fulfill their promises to play in each scheduled city no matter what. Despite traveling in a van, sleeping on floors, and learning how to eat right to preserve energy for shows, the band fell in love with touring. Sightseeing in new cities during the day and playing music at night – not only was touring a fun experience but one that taught the new band a lot. Most notably, the importance of how you treat others in an industry built on connection. 

Touring with Louis, it is clear how well the young Californians clicked with him and his band. Both legs of the tour Sun Room has been on with him have been filled with games of odds, one of which culminated with Micheal playing with them during their set and all four members running back on stage during “Kill My Mind” to close Louis’s second show in Portland, Oregon, on March 07, 2022. Details of this iconic show can be found in this article by No Stunts. In Los Angeles the following week, Sun Room, Louis, and the members of Louis’s band got matching tattoos reading the word “odds” – presumably to commemorate the games played on tour. Sun Room posted videos on their Instagram story of ping-pong (also called table tennis) matches against Louis. The most recent chaos occurred in Mexico City, Mexico: Louis and his boys invaded the stage during Sun Room’s set – complete with a bottle of vodka that Lous poured on Gibby as he played (“Vodka Shower” from Gibby’s Instagram). 

Gibby’s “odds” tattoo (photo taken by Freedomrry)

Fresh from touring with Louis across North and Latin America, as well as a tour through Europe supporting Inhaler for the second time, the boys of Sun Room returned to San Diego, California, for a hometown headline show at The Observatory North Park. After missing their set at the second Los Angeles show of Louis Tomlinson World Tour – much to my disappointment – I decided on a whim to buy a ticket for their headline concert. I did not regret it! 

From the moment we stood in line until the show ended, the crowd was hyped and excited for the show. I arrived at the venue early – one of the first fifty people to line up – and received a stack of papers from the person in front of me. The signs bore the words “Welcome Home” to celebrate the band’s return to San Diego. Half an hour later, another project came down the line: a bag of small yellow and orange papers to place over phone flashlights during the song “Clementine.” The love the fan base feels for Sun Room was apparent. 

Photos taken by Freedomrry

Sun Room remains very connected to the San Diego music scene, despite their time touring abroad. Both of their openers, The Happy Return and Saint Luna, are local to the city. The frontman of San Diego band Foxtide, and a close friend of Gibby, also attended the show. This culture is where the band, and individual members, got their start playing music. Luke introduced their song “Sol Del Sur” by stating they wrote it about San Diego. Like Louis’s love for Doncaster, Sun Room has not forgotten their Southern California hometowns and the people within them. During the show, they even pointed out their parents and several childhood friends in the audience. 

Sun Room brings incredible energy to their performances. The first indication of the show’s tone was when Max and Ashton walked on stage looking ready to roam the streets of any California beach town, and Luke came out in a suit that I later learned was what he wore to his high school prom. Handmade props decorated the stage – a cactus on either side and a sun on a large pole behind Gibby’s drum kit – that the band posted pictures of themselves creating a week later. The show matched the casual and intimate vibe of any local concert I’ve attended. Sun Room’s exploding popularity makes this an impressive feat. 

Photo taken by Freedomrry

The band’s energy was contagious within the crowd. Moshpits repeatedly opened up in the center – even during slower songs! Multiple people attempted crowd surfing, although only one made it to the stage. Even where I stood, in the back of the pit, people were dancing the whole show. The atmosphere was friendly and fun. Describing a show Sun Room played in New York City, New York, in 2021, Washington Square News music editor Yas Akdag said, “the show felt like a garage jam session in the best way possible” – a statement that is still true today. 

After releasing their latest single, “I Want You,” on May 19, 2022, the band debuted new music during their set in San Diego. Fans, including me, are eager to see what Sun Room does next and what direction the band will take. Judging from the crowd’s reception of the songs, it will be a good one! 

The hyped-up energy continued through the encore. Minutes after leaving the stage to a chorus of fans chanting “One more song!” Sun Room charged back on – suddenly shirtless – and snatched up their instruments once more. They launched into “Red Dress,” and the crowd found their second and third winds, going almost harder than they had all show. It was a great song to close out a great set. 

Photo taken by Freedomrry

I joined other fans outside the venue as we came off that familiar concert high. After spending enough time chatting and messing around, I was lucky enough to meet Sun Room as they loaded up their gear. Each member took time to hug and take pictures with fans, thanking them for coming to the show and good-naturedly answering any questions. Despite exerting so much energy throughout the show, they stayed kind, polite, and patient.  If they were tired, you couldn’t tell. At one point in our conversation, I asked Luke what it was like to beat Louis at ping-pong. He redirected me to Max, claiming he was the only member to have succeeded. Max’s answer: “Easy.” (Luke immediately stepped in with a laughing “That is not true!”). 

If you ever have a chance to see Sun Room perform live – whether you already have or not – I highly encourage you to take that opportunity. They are incredible performers who put such visible passion into their music and shows. In just one evening, it was clear why Louis took such a shine to them. They will even be joining him as support at the sold-out second Away From Home Festival in Málaga, Spain. Sun Room is also embarking on their first headline tour in the fall of 2022. The tour kicks off in Austin, Texas, on September 8 and covers the United States, ending in St. Louis, Missouri, on November 19. 

You can find Sun Room on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok and listen to their music on any streaming platform. 

Photo taken by Freedomrry

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