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Larry on Tour Summer ’23

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2023 has been a big year for Harry and Louis with both boys making strides in their professional lives. Louis’ documentary, All Of Those Voices was a huge success, with fans grappling to get tickets to the premiers coming out.  Harry won a Grammy award for Album Of The Year, Best Solo Album, and thanked all of his former (One Direction) band members during his acceptance speech! No matter what these two do, they like to make waves, so it’s no surprise that, with Harry’s tour ending and Louis’ tour beginning, fans found themselves waiting eagerly in anticipation to see what, if anything, would happen. 

Several theories began to emerge, some more outlandish than others, but so far, merely two weeks deep into Louis’ tour, fans haven’t been disappointed with how loud both Harry and Louis have been. There are many instances to choose from, too many in fact! Which is why this article will focus on what we feel are the top 3 Larry moments starting from the 26th of May.

26th May

This was Harry’s first of two nights in Edinburgh, playing at Murrayfield Stadium. The venue was completely sold out for both nights, breaking the record for the most tickets sold at the venue. Harry came onto the stage smiling and waving to fans in his usual energetic manner and began to sing Golden as fans cheered and sang along. 

However, it didn’t take fans long to clock Harry’s outfit, a black tank with a donut on the front and black leather trousers, which looked to be a nod to Danny Zuko from Grease. Not only did Harry dress up as Danny for Harryween last year, but Danny is linked with Louis, who notoriously played the character during a school play and has stated several times that Grease is his favourite movie. 

If the resemblance to Danny Zuko wasn’t enough, there seems to be a little easter egg in the embroidery of the donut…does anyone else see ‘Louis’ written there? 

On the same night, it was Louis’ first performance of his tour at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. Louis came on stage to fans screaming their adoration and launched right into The Greatest with ease. 

However, it wasn’t just his vocals that had fans riled up. Louis’ outfit, which was a white polo shirt paired with green and blue bottoms, matched his blue and green stage lights and media screens perfectly. 

1st June/2nd June

I’m classing these two dates as one entry as they were the first days of Pride month. On both nights, Harry played at the Stade De France in Paris, and on both nights his Larrying was rather loud. 

On the first night, Harry wore another Danny Zuko-esque outfit consisting of black tank top with rhinestones and black leather trousers. There were pride flag moments and some blue greening going on with the media screens and lights. On night two, Harry wore a full on blue and green outfit with his chest bare. Again, there were pride flag moments and blue and green moments with the lights and media screens. 

On the same nights, Louis had two shows: Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio, and then Sterling Heights in Michigan.  During Cuyahoga Falls, Louis dressed in a black tank top and green athletic pants, sending the fans into meltdown. The athletic pants also sported a small compass logo on the upper left leg, which is a nod to their couple tattoos and their ever present theme of ‘home.’ 

Additionally, the lights on this night, rather than keeping to the blue and green theme he had been favouring since the start of his tour, were different colours at different areas of the stage. For those who are familiar with the different pride flags, you can see several of them in the light patterns. A very interesting move for the first day of Pride month indeed!

On the second night in Sterling Heights, Louis wore a t-shirt and shorts, the t-shirt sporting the slogan ‘Alternate Universe.’ This might just be a shirt he thought was cool, but it seems quite likely that he’s making a statement about perceptions of reality here, almost as if hinting that things aren’t always what you’re told they are or what they seem to be.

6th June

The third and final date chosen for the top three Larry moments so far is the 6th of June, as this was a very loud night for both Harry and Louis (and is my personal favourite to date).

It was Harry’s 3rd night in Amsterdam, and he wowed the crowd with a pink jacket with green trousers. The jacket was covered in mirror hearts and he was bare-chested once again. 

Amidst the pride flag waving and high energy, Harry gave a young fan a microphone and had her say the introduction to As It Was. Harry was sweet and patient with the young girl and made sure she was comfortable introducing the song, the intro to which she had on a sign with her. He also gifted her a mirrored heart from his jacket. Every fan in the crowd melted at such sweetness. 

Louis was performing in Columbus, Ohio, on this night and wore a white tank top with blue bottoms. Not just any blue bottoms, but (as ‘Miss Honey’ rightly pointed out in their tweet) a part of a golfing outfit made by a Swedish company founded in Stockholm. This might be totally innocent, but it seems too contrived to be a coincidence – to wear that outfit from a Swedish golfing attire company when Harry is well known for enjoying golf and has been singing Stockholm Syndrome as part of his setlist? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. 

At the end of the show, Louis greeted fans outside the venue wearing a white hoodie and green shorts, both sporting the ‘28’ logo.

At this point, fans took to Twitter to try and make sense of the evening. Some tweets were trying to make sense of both Harry and Louis’ shows, like @hsltlarry_28 and @TmImtD63. 


Others, such as @jenn1louhou were more calm and amused at the boy’s lack of subtlety, gamely suggesting we keep score of which one of them was the loudest. 

However, my favourite reaction by far was from @faithfullrry, who suggested dolphin therapy as a means of coping with the sheer energy of Harry and Louis. 

In all honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised if we all ended up needing dolphin therapy by the time Harry and Louis are finished with us!


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