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By: Bailey | @NSmag_askbailey

“What fanfictions would you suggest reading? I’m new to the fandom and am just barely finding
my bearings in this crazy life.” -Anonymous

Dear Reader,
First off, welcome to the fandom! It definitely is crazy at times, but I think you’ll find that it’s worth
I am so glad you asked because our magazine has its very own section called Fitz’s Fanfiction
Favorites! I also highly recommend our Queer Book Nook article if you’re into reading all things
Since you are new here, I’d also like to suggest our This Month in Larry History section as well
because trust me, there’s a lot that has happened in the past 12 years and I’d imagine it could
be daunting to get into all at once. You can also DM me anytime with questions about Larry
history and I’d love to geek out with you.
If you’d like my personal opinion on fanfictions, I tend to search for them based on genre or
tropes that I’m into, rather than what’s trending in the larrie scene. I prefer Ao3 over Wattpad
(but either are fine), and I search the tags that I’d like while in the One Direction (Band) category
and Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles pairing. I’m a sucker for canon compliant fluff, fantasy, and
royalty AUs (alternate universes).
My advice to you would be to search for whatever genres or tropes that you like best in order to
find your fanfiction match made in heaven. Oh and ALWAYS read the tags!
I know that there are a million options, but… you can do this, friend!

“I feel too much. I’m proud of him and so excited for the movie but I’m fucking sick over him
being in the closet. This kind of validation makes me feel not crazy which is great but it’s also
devastating to realize over and over that they really are in the closet. It’s inhumane to do this to
people. I want to commit arson or tuck into a corner and cry. It feels like there’s no way to help
them. I don’t know if you have any thoughts on that, but I would appreciate it if you do.”

Aww, Reader!
You have so much love in you and I just know that Harry and Louis appreciate your care for
them. But they wouldn’t want you to be sad! That being said, feeling like this is normal, and it
The only thing that really helps me when I feel like this is to remember that this has been their
“normal” for 12 years now. They’ve most likely accepted that their closet is not in their control for
now and they probably focus on the positives and the things that they can control.
Your support has undoubtedly directly helped their lives in a positive way. You are doing
something, you are helping right now. Just by loving them and supporting their art.
Louis and Harry are incredibly resilient. We can tell by their genuine smiles and laughter and
inspiring words that they are not miserable. They’re doing quite well given the circumstances.
My advice to you is to focus on the things that you can control when the things that you can’t
start to get overwhelming. What can you do to support your faves from afar?
You can do this friend.

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