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CityLightz Louis Tomlinson and New Music

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Article by: Alter | @altersasidecoac

If you were on stan twitter when some no name account posted a trash take on Louis Tomlinson then you’ll probably recognize this tweet. 

After we all had fun dragging the hat bro, and seeing Louis respond, fans turned their attention to the indie scene that had come out in support of Louis as well. We added their songs to our streaming playlists, interacted with them on social media, and became fans of their music as well.  

CityLightz was one of the bands that caught the attention of Louis’ fans. Not only did they come out against the initial dig against Louis, they also posted tweets to support Louis’ single, his album, and encouraged digital downloads the day we were all working so hard to get Louis to the #1 spot! 

I connected with CityLightz to find out more about the band and what their experience has been like connecting with Louis’ fans. Before getting too far into the interview I want to start with some exciting news!

TODAY CityLightz released a single, “I Swear,” go HERE to listen while you read! The guitar solos would be my favorite part of the song if I didn’t love the lyrics so much- You decide whether I play the hero or the villain ‘cause I swear I’m whatever you say I am. 

Speaking of the new single, CityLightz said, “We recorded ‘I swear’ at the famous Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire which is pretty iconic in itself. We wrote the song a few weeks prior, it’s all about being yourself and not changing for anybody. Our inspiration comes from the diverse taste in our music influences from Arctic Monkeys to Ed Sheeran we love it all and we make music that’s for everybody!” 

You can also play a game to reach the new single, which I definitely wasted too much time on immediately after receiving the link. 

CityLightz originally formed in 2009, they had a breakup in 2014. I know bands breaking up is a sensitive topic for many people reading this, but Citylightz is different than other bands. They managed to reconnect in 2019 and came back stronger than ever. The boys met in college and they keep internal friendships top of mind when making decisions for their music career, saying, “We met in school and have been friends for years now which is where the fun comes from.”

I asked about the hardest part of breaking into the music industry and CityLightz said, “The music industry is not very supportive of new bands and it’s hard work to get noticed. We kind of got to the point where we stopped trying and just started enjoying ourselves.” Which echoes Louis’ own words about his sophomore album, Faith In The Future. The guys from CityLightz could tell the difference in Louis’ newest music as well, saying, “We had heard some of the early stuff and obviously heard Louis in one direction but the new album is really good, a fantastic change of pace!” 

When asked about the best part of the music industry the guys from CityLightz talked about their fans, “Getting to play awesome gigs and release music to the fans. It’s all about the fans and the band as friends!” They said the fans they connected with through Louis are, “brilliant really supportive of Louis and each other. They’ve been massively supportive of our music too which is an amazing experience.” (One more time- here’s the link for their new single, definitely give it a go).

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