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What Matilda Means to You

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Since the release of Harry Styles’ third studio album on May 20, 2022, track 7, titled “Matilda,” has had a profound impact on listeners everywhere. Many people feel the song is a testament to their traumas and it is a source of comfort for those who feel isolated from the friends and family they once shared a close bond with. No Stunts Magazine reached out to fans and asked if they would be willing to share their stories. Many submissions were made so we will be doing a mini-series to give these stories the space they deserve. To begin the series are testimonies of those fans who found solace through the lyrics of “Matilda” as it pertains to their sexuality.

It’s not often that people feel safe and comfortable sharing their stories with others for fear of it being “too much”, sounding “dramatic”, or even because they’re fearful of retaliation from those responsible for their traumas. And if people are comfortable sharing their stories with someone it is usually a trusted person from their personal life that they know very well. Yet, against all odds, since the release of this song social media has become a safe space for people to share their stories with each other and create life-long bonds that otherwise would never have been formed. 

An abundance of fans made it clear that their families more or less emotionally abandoned them when they came out and the lyrics “start a family who will always show you love” resonated with a majority of these users. 

@justanother_28 wrote “found family is all I want in this world… it speaks to me and especially my queerness.”

@lovelylittlefrk said “after coming out, my dad threw a bible at my head and the lyrics of Matilda are the words I’ve always needed to hear.” 

One user, @lonelyshdwdance, even said “While I haven’t been able to physically cut [my family] off, “Matilda” really helped me to mentally let go and be my best self.” While these stories are obviously horrendous, Harry somehow managed to turn these stories into beautiful new connections between strangers.

A majority of people who have been through heart-shattering and traumatic events feel like they are alone in their experiences, whether that is because they hope no one else has had to live through what they have, or because their experiences feel so far-fetched that it’s only plausible for them to have been the only one to ever experience it, this song has proven them all wrong. Many fans who became attached to this song found comfort among each other and were able to do just as the lyrics encouraged and “start a family who will always show you love.”

@AndyTS28 shared that they “were paralyzed for years and scared of the rejection of my family but when I finally moved thousands of miles away I was able to share the real me with everyone around me… unashamed, open, free.

@blessin_n_curse mimicked that statement by stating “Matilda validates the things i live by… that you are valid, your emotions and feelings are valid, you should never have to ask for love, instead, you can start your own.” 

 “Matilda” has encouraged people to step out and be independent, do things by themselves, build a life they are happy with and proud of. It has validated the thought  that separating yourself from a toxic environment and surrounding yourself with people who love and care for you is not something to feel guilty for.  It has also proven to many that as isolating as your experiences may feel, you aren’t alone and there are people out there who understand and want to provide support just as much as they need it reciprocated. 

In the next “Matilda” mini-series we will share stories from fans who related to the song because of parental and family experiences. Remember to reach out whenever you need someone to talk to and show love to as many people as you can. 

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