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Rosann’s Reading Recs – Holiday’s

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Welcome to my second [annual?] Holiday/Winter Fic List! Happy Louis Tomlinson Day and Happy Winter Holidays. As always, you know you want to get into the holiday season, but you still want to maintain a healthy Larry fix. I love watching Larry fall in love during the holiday season.

If you want to see more, see my column from last December here: Rosann’s Reading Recs – Holiday – No Stunts Magazine

Note that some AO3 fics are available publicly on the server, while some require an Archive of Our Own account/membership to access. If you don’t currently have access, you’ll need to sit on a waitlist – typically for a week or two – to gain access. Get yourself on that list ASAP as some of these require that access to read.

The “Summary” is taken from the author’s own AO3 summary. “Why I Liked It” is my opinion (and only mine). I’ve stopped including a separate content warning, please read author trigger warnings and proceed with care if you are easily triggered.

These are NOT in ranked order.  

Summary: It’s worth it anyway, says Harry, looking into Louis’ eyes. He’s untucked his hair from behind his ear, and it falls down in silky strands to obscure his face. He looks so painfully young, even after everything. Louis’ strong, strong boy. Just for the two of us. We get to be selfish for a little while. It’s christmas. in between snowman building, tree shopping, and ill-advised skating on a frozen lake, Louis and Harry get ready to take the most important step of their lives.

Why I liked It: This is a really cute coming out story that happens around Christmas. I love a cute canon holiday story! Note there is another popular fic with a similar name.

Summary: Harry hadn’t planned on seeing Louis again, not after that night. When he finds out his only competition for a very desired promotion is Louis, he spirals into a mess of trying to be a better coworker and person right before Christmas in hopes that he can outdo Louis’ effortless effect on his office. If he manages to get his head out of his ass along the way, it’ll be a holiday miracle.

Why I liked It: The characterizations here are a bit different from the norm; Harry is a serial one-night-stand lothario with a heart of gold, but it takes a bit for him to realize it himself. Light-hearted. Well written.

Summary: Moving his fingers alongside the elastic, Louis’ eyes got darker again. “Did you like my dick down your throat?”

“Yes, daddy, I’m sorry.” A whimper escaped him, he wasn’t ready for a spanking at all, especially not in a broom closet.

Harry felt his pants go down his legs in one go. “That big new plug I got for you, did that feel good?”

Or, Louis picks Harry’s outfit for their TV appearance and adds a little surprise.

Why I liked It: Blush and hand me something to fan my face. Woo. This is entirely porn without plot (PWP). Canon-adjacent, Day of the Jimmy Fallon Christmas song taping. Smut.

Summary: Louis accuses Harry of shoplifting. Harry was definitely not shoplifting. They work it out.

Why I liked It: Cute One shot. Short, but sweet. Smut. 

Summary: When Louis is peer-pressured into downloading TikTok over the holidays, he fully expects to hate it. And he does hate it. All of it. Well… except for aspiring OOTD influencer, @harrystyles.

Why I liked It: Harry is genderfluid. Short, one shot. This is super sweet. I adore Harry’s persona in this one. It has a sequel, Meet me in the Hallway.

Summary: When Harry, a lonely transit worker, saves the life of the handsome commuter he’s been secretly pining for, an innocent mistake results in Liam Payne’s family believing that Harry is engaged to their son. In the Paynes, Harry finds the big family he’s always longed for…and a love he never saw coming.

Why I liked It: Who doesn’t love a cute fic based on a classic Rom-Com? This is a super cute While You Were Sleeping AU. No smut. 

Summary: “Harry, I tutor. I don’t do fake dating.”

Harry may have told his family a little white lie, and he may have asked the pretty boy across his lecture hall for his help to keep said lie alive.

A university AU where Harry invites Louis to his family’s cabin for Christmas break as his fake boyfriend!

Why I liked It: I could have included this one in my fake dating column in November 2023 as well, but this is a nice little pretend boyfriend fic over Christmas. 

Summary: The one where Harry and Louis agree to be each other’s New Year’s kiss and it ends up being a lot more than they bargained for.  

Why I liked it: This is a bit of a slow burn romantically, as they spend the majority of the fic being friends with benefits, but it’s well written, the smut is HOT, and it has a lovely sweet ending. Starts on New Year’s Eve and takes place over the course of a full year.

Summary: Harry dreads an impending visit to his hometown, where he’ll be forced to reunite with a newly engaged ex-boyfriend, a childhood best friend turned near stranger, and a family who never understood just how desperately he needed to leave. In the midst of it all, a ludicrous Twitter proposition brings him to Louis.

Why I liked It: I just mentioned this one last month for Fake Boyfriends, but I loved this one and it also happens over the holidays AND I interviewed the author for this month. Super cute characters, a little bit of miscommunication, lovely, lovely boys. See my profile of Sunflouwerhabit in this month’s NoStunts Author interviews. 

Summary: In which, Louis and Harry meet as best men for their best friends’ wedding… well… sort of.

Or, the one where Harry’s just moved back from New York and Louis doesn’t believe in romance.

Or, I guess… the one where Zayn and Liam are getting married

Why I liked It: If you haven’t read Of Mates and Men, read the whole thing. If you have, go back and read Chapter 36 – Christmas in Doncaster for a lovely little holiday OMAM fix.  


Xoxo – Rosann

Happy reading and thanks for checking out my recommendations. I’d love to hear from you and what you think of my suggestions! Let me know if you have any thoughts for future themes!

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