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Liam Payne's New Single

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With the release of any new song there’s lots of hard work, promotional content, and marketing that goes into ensuring the song charts well. Liam Payne just released his new single Teardrops on March 1st. Within the first 24 hours of being released the single went number 9 worldwide and number 13 in Europe [xx] . The song did this with little to no promotional and marketing content. The song charted so well with several fan projects and streaming parties on release day and the few days following release day. When analyzing the marketing and promotional work done for the single it becomes clear that Liam’s team didn’t put a lot of work on those fronts. 

The first hints that Liam was going to possibly start releasing new music was back on December 8, 2023 when on his Instagram his number of Instagram posts started to rapidly decrease [x]. When fans started taking serious note of these changes the changes came to a complete stop until January 24, 2024 when his Instagram completely was completely blacked out and profile picture was changed [x]. Shortly after the changes were made to Liam’s social media he posted about a new chapter starting and to click the link in his bio which led users to sign up for his mailing list.

2023 will be the 35th annual World AIDS Day. This year’s theme will be Remember Liam then made his first tweet in almost 5 months on January 26 and it was only the teardrop emoji, which he had used prior when he announced a new chapter. After he tweeted the teardrop emoji he then sent a SoundCloud link to a snippet of Teardrops which reached 20K listens after 6 hours [x]. January 30th he posted another snippet of him in the studio, and at the time had made the sound a part of his official music on TikTok. Unfortunately later that same day it was announced that all of Universal Music Group’s artists songs would be removed from the app [x]. The label Liam is currently signed to is a division of Universal Music Group. This means that the following day, when TikTok videos started getting muted, Liam’s music was removed from the app. February 2nd Liam finally announced that teardrops was an official single with the release date of March 1.

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