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Andrew Cushin Interview

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Andrew Cushin’s Headline Tour: From Newcastle to the World Stage

Andrew Cushin, a talented singer-songwriter from Newcastle, United Kingdom, is headed to the states for his headline tour in spring 2024, showcasing his debut album “Waiting For The Rain” released in September 2023. This highly anticipated album is filled with powerful and vivid vignettes of Andrew’s journey thus far. The entire crew is joining him on this trip to the United States, but most of us met Andrew, and Rich, who plays the keys, in 2023. 

For Andrew, touring isn’t just about performing; it’s about exploring new places and embracing new experiences. His first trip to the USA was in 2023 with the Louis Tomlinson Faith in the Future tour, which was filled with memorable moments. One highlight was trying American BBQ for the first time, a journey he shared with fans on Instagram. 

This culinary adventure was not only fun for fans but also a reminder for Andrew to keep himself fed amidst the busy tour schedule. On a slightly less pleasant note, he also encountered poison ivy for the first time during his American adventure. Andrew promised to keep us updated with new foodie adventures, and poisonings, during his spring tour. 

Music has always been Andrew’s therapy, as he shared, “Not everyone grew up in rose petal gardens. I used to go in my room and play through the emotions. My therapist was the guitar.” His lyrics are deeply personal, and many fans, including myself, find a connection with them. I mentioned to him how much his lyrics meant to me, and he was touched. He told me that fans identifying with his music makes sharing the personal concepts worth it.

During our conversation he told me that fans identifying with his music makes sharing the personal concepts worth it. “I have a hard time thinking of lyrics. But when I write a song, I come up with another and then another,” he said. One memorable phrase he shared was “From the Bedroom to the Stage,” which he thought would make a great song title. Here’s hoping he uses it someday. 

On a lighter note, when asked about his sun sign, Andrew chuckled and said he thinks he’s a Capricorn, born on December 30th. I couldn’t resist telling him that Capricorn is the best sign!

One of the most touching stories Andrew shared was his dream of swimming with sharks since he was a little kid. It was something he had planned to do with his dad, but sadly, his dad passed away before they could make it happen. During his 2023 tour in Florida, Andrew saw a sign advertising shark swimming and, after convincing his keyboardist Rich to join him, finally fulfilled this childhood dream. He described the experience as beautiful, personal, and amazing, sharing it with fans on Instagram.

Ahead of the North American leg of tour Andrew has been listening to the new Libertines album, “All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade.” And for those attending his North American tour, get ready for new songs to be performed live! Tickets are on sale, and Andrew is immensely grateful to the fans who have bought them. He always brings a lot of energy to the stage, making each show unforgettable.

The No Stunts founder will even be attending the Denver show in May to see Andrew live again! Be on the lookout for a post show review. 

As Andrew prepares to head to the USA at the end of April, the anticipation for his spring tour continues to build. With new music, personal stories, and heartfelt performances, Andrew’s solo tour promises to be an experience not to be missed. You can get tickets here. Follow him on instagram and twitter @andrewcushin 

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