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23 Larry Things in 2023

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Harry has the 3 LA shows, Australia and Asia legs, and another Europe leg scheduled for 2023. The LA shows are on January 26, 27. The rest of the legs start on February 20.

2. 3 year Walls anniversary

In just about a month Walls will turn 3 years old (January 31). For Walls’ first anniversary Louis did the infamous Spotify covers of definitely not Harry’s tattoos and while he didn’t do anything last year, he did start tour the next day. Perhaps this year Louis will do something for the 3rd anniversary.

3. Harry bday

As most (if not all of us) know, Harry’s 29th birthday will take place on February 1, 2023, for which fundraisers are already happening.

4. Grammy Awards

Harry has been nominated for 6 Grammys (Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best Music Video). For note so no one gets mad, Faith in the Future was not released on time to qualify for the 2023 Grammys which will be held on February 5.

5. The BRIT Awards

I couldn’t find anything confirmed yet, but Harry is predicted for Best British Album of the Year, and Best British Single. The BRITs will take place on February 11.

6. Pollstar Awards

Harry is nominated for Major Tour of the Year, Best Pop Tour, and Best Brand Partnership/Live Campaign for the Pollstar Awards, which will take place on February 22.

7. Academy Awards

Harry, David Dawson, and Emma Corrin have all been submitted for Supporting Actor in the 2023 Academy Awards. This means Harry might be at the Oscars (and talk to David and Emma, which is always fun), and Harry could end up being an Academy Award winner. The Academy Awards will take place on March 12.

8. 1 year since door / halfway home / Coachella

I’ve listed these as one thing because having each as a separate thing felt cheap, and they’re all linked in my head. The Door™ led to Halfway home being such a large thing (briefly explained here (note the self-promo)), and Harry first sang Boyfriends (which has the halfway home lyric) at Coachella night 1. Boyfriends was obviously among one of the many unhinged things Harry did at Coachella last year. The You Are Home door started on March 18th and ran for two months and then came back very briefly twice for Harry’s singles. YAH tweeted “half way home” on April 13th. Then Harry performed at Coachella on April 15th, singing Boyfriends for the first time, then again on April 22nd.

9. 1 year Harry’s House anniversary

The 1st anniversary of Harry’s House is on May 20th. Which means we can expect something. For Fine Line, it was the special vinyl (and my understanding is that it was the same for HS1).

10. 6 year HS1 anniversary

The 6th anniversary of HS1 is on May 12th. I don’t remember Harry doing anything for the 5th last year, so I doubt he’d do anything this year, but who knows. At the least we get to celebrate.


As of right now only the North America and European legs of FITFWT have been announced for 2023, but the LATAM, Asia, and Australian legs should be announced soon (but will likely take place in 2024). FITFWT starts on May 26.

12. Louis performing No Control (?)

At one of his recent signings, Louis told a fan that he might sing No Control “once or twice next year, I would like to yeah!” Regardless of whether he remembers this or will hold to it, one can have hope.

13. Louis possibly writing LT3

In Euphoria Magazine Louis said he hopes to have finished writing (not recording) LT3 before tour starts (on May 26). Which means LT3 is likely in the writing process and in its early stages as we speak.

14. More EURO-2023 chaos

The Euros will be happening from June 21 to July 8, and something Gayos always seems to happen around the Euros. At the very least Louis will probably tweet about the Euros or we’ll get some fan footage of Louis watching the Euros.

15. One Direction’s 13th Anniversary

This year One Direction will be a teenager (yes I’m cheesy) on July 23. Which also means the 13th anniversary of the iconic moment when Louis jumped into Harry’s arms when the band formed. For no reason. Whatsoever. Obviously.

16. September 28th’s 10th Anniversary

The 10th anniversary of September 28, 2013 is this year. Yes I know this has been debunked but it still matters in our hearts, and if anything, it’s the 10th Larry day.

17. FITF’s 1 Year Anniversary

Considering how unhinged Louis has been for the past year, I feel like we can be pretty sure he’ll manage to outdo the Spotify covers for Faith’s 1 year anniversary on November 11.

18. 10th anniversary of 1D Day’s 10th Anniversary

1D Day occurred on November 23, 2013, meaning the 10th anniversary of it (and Midnight Memories) is this year. This means the the infamous performance of Little Things where Harry stared at Louis the entire time (and almost definitely sang “I’m in love with Lou”) will have happened 10 years ago.

19. Fine Line 4th Anniversary

The 3rd anniversary for Fine Line just happened, where Harry did his “pink and blue forever” post, and for the 4th year on December 13th, I’d say it’ll be something similar.


20. Louis’ 32nd bday

Louis just turned 31 on December 24th, and I wrote this over his birthday so it feesl odd to include, but he does turn 32 in 2023.

21. Narry/Nouis interactions

Niall will be a judge on Season 23 of “The Voice” (premieres March 6), has an album coming out in May, and will be playing several festivals this year. All this means we’ll likely have some Narry and/or Nouis interactions.

22. Possible Big Bird MV

I personally have not given up on the hope that the big bird MV is still coming, because knowing Harry it could come out at 1 AM EST on New Years. Or it’s scraped.

23. 🏁


Have an amazing 2023 larries!

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