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No Stunts fic – The Birthday Present

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Harry is standing at his front door, greeting guests as they walk in.

“Happy birthday!” his sister Gemma yells, throwing her arms around him.

“Thank you!” he replies, squeezing her tightly.

“Happy birthday, mate!” comes the loud voice of Harry’s best friend, Niall.

Harry lets go of Gemma and looks up, grinning.

“Niall!” Harry says excitedly.

“Harry, this is my friend Louis!” Niall says, gesturing to a very handsome man with short brown hair and bright blue eyes.

“Hello, Louis. It’s nice to meet you,” Harry says.

“It’s nice to meet you too!” Louis replies.

Harry squeezes Gemma’s shoulder and says, “Gem, can you show Louis inside for me? I want to have a quick chat with Niall before we come in.”

“Sure!” Gemma replies, leading Louis into the house.

“So, do you like your extra gift?” Niall asks with a grin as soon as the front door shuts. Every year that Harry’s been single on his birthday for as long as he’s known Niall, his best friend has tried to set him up with someone. Niall calls it his “extra gift” to Harry and Harry goes along with it every time even though it’s never ended well.

I do!” Harry giggles. “I think this is the cutest extra gift you’ve ever found for me.” He likes making Niall happy by going along with it, and he figures it doesn’t hurt anything to try. To him, nothing is better than the excited look on Niall’s face when he’s done something to help someone he loves.

Harry gives Niall a hug and they both walk into the house.

“Hey, do you want me to be your welcoming committee so you can get to know Louis?” Niall asks excitedly.

“Sure! Thanks, mate,” Harry replies.

As Niall sits in a chair by the door, Harry begins walking around and talking with everyone.  He always likes making a point to have conversations with everyone at his parties. He saves Louis for last.

“Hey, Louis!” Harry says, warmly.

“Oh, hi!” Louis answers.

“Out of curiosity, how do you know Niall?” Harry asks.

“We both have season tickets to the Doncaster Rovers and our seats happen to be next to each other. We became friends at the matches and have started hanging out more,” Louis replies.

“That’s fun! So, how did he convince you to come along to my party?” Harry asks with a laugh. Niall usually offers some sort of bribery when trying to convince his “extra gifts” to come along to the fairly low-key birthday party of someone they’ve never met.

“He didn’t need to convince me. He talks about you a lot and, from what I’ve heard, you’re a great guy who just seems nice to be around. He showed me a photo of you from your trip to visit his family in Mullingar. When he mentioned that your birthday was coming up and that he always brings someone along to your party, I asked if I could come so I could meet you,” Louis responds.

“Oh! Well, it’s lovely to have you here,” Harry says, smiling. Louis seems really sweet. Maybe Niall got it right this year.

“Happy birthday!” Harry hears from the front door as Niall lets someone in.

Harry waves and shouts, “Thank you!” before turning back to Louis and saying, “So, apparently Niall’s told you all about me, but I don’t know anything about you. Tell me about yourself!”

“Well, I’m 32, I’m single, I have no kids unless you count my dog, and I’m a drama teacher,” Louis replies.

“Ooh, a drama teacher! That’s a cool job,”  Harry responds.

“Thanks! I’ve always loved theatre and I adore getting to spread that love to more kids,” Louis says, smiling fondly.

“That’s really nice. Oh, and what’s your dog’s name? I love dogs,” Harry replies.

“Her name is Doughnut. She’s a golden retriever,” Louis answers.

“I love that name. It’s cute!” Harry says, chuckling.

“Maybe you could meet her sometime,” Louis suggests.

“I’d love that!” Harry responds.

“How about this Saturday? If you’d like, I can give you my number so we can work out the details later,” Louis says.

“That sounds perfect,” Harry answers.

The pair exchange phone numbers and Harry walks away to go make conversation with the latest arrivals. When he’s finished talking to them he goes over to Niall and puts a hand on his shoulder.

“I think everyone is here now. Thanks for taking over for me,” He tells Niall.

“It was no problem. What do you think of Louis?” Niall asks enthusiastically.

“He seems great! I’m making plans to see him on Saturday, actually,” Harry answers honestly.

“Really? That’s great! What are you guys gonna do?” asks Niall.

“I’m going to meet his dog!” Harry says.

“Doughnut for the win, already getting you a date,” Niall laughs.

“It’s not a date, Niall,” Harry says, rolling his eyes.

“Do you know that for sure?” Niall questions, eyebrows raised.

“Well, no, but I just assumed-” Harry says, blushing at the possibility of having already scored a date with Louis.

“That’s what I thought,” Niall says, sounding triumphant.

