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November is here and it’s getting closer to the end of an extraordinary year for Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and their fans. The year of 2023 has seen tours, the AOTV documentary, festivals, and the end of Love On Tour.

For many fans this year has been full of moments we will remember for the rest of our lives.Some of those moments made us feel more alive more than any other time in our lives as we were able to escape all the problems we had.

October is an important month to many as it celebrates a day (October 10th) for mental health awareness “World Mental Health Day” during this day people share their experiences on mental health and offer advice to many who are suffering and feel like they have no one to talk to and it really brings the fandom together.

Harry and Louis have helped many in the fandom when it comes to mental health with some saying “their music has saved my life.” Some fans set goals, and achieved them, because they were inspired by Louis and Harry. All of the praise and credit from fans, to both Louis and Harry do not go unnoticed.

 A beautiful example of this was when a fan waited for Louis after a 2018 concert to show her appreciation for him and said, “because of you, my parents have a daughter that’s still alive,” to which he responded with a heartfelt look and a hug. 

Harry has also shown fans support regarding their mental health. He replied to one post on X that read “therapy can wait, HS2 and tour Can’t!” Harry responded to the fan by saying “Go to therapy, it’s important, I’ll wait for #WorldMentalHealthDay.” He has also been open with his fans and has spoken about his own struggles and how he sees a therapist.

Through the years, the connection between the fans, Louis, and Harry has grown. Concerts, festivals, and events of the pair have brung thousands of fans closer and given many of them a reason to keep going. The fans have a place they can call home and feel safe. Louis and Harry give them that safe space when fans attend their concerts: interacting with them, helping them to come out, wishing fans happy birthday, and just simply pointing out fun and outrageously hilarious signs and posters. Let’s face it: without Louis and Harry, life would be so much more boring at home without the fandom friendships we’ve made.

Mental health sometimes isn’t spoken about enough and it can leave you feeling like you’re dealing with it alone, but Louis and Harry have created a beautiful fandom where no matter if you have depression, anxiety, or something more complex, you’re accepted no matter what. We know both Louis and Harry would never judge us and that’s special.

In the great words of Harry Styles “It doesn’t matter whether you live in a house, flat or boat, it’s love that turns wherever you are into a home” Louis and Harry will always be our home and I’m glad they exist.”

If you ever feel like you or someone you know needs help or simply someone to talk to please reach out to a loved one, a friend, crisis line or hotline.

UK: SANEline on 0300 304 7000 (4.30pm–10.30pm every day)


USA: 998 suicide and crisis lifeline. call free on 988 (24 hours Everyday)


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