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Citylightz releases a new single, #Trending, about living your life through a screen

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Indie UK band Citylightz unveils a thought-provoking narrative on social media addiction with their latest single, “#Trending,” offering reflection on the allure and pitfalls of the digital age.

Profound lyrics backed by alternative rock bass and guitar, Citylightz comes for us with a portrayal of the relentless pursuit of online validation. The band tells us, “This track isn’t just about the highs and of getting likes and views; it’s a commentary on the search for genuine connection in a world dominated by screens.”


“#Trending” challenges listeners to reevaluate their relationship with social media and prioritize genuine human connections over the fleeting allure of digital acclaim. This is not to say one can’t find human connection through social media, but it is to say that going viral does not replace human connection.

Citylightz has been around for years, having met in college, gone through a band hiatus, and reconnected to become the group they are today. They are known for storytelling lyrics, video games made for releasing singles, good humor, early mornings on Twitter (X), and a dynamic sound that doesn’t quite fit into a specific genre. As the band says, though, Citylightz isn’t about genres, they’re about music. Connect with the band here www.citylightz.co.uk

“#Trending” is available for streaming on all major platforms March 29th! 

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