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19 Louis Tomlinson Concerts Article: Altersaside

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Article by: Altersaside

Louis Tomlinson kicked off his world tour in Dallas Texas on February 1st of 2022. During the first leg of his tour one fan attended 18 shows and one bonus show during the Latin American leg of tour. 

Alex has been a fan of Louis since his days with the X-Factor in 2010 and they have attended more than 100 concerts.

Here’s how Alex thinks Louis stacks up against all of those concerts- “Louis is one of my favorite artists to see live. I could go into this in massive detail, but ill stick with a few categories: fan engagement, fun factor, and the rock feel.

Fan engagement is so fun to see even if you’re not the fan he’s interacting with. It feels more intimate even when he’s performing to thousands of people. And just how genuinely appreciative he is of his fans and audience without sounding fake is so…human in a way I feel like we don’t get from a lot of artists these days. 

Fun!! Louis’ shows are so fun. Every show has so much energy from curtain drop to the encore. When Through the Dark hits and you’re tired from dancing all night and the curtain drop adrenaline has worn off a little the energy comes right back up with the fireworks and the Pyro and it’s so fun. 

The rock feel is a love it or hate it thing. The drinking on stage and messing about and the cursing. I love it because it doesn’t feel scripted, even if it probably is. You don’t have to expect a script from every show because it’s all just coming from the heart.”

Alex took time to financially plan out a whirlwind of touring with Louis across the United States and in Brazil, including booking hotels, arranging flights, camping out for concerts, and taking time off of personal and professional obligations. Their top three shows were LA1, LA2, and Kansas City. At one point during the tour Alex was recognized by Louis’ guitarist, Isaac Anderson. 

“That was the most wild experience !! It was maybe two hours before doors and I had been camping for I think 2 days at this point so I looked and felt a mess. I was going to my friends car to change my clothes (#campinglife) and I walked by the band. And I’m not the type of person to bother them when they’re walking by so I think I just smiled and waved and then I noticed Issac doing a double take, so I did too, then he said “You’re Alex right?”…..! 

And I think I almost passed out and said some dumb shit like “oh yeah hi uh how do you recognize me” and he said they all watched my streams and loved my stuff 🥲 I cried for like 2 hours tbh”

Louis’ tour is coming to an end, but Alex is already planning for LTWT 2, even if it hasn’t been announced yet. They recently graduated from college, moved to a new state, and is working to save up for the next tour. “I’ll be getting a second job on top of my “main” job to really pad the tour fund once again.”

I had the pleasure to meet Alex at Louis’ concert in Denver and I can tell you two important facts about them. 

  1. They have a fun sticker shop you can find at Plantscribble.etsy.com 
  2. They have an adorable cat and agreed to let me share pictures with you. “Her name is Stevie 🥰 I got her from the shelter when she was 1 and she’s turning 3 soon. She’s a calico. She has FIV so she’s 100% indoor and she’s the love of my life.” 

Louis shows have proven to be a safe haven for fans to be true to themselves with many pride flags, self-expression, and fans supporting each other. Louis himself is always showing support to his fans with moments of “i see you” and “be proud.” I asked Alex, who is non-binary, if they had any advice for people questioning their own identity. 

“I think there is a lot that could be said but my biggest thing would be take your time coming into yourself. It doesn’t have to be a sprint. There’s no deadline to coming out, changing your name legally, etc. Go at the pace you’re comfortable with and don’t let anyone pressure you otherwise. Gender is very personal and there’s no formula to figuring it out.” 

And advice for people who know someone who is non-binary and they want to support them?

“To support someone, learn about their perspective and also take some time to learn about it in general if you’re not already fully “in the know”. Be present and be accepting.”

Happy International Non-Binary day!

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