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Ziam Tattoo Rundown

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Article by: Keepdrivinglwts AKA Anna

Very similarly to Larry, Ziam, ship name for Zayn Malik and Liam Payne, also have correlating and matching tattoos that speak for them when words aren’t able to. Matching tattoos symbolize several things to several people. For some it’s a symbol of forever and for others it could be a reminder that their significant other is always there for them. No matter what reason for a couple to get matching and coordinating tattoos it is a major commitment and step in any relationship Zayn and Liam have several matching and symbolic tattoos on them, but in this article in particular it will go over 7 important ones. Let’s jump into the analysis and the breakdown of these 7 Ziam tattoos. 

Zayn has several different chest tattoos and cover ups, but the original tattoo was a piece with wings and kiss mark in the middle. The wings have four feathers on his right side, and five feathers on his left side. This piece was tattooed sometime around February 2013 [x]. On Liam’s right forearm there is a lone feather, his 5th tattoo, which he got around May 15, 2013 [x]. Sept 1, 2013, “I Figured It Out” was added to the feather, but “You and I” released April 15, 2014, and none of the 1D boys wrote on the song [xx]. 

Zayns Liam Tiger was added in 2013 and the tail is shaped like a capitalized L [x], and then once his first solo album was released in 2016 he added some letters around the tail that include an i, m, and a weird shaped e that appears to be an upside down a [x]. Which would be the jumbled up spelling of Liams name. 

Zayn has two red wolves tattooed on his body, which he got in 2013 and 2018. Liam is from Wolverhampton and was sometimes called Wolfie because of this, and we all know that Red was Liam’s color in the band. Liam also helped co-write “Wolves” from Made In The A.M.. There are other instances of wolves being mentioned by both Zayn and Liam throughout time including Liam tweeting about it being a Full Moon on April 9th of 2017 and Zayn posted a picture of a wolf howling to the moon on Facebook on December 18, 2015. The first Wolf tattoo, which is on Zayn’s left shin, was gotten sometime around May 15, 2013 [x]. The second wolf that Zayn got in early February 2018 is a cover up of the prior chest tattoo of the wings and kiss mark [x]. 



Three roses when tattooed on someone typically mean I love you [x]. Liam has two separate pieces with 3 roses that are tattooed on him. Liam’s first roses which he got around January 2016, around the time of Zayn’s birthday, are on the back of his left hand [x]. Liam did add a fourth one a year later to the piece on his hand also around Zayn’s birthday in 2017. Liam got the main 3 roses are a larger piece that’s on his right forearm on August 30, 2015 [x]. The three roses are on a skull that has the words ‘the quiet ones’ on a banner that wraps around the skull and the roses. The quiet ones came after a German interview where Zayn described him and Liam as the ‘quiet ones when we came into the band’[x 5.53]. Similarly tho Zayn has a skull in the same style of Liam’s quiet ones skull [x



Zayn has a checkered flag pattern tattoo on his left forearm and a lotus flower was added shortly after his breakup with longtime stunt//girlfriend Perrie Edwards [x]. Lotus flowers in general have a meaning of rebirth [x]. Rebirth after a 4- year long stunt that painted him in a negative light, perhaps? 

On May 5, 2019 Zayn had posted a photo of a poem on Love and Marriage, and then later on got it tattooed on his left forearm. At the time of Zayn posting this he was publicly single, and taking a break from Gigi. Gigi herself was with someone else according to reports.  

4 and 25 are important numbers for Ziam as a whole and you can find the article on that here { insert link to the April 25th article }. These numbers are so important that Zayn has them tattooed on the side of his neck with one of the numbers being red [x]. Red is known to be Liam’s assigned color within the band similarly to how Green and Blue are Harry and Louis’ assigned colors. Similar to how Larry has the number 28 to represent an anniversary on the 28th, Ziam has one on the 25th, but the 4 is just as significant. And Liam has the number 4 tattooed on his left ring finger around February 2016 [x]. 

Liam’s first solo collaboration with Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa entitled “You” was released April 20, 2016, and the cover art is a pair of lips with smoke coming out of it [x]. Several months prior on August 14, 2015 Zayn got the same red lips tattooed on his right hand [x]. Similarly the same cover art that inspired Zayn’s tattoo was posted by one of Zayn’s collaborating artists// producers a few years prior. This means that Zayn got the cover art of Liam’s single tattooed on him before the single ever came out. 

Lastly and the two most major tattoos are the aforementioned roses on Liam’s left hand and the mandala on Zayn’s left hand. Going back to prior with the three roses tattoo here’s where Liam’s roses come into play. Similar to how daggers and roses go together people will typically get some sort of combo of mandala and roses. Zayn  got his mandala tattoo sometime in November of 2014 [xx]. Some people suspect that it was to replace the ring he continually wore around this time either on his hand or on a chain. Zayn is known to be in touch with his Middle-Eastern heritage, and likes to pay homage to this in tattoos such as his several tattoos in the Arabic language [xx]. Zayn’s mandala is done in a very specific style that looks like the temporary Pakistani bridal henna called Mehndi [x]. It’s even thought that the letters L and P are hidden within his mandala. 

All of these instances on their own could just be considered coincidences, but similarly to Larry there’s so many coincidences within their tattoos that all together they can’t be anything besides something meaningful and significant to the pair. 
























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