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New York, New York (Irving Plaza) November 11, 2022. Photo taken by Nico Arletta (@nicoarletta) and used with permission.

Four days before the release of Louis Tomlinson’s highly awaited sophomore album, fans were informed of an exciting, upcoming event: Faith in the Future Live in Concert. To celebrate the album’s anticipated release, two one-night-only performances were announced on social media, the first in New York City and the second in London. 

On November 11, 2022, the day of the album’s debut, a selected group of fortunate fans made their way to Irving Plaza in Manhattan to experience the new music in person for the first time. An intimate venue with a maximum capacity of only 1,000 occupants, Irving Plaza offered fans the singular experience of an up-close and personal performance that left a lasting impression on those in attendance.

New York, New York (Irving Plaza) November 11, 2022. Photo taken by Nico Arletta (@nicoarletta) and used with permission.

While Tomlinson’s performance consisted of 11 songs, the excitement of the event far surpassed the hour-long set, and for many, it became a 24-hour affair dedicated to the beloved musician and his long-awaited album drop. When the record was released at midnight, fans who had traveled to attend the concert gathered to honor the moment in their own creative ways. One fan, James (@daffodilvol28), explained the celebratory actions shared between him and his friends by stating, “The lot of us went to Times Square together to play Faith in the Future as soon as midnight hit and to watch his face go up on the billboard… this was after we played Walls from top to bottom to say our goodbyes.” 

James expanded on the overall experience of that day, describing the actual concert by saying, “His energy was incredible… I was center barricade, so everything was close up, and you could see in his eyes how happy he was to be there, especially with the amount of time he looked out at us and just took everything in. It was incredible.”

Louis is known for engaging with his fans and making them feel special, and James’ experience was no different: “He was very playful and interactive the whole time, and it was clear that everyone in the room loved him so much. He has such a beautiful relationship with us, and I think this concert really solidified the pride we all feel for him. The love in that room was felt all-around.” 

Left: Items gathered by fans in Times Square as they streamed Faith in the Future together (pizza provided by Louis’ team). 

Right: Fan project organized by @91SDILF on Twitter. Photos used with permission from @daffodilvol28

Another fan, Kat (@kitkat4475), was able to attend the performance with her 10-year-old son. After visiting Times Square to see Louis’ billboard, they made their way to the venue. Standing towards the back of the crowd, she and her son enjoyed the music by singing and dancing along despite not having the best view. Then, a few songs in, a manager of the venue spotted their joy and decided to escort them to a VIP balcony instead. 

After they were moved, Kat said, “My son basically had a front-row view and we were super close to Louis. During ‘Saturdays’ Louis looked up towards us on the balcony and my son waved to him while singing and dancing. Louis looked right at him, waved, and pointed at him with a huge smile on his face. I think that made my son’s entire year, maybe even decade. He tells everyone he sees about it.” When asked about the overall environment, Kat explained, “It was an amazing show. It was so loud and there was a lot of energy. Everyone sang every word, and you could tell Louis was having a great time, too. It was the best I have heard him sound vocally, even during the most difficult or vulnerable songs.” 

New York, New York (Irving Plaza) November 11, 2022. Photo taken by Nico Arletta (@nicoarletta) and used with permission.

At around 9:30 p.m. (EST) that night, Louis happily took to the stage, beginning his performance with Faith in the Future’s opening track “The Greatest.” From there, the setlist was an assortment of songs—old, new, and unreleased—and the crowd did not disappoint with their knowledge of the music, singing along the entire time. In addition to 7 songs chosen from the new album, he also performed his unreleased but much-loved ballad “Copy of a Copy of a Copy,” his own rendition of the One Direction single “Night Changes,” and a couple of well-known tracks from his debut album, Walls.

According to fans who attended, one song that seemed to stand out amongst the rest was the singer’s most recent single, “Silver Tongues.” When expressing why that song was so powerful to them, James explained, “Screaming out all of the lyrics about how we didn’t want to go home and how we’re so much happier with him was so special.” Kat had a similar experience regarding the song, saying, “My favorite song he performed was ‘Silver Tongues.’ It was cool to see a birds-eye view of him jumping into the front row of the pit, and it seemed to be his favorite song to perform that night. Every time he spoke to the crowd he just kept saying thank you, and he radiated confidence.” 

New York, New York (Irving Plaza) November 11, 2022. Photo taken by Nico Arletta (@nicoarletta) and used with permission.

As he comes off of his first world tour, it’s no surprise that fans feel this sense of unity and heartwarming emotion in Louis Tomlinson’s presence. For the past year, he has shown his fan base first-hand how much he cares for them, and he’s successfully made his shows feel like home. When attending his concerts, you’re welcomed by a crowd of wholesome signs, pride flags, and an overwhelming sense of togetherness. Louis is at the heart of all of this, and he’s quick to show fans his gratitude. Towards the end of the concert, Louis told his fans, “There’s a lot of opinions in this job, but the only opinion I really fucking care about is you lot. And I just wanna say thank you, thank you. I feel really proud of this record, thank you very much.”

This memorable, one-time performance was just the beginning of Faith in the Future’s inevitable success. Since the show, the album debuted at number one in the United Kingdom and is being met with praise around the world. As he prepares for his second world tour in 2023, it is clear that Louis’ relationship with his fanbase will continue to grow and flourish alongside this lyrically moving and authentic record. 

At the end of the performance, Louis himself said it best when he simply stated, “I feel so proud of the record that I’ve made… and it’s as simple as this: I would not have been able to make this record without all of your support. I stand up on this stage and think about what’s to come, and I feel really fucking confident and really fucking proud, and that’s all thanks to you. Honestly, thank you for allowing me to do what I want to fucking do. I fucking love you all for that.” 

New York, New York (Irving Plaza) November 11, 2022. Photo taken by Nico Arletta (@nicoarletta) and used with permission.

Louis Tomlinson’s “Faith in the Future Live in Concert” Setlist:


  1. The Greatest (Live Debut)
  2. Kill My Mind
  3. Written All Over Your Face (Live Debut)
  4. We Made It
  5. Bigger Than Me
  6. Night Changes
  7. Copy of a Copy of a Copy
  8. Out of My System (Live Debut)
  9. That’s the Way Love Goes (Live Debut)
  10. Silver Tongues (Live Debut)
  11. Saturdays (Live Debut) 

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