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Ziam and the Cartier Bracelet

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Most couples like to gift each other pieces of jewelry for various different reasons. Ziam is not an exception to this rule. They have various pieces of jewelry that they both wear, but the most constant is their Cariter Love bracelets. This is one of the largest and well known proofs for Ziam fans. When introducing newer fans to this ship, the bracelets are one of the first proofs shown and explained.

The Cartier Love Bracelet is a well known bracelet from Cartier’s LOVE collection. The collection  is described as a symbol of free-spirited love allowing the wearer to lock in their love forever [x]. This collection is known for the unique closure that requires a specific screwdriver to be able to open and close the bracelet. The screwdriver even comes with a chain so that one partner can wear the screw and the other can wear the bracelet. These love statements don’t come cheap either, with the small model costing  $4,750 USD (£3,731 GBP) and can go up to $62,000 (£48,700 GBP) USD with around 3 carats of diamonds paved on the bracelet. The increased popularity of the collections with the wealthy has even caused some hospitals and ER rooms to start carrying the specialized screw in their equipment [x].

This can be arguably one of the most famous pieces of Ziam evidence, with several people who don’t know about Ziam but they know about Cartier Love Bracelet. The first time that the bracelet was spotted Liam was wearing it at the 2016 Brits. We can see it in what is believed to be Liam’s old stylist’s, Eillie Stidolph, Instagram. After that initial sighting of the bracelet it was then seen several times on Liam’s wrists with the last time that year being in June 2016 at his sister’s wedding [x].

Later that year in April of 2016 Zayn’s stylist at the time, Jason Rembert, gave an interview to Billboard. During this interview he was asked ‘In what way does his love of art inform his styling?’ and Jason’s answer was “We love unique, well-made things. Zayn’s a collector of vintage, and he also wears a lot of pieces that look vintage. For example, Zayn wears a lot of jewelry, and our favorite designers right now are Jennifer Fisher for older-looking pieces, and Foundwell for real, amazing, amazing vintage. Anything we’ve ever needed, Alan [of Foundwell] has found. Vintage Rolexes to vintage Cartier“ [x].

Zayn also wore the Love ring on a cover for Elle Magazine in September of 2016. Although the last time we saw Liam wearing the Love bracelet was in June of 2016 at his sister’s wedding, on November 20th, 2016 Zayn showed up to the AMA’s wearing the exact same Gold Love bracelet. Zayn has also been seen with the silver version of the bracelet on numerous occasions with the most recent being in a promotional photograph for his MIXOLOSHE brand.

Interestingly enough the year before, November 2015, in an interview and photoshoot with Fader Zayn is photographed with what appears to be the golden screwdriver for the Love bracelet. Fans didn’t pick up on this until after Liam was seen wearing the Love bracelet a few months later. Liam has also been photographed wearing the silver Love bracelets screwdriver. I cannot determine the date the photograph was taken due to the magazine not providing it, but the article was published in 2017 [x]. In conclusion Liam has the Gold Love bracelet and the Silver Love bracelet screwdriver, and Zayn has the Gold Love bracelet screwdriver and the SIlver Love bracelet. The wearing of these pieces together like this signifies not only to each other but also to those watching that they are committed to ‘locking in their love forever.’

Although the bracelet and screwdriver have been seen on and off for years, it still holds significance to those that believe in the meaning of the bracelets. Similarly to how Harry’s Peace Ring has been seen on and off for several years, but we all still believe its meaning and freak out when the ring shows up. Same reactions when Liam or Zayn show up in the Love bracelet. The most recent time was when Liam was promoting Teardrops, February 28th, and was photographed in a sweater vest and velour pants the Love Bracelet made an appearance.







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