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31 Reasons We Love Louis

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On the 24th of December, we celebrate Louis’ birthday. In honor of the man himself, No Stunts Mag polled our contributors and put together a collaborative list of: 

                                                                           “31 Reasons We Love Louis” 

                                                                          *photo from AmyMariePhoto

*TW// self-harm, homophobia, mental illness

1. “I love Louis because he’s still the kindest, sweetest boy. He loves his fans so much and is generous, grateful, and humble 💙”

2. That mic lean during “7”

3. “He cares and it shows; His lyrics are meaningful; He’s a genuinely lovely, down to earth person despite the fame; He understands the fans need him as much as he needs us (and he loves that); He’s a funny, naughty little gayos master and we love him for that!”

                                                               *photo from Nikki Marie Photography

4. His laugh

5. “I love Louis because he makes me feel safe. He makes me feel accepted and loved. I’ve grown up my whole life with a catholic, conservative family most of which do not accept lgbtq+. I was a part of the fandom for years and it’s always been a safe haven for me. A place I can truly be myself. I wasn’t as into the fandom for a bit but I came back when Louis started working on more solo stuff. I saw what people were saying about when they met him. And now all the videos of the rainbow projects during OTB. Louis makes me feel safe because he made his fans a safe accepting place himself. And we’ve all become family because of it. I’ve struggled with my sexuality for years because I grew up being taught that it was wrong and sinful but no one ever gave me proof of the Bible or God saying it wasn’t okay. If God is so loving and accepts everyone, why does that not matter when your own daughter says she’s bisexual? I’ve been in the closet for years because of this. I had a time where I tried to ignore my own feelings and tell myself it was wrong and right when it started to really take a toll on me and I was close to rock bottom, I rediscovered the fandom and read posts from fans who met Louis, saying how he was being supportive without having to say anything. I’m still closeted to this day for the most part, but I have some close friends who know, and I have all my friends on Twitter. I truly don’t think I’d be here today if it weren’t for the people I’ve met who’ve showed me that I’m not alone and they’ve felt the same way, and I can never thank Louis enough for giving me that opportunity by loving and accepting his fans in any way he could while not actively being allowed to really publicly say anything. He’s truly an amazing and kind human being and I hope that one day I’ll be able to tell him how grateful I am. <3”

6. His smile

                                                              *photo from Nikki Marie Photography

7. “Bcs he’s a little kitten, perfectly pocket sized and can be carried around everywhere mew mew mew”

                                                                        *photo from AmyMariePhoto

8. His music

9. “He’s just a genuinely great guy, very true to himself, very cool”

10. His love for his fans

11. “Louis always focuses on inclusion. He includes nonbinary people in his surveys, uses inclusive language in his music, and even has halal and vegan food available at his festivals. He loves all his Louies and helps us feel seen in the spaces he runs.”

12. He’s GREAT at cutting tomatoes.

                                                                 *photo from Nikki Marie Photography

13. “Louis is the most genuine, kind hearted, and grounded rockstar I have ever \
seen. He lets us into his own life, dreams, and struggles while also being an adamant champion of hope. Basically, ‘Louis is a great person to just like sit and kind of like just admire what he’s like’.”

14. His eyes

15. “I love Louis :
– because he’s Doncaster’s finest export
– for his witty mind and sharp tongue
– cause he’s an amazing lyricist
– blue eyes, baby’s got blue eyes
– he has extremely good taste (I mean, he’s married to the love of my life)
– he’s a lovely rocky boo-bear”

                                                                 *photo from Nikki Marie Photography

16. His adorable jealousy

17. “He has the best personality – he’s the perfect combination of sweet, sassy, playful, wise, thoughtful, and confident.”

18. His hugs

                                                                           *photo from AmyMariePhoto

19. “He encourages people to chase their dreams, fight for what they believe in, and spread joy. Plus he has a great sense of humor!”

20. His love for his family

21. “Louis is my comfort person. Whenever life kicks me in the ass, friends leave, uni gets overwhelming, his voice is enough to soothe me. Walls was my friend during a very rough period. I would walk around campus with louis singing in my ears, and then being alone wouldn’t be so horrible. I would ride the bus home knowing there’s a new interview for me to watch in bed so assignments and projects wouldn’t suck so much.

I bonded with my favorite person over louis. Life started to get less lonely.

His lyricism is always my favorite thing about his work. He creates this safe space where we feel his emotions, honesty and vulnerability through his work and suddenly we’re not alienated.

At some point, LTWT insta lives were the only way I would leave my bed to finish my projects while dancing on my couch with louies. It’s my senior year now, FITF is my new friend in the dark nights. The other day I was having one of the worst meltdowns of my life. The only thing that kept me safe from self-harming was Louis’ new interview with JoJo. He inspires me to keep going, he’s so resilient and it blows my mind. Sorry for rambling, I could go on and on about him and it wouldn’t do him justice.”

                                                                 *photo from Nikki Marie Photography

22. His undeniable fond face when looking at a certain someone


24. His ankles

25. “Honestly? So many reasons. He’s vibrant and approachable and fun. I love that he embraces his roots right down to his accent rather than leave them behind as so many artists do. He is an amazing singer/songwriter and he can make me laugh and then sob and then smile with one album. Mostly? He saved my life. After I left my domestically abusive husband of 14 years I was suicidal and Louis’ music really helped me. The man needs a cape and a giant S on his chest.”

                                                                        *photo from AmyMariePhoto

26. His brilliant mind

27. “Because he’s the literal definition of comfort. He makes you feel safe. He keeps it real. He’s just like us. He loves his Louies. And we love him back.”

28. Conspiracy theories…oBvIoUsLy…

                                                                *photo from Nikki Marie Photography

29. “He genuinely cares, and it shows. He’s sweet and soft and funny and so smart and kind. Some people only see the laddy-lad, chav, party boy image. But if you put in even a miniscule amount of effort to look a little further you will be overwhelmed by the actual man you find. Truly a person who exudes confidence, comfort, humility, strength, and love. You can’t help but adore him.”

30. The crinkles by his eyes when he smiles

31. “Because he’s Louis”

                                                            *photo from Nikki Marie Photography

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