“Do you think he’d want to go out with me?” Harry asks.

“Harold, please. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You’re stunning. Who wouldn’t want to go out with you?” Niall replies, smirking and rolling his eyes.

“From the way you’re talking it almost sounds as if you want to take me on a date!” Harry jokes.

The two men laugh.

The next morning, Harry pulls out his phone and starts to type a message to Louis, asking about Saturday. They hadn’t gotten around to planning all of the details of their get-together because Louis needed to double check that he didn’t have anything already planned for Saturday. Harry had teased him about not keeping a digital planner and Louis blamed the habit of using a paper one on his career as a teacher. The two had talked for most of the party. Harry did his best to make sure he spent time with all of his guests, but there was just something about Louis that captured his attention.

Sitting down on his couch with a cup of tea, Harry turns on Netflix. He starts what must be his dozenth rewatch of Heartstopper. Shortly into the first episode his phone dings with a message from Louis. Harry smiles and opens the text.

Louis: I just checked and I’m completely free on Saturday!

Harry: Awesome! Where do you want to meet?

What about that big park near your house? Niall pointed it out yesterday and said you like to go running there sometimes. We could meet there if you’d like?

That’s not too inconvenient for you, is it?

Not at all! I discovered that we actually live pretty close to each other

That’s perfect then. Does noon work? I could bring stuff for a picnic!

Noon is great. I love picnics! Do you want me to bring anything?

Nope! My treat. Do you have any allergies or things you don’t like?

Alright, thank you! And no, no allergies and I’m not a picky eater. It’s a date! I’ve put it in my planner so I don’t forget lol

A date? Like, a DATE?

If you want it to be 😉

Harry stares at his phone for a couple of minutes, unsure how to reply. His face has turned as bright red as a tomato. Finally he types out a reply.

I’d really like that 🙂

I would too. See you then!

Harry smiles at his phone. Niall was right. He looks back up at the television and realises he’s missed almost the entire first episode. He chuckles to himself and restarts it, daydreaming about his upcoming date.

On Saturday morning, Harry takes a quick trip to the pet store down the street. He finds a dog toy that looks like a cute little shark and he buys it. He heads home and starts preparing the picnic. He decides bento boxes would be the best way to store the food and he gets to work. He makes two sandwiches with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, turkey, and pickles and puts one in each box. He gets some crackers and cheese and he slices a couple of apples, and he packs it all. He gets a few chocolate chip cookies from a batch that he made the day before and adds those to the last empty compartment of the boxes. He closes the boxes and puts them in a picnic basket along with a baggie of carrot slices for Doughnut, two cans of Sprite, two bottles of water, a blanket, and the stuffed shark. By the time he’s done it’s time for him to head to the park so he pulls on his shoes and a coat, before grabbing his keys and heading to his car.

When Harry gets to the park he can see Louis sitting on a bench waiting for him, a dog sitting by his feet. Harry walks over and smiles.

“Hi!” Louis says happily as soon as he sees Harry approach.

“Hello! I’m assuming this is Doughnut?” Harry replies.

“Yep! You can pet her if you’d like,” Louis answers.

Harry kneels down and lets Doughnut sniff his hand before scratching her behind the ears.

“Aren’t you just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen?” Harry says to her.

Doughnut licks Harry’s face and he laughs, delightedly.

“Do you want to go eat?” Harry asks Louis.

“I’d love to! I hope this cold isn’t bothering you,” Louis says.

“Not at all. I love being outside in the cold,” Harry replies.

“Awesome! I do too,” Louis says, smiling.

The pair find an empty space in the grass and Harry spreads out the blanket. They talk and laugh and learn about each other’s lives. When they finish eating Harry reaches back into the basket and pulls out the shark.

“Hey Doughnut! Look! I brought you something!” he says happily.

Doughnut excitedly takes the toy as Harry hands it to her. Harry looks up at Louis and is met with a look of pure adoration.

“Damn, you know how to win my heart! If this wasn’t already a date, I’d ask you out right now!” Louis says.

Harry blushes and laughs.

“Since this is already a date, how about I do this?” Louis adds, putting one hand on the side of Harry’s face.

Harry’s eyes widen and he nods, giving Louis permission. Louis leans in and connects their lips and Harry smiles into the kiss. It’s a tender moment until Doughnut decides she wants attention too. She jumps on Harry and starts licking him and Harry laughs, gently pushing her away.

“I guess she really likes you,” Louis says, chuckling.

“I guess so, ” Harry responds, grinning.

“That’s good because I really like you too,” Louis says, smiling.

Harry grins at Louis and leans in to kiss him again. Niall got it right this time.

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