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A Special Thank You to the Fandom

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Written by: @28_bluebirds

An open letter to Louies everywhere:

I came upon this fandom purely by serendipity. And I fell madly and deeply in love.

To the detectives: I’m astounded by the speed at which you gather clues and piece everything together.

To the artists: your talent at capturing Louis’ personality and our love for him is unmatched. Keep drawing, keep painting, keep creating.

To the authors: I am astounded by the care and sensitivity you put into your stories. You have all mastered the art of describing love in its most tender, patient, and passionate forms.

To the photographers: may your lenses be clean and your seats close to the stage. Thank you for sharing your vision of Louis with us. 

To the fandom moms: your love and care for everyone does not go unnoticed. We love you to the moon and back. You lift us up and set us back on track. Thanks for keeping us hydrated. 

To the academics: your analysis of lyrics, videos, and clothing choices is unparalleled. We are blessed to have you share your insights with us.

To the bracelet makers: can you be more wholesome? We value your friendship and can’t wait to trade with you.

To the quiet ones: we want to hear what you have to say too. But we respect your shyness or reticence to join in. You are part of our community with or without the words.

To the freedom fighters: keep shouting about Louis’ freedom. His freedom to be himself, to be free of harassment, and the freedom to love whomever he wants. 

To the sign makers: may your markers never run dry. Thank you for showing our lad how much we love him during his shows.

To the veteran fans: thank you for pointing out manips, setting the records straight, and carrying his history in your hearts.

To the newbies: we are so glad you are here. We want Louis to be loved far and wide. Keep an open mind and an open heart.

To the loud ones: you post the stuff that the rest of us wouldn’t dare, and we love you for it.

To the funny ones: your laughter is sunshine on a cloudy day. When the mood turns a bit dark around here, we can count on you to bring a smile to our faces.

To the sweet ones: saying goodnight and good morning to each other is peak friendship goals. You make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

To the sad ones: it gets better. I promise. There is always a DM open of someone willing to talk.

To the brave ones: we hear you and see you. You are cherished beyond words.

To the tiktok and reel makers: thank you for showing the world how special Louis is (one of you has a very special place in my heart because I found Louis watching a Reel featuring Two of Us).

To the rich aunties: thank for buying his CDs to share with those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. Thank you for buying us tickets and taking us to shows. Your generosity is humbling.

To the promoters in the fandom: we see you putting in the hard work contacting radios stations, organizing streaming parties, putting stickers with QR codes up in bar bathrooms, buying billboards promoting Louis’ album and tour, and rallying the troops to push him up the charts. We appreciate you.

To the project organizers: those trending hashtags are all you. Imagine Louis lurking on Twitter with a fond smile on his face saying under his breath “with this lot behind me…” You are all of our voices.

To the fandom merch makers: we love wearing your shirts and earrings. Thank you for keeping our closets a sea of black and red.

To the big accounts: keep the ship steady. We rely on you to set the tone and spread the love.

To the small accounts and those in between: your voice is no less important. Remember, it’s All of Our Voices that matter.

And to all of you, all of the Louies. This tour is our experience as much as it is Louis’. Whether you see him in person or watch a shaky livestream, make it the best tour for him, his band, his openers, and all of us. Be generous, respectful, and kind.

I love you all so much. Faith in the Future.

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