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Louis Tomlinson in Monterrey – Article: Altersaside Cover art: @_Dani_pao

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Louis Tomlinson made it to Mexico for one of the most memorable nights of his world tour. For his first night, Louis played in Monterrey to a crowd of over 8,000 fans. He came on stage, beginning his set with “We Made It”- a lyrically tender song reminiscing about intimate moments from the past and celebrating the victory of success despite being underrated- from his debut solo album Walls– dressed in a Meadow Green polo shirt from Farah X Bianca Saunders Gibbs with a Farah S Patterned Weave Down The Side.

*pics used with permission from @luistristanc*

During “Drag Me Down,” the second song of Louis’ show, fans released a banner from the balcony, with drawings of Louis and the statement “Who the fuck is gonna stop us?” These words hold a special place in the hearts of Louis’ fans as he said them during his first Away From Home Festival in 2021, in reference to the fans who support him. 

*used with permission from @enylaaaav*

*used with permission from jdelf at Edge Studio*

The banner, designed by Twitter/Instagram user @_dani_pao, made it to the balcony in Monterrey with the help of a few fans and a lot of determination. We spoke to lpsilva00 to get the details on how they managed to get past security and help to create an unforgettable night for Louis Tomlinson’s first solo world tour.  *interview edited for clarity*

How long have you been a Louis fan? 

“I have been a fan since 2011. I saw for the first time One Direction in a magazine and it was impossible for them not to catch my attention, I was, and still am, a Directioner. When they became soloists I connected a lot with Louis’s music. When he released tour dates for my country I bought a ticket and I’ve been holding onto it since 2019.” 

How did you get the banner into the venue? 

“It was an incredible adventure! The staff of Louis Tomlinson Monterrey @angelbanda first asked for permission from the venue to bring the banner in, but they were told no because it had the word “fuck.” The staff offered to remove the word, but still, they did not approve of the banner.

We tried to get in touch with Louis’s crew, and they heard us out but they told us that they couldn’t talk with the venue to help us out because “It would’ve been unfair to the fans of other countries” or that “The other dates of the tour would start asking for the same treatment.” We wanted Louis to see the banner so we didn’t give up. We had taken it to the airport and the hotel and knew the band had seen it, but we were not satisfied. We wanted the banner at the concert. 

Half an hour before going to the venue I asked a couple of friends from the staff to find a way to put the banner on my body. We tried a lot of ways but a banner of 15 meters (just over 49ft) is not an easy deal to hide on you, but we did it.”

*used with permission from @lpsilva00*

“Going through security had us all nervous af! When we were inside I basically ran to the bathroom to start taking it out and in the meantime, my friends distracted the police officer so they couldn’t hear the tape being pulled from my body. With the banner hidden in a merch bag, we found someone who was in a convenient section of the concert and handed it off. After that, we could only have faith in the girl we gave the banner to.”

How did the crowd react? 

“The banner was opened during drag me down, a One Direction song. Even then we couldn’t process the fact that he was in front of us, much less that he would see the banner. The euphoria was already at a high level, seeing the banner only made the feeling bigger.”

*used with permission from @lpsilva00*

What was Louis’ reaction? 

“Louis was happy, everyone knows he loves to see us all crazy and that was what he got in that show, besides the love, the enthusiasm, and all our will to give him the best show that we could and him to us.”

What was your favorite part about the concert? 

“I helped the staff of Louis Tomlinson Monterrey with the fan projects, and seeing them become a reality successfully filled me up with pride. Besides, that day was my birthday.”

*Author’s note – Two other fan projects during the show have become a staple for Louis’ concerts.

1.Louis dominated Kings of Leon’s “Beautiful War” cover as fans lit up the auditorium, with lights from their phones, waiving along to the melody.

2. During “Only The Brave”- the final track from Walls and one that has captured the hearts of his fans- Louis performed to a sea of Pride flags and rainbow lights. 

What does the phrase “who the fuck is gonna stop us” mean for you?

“Most of us are fans under the age of 25 and a lot of us are from the LGBTQ+ community.

We have always been judged but we go to the show and we have the time of our lives there, we find our safe place. No one can stop us. We’re stronger than we think.”

How many concerts have you been to? And how did Louis’ show compare? 

“As a fangirl since I was 10 years old, I’ve been to more than 60 concerts in different countries, 2 of One Direction and 7 of Louis’ shows. This concert was very special to me because, leaving aside that it was on my birthday, it was in my home city. I’ve always had to travel to see him. That man means the world to me and for me to have him in the place I call home made me so happy. 

I would like to add that, thanks to the enthusiasm and response in social media for the banner, it was accepted to be in the last three shows in Mexico City. No one will have to take it inside stuck to their body anymore. We have (blue)green light for it!!!!!”

It should come as no surprise Louis was on stage saying, “This crowd is fuckin’ unbelievable!” and “Monterrey! Nights like this I’ll remember for the rest of me life, and that’s all thanks to all of you!” 

Ending the night with “Kill My Mind”- a statement piece from Walls with heavy rock influence and lyrics showing off Louis’ duality in songwriting- Tomlinson jumped from the stage to run the length of the barricade at Auditorio Citibanamex. Fans screamed, reaching out for a chance to touch Louis as he finished off the show, leaving all of us eager for what’s to come. 

Be on the lookout for @_dani_pao’s banner at the Mexico City shows tonight and tomorrow night, and be sure to check out their incredible product line at pocketpollydesign.com

*used with permission from jdelf at Edge Studio*

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