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What to do When You Miss Harry

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Written by: @ifigureditout28 Art by: mb__artworks

We all miss Harry, that is a fact at this point. We are in the 7th month of his break, and as much as we were happy (and equally heartbroken) to watch him take a break because he so deserves one, we still miss him. Harry is a source of comfort to us all in so many different ways. To so many of us he feels like home, like family, like someone who will always be there for you and always accept and love you just as you are. For some of us he is our favourite person, and it can be hard to go for such a long time without any positive news or communication from someone who means so much to us. But one thing we all feel is that we miss him so dearly, he truly is comfort personified.

Also now, it is his birthday month so we miss him even more, and not just any birthday but his 30th birthday.

As such, we wanted to round up and share some ideas of what to do when you miss Harry, things that make this break a little bit easier on us all. Thank you to any lovely individuals within the fandom who helped and inspired some of these ideas below.

  • Have a Harry Listening Party: Coordinate with some friends, family, or just by yourself (whichever way you are most comfortable) and stream his music whichever way you want, via streaming service, CD, vinyl, etc. Play the songs you love the most or play his entire discography, the choice is up to you. Listening to his voice and the lyrics he puts into his songs can be extremely comforting, and just hearing his voice may make you miss him less.
  • Watch Tour Content & Other Videos: Spend some time watching videos from Live on Tour, Love on Tour, or specific interviews or other shows Harry has been on (e.g. The Late Late Show). There are so many videos available online on whichever social media platform you prefer, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter (X), etc. for whatever you are looking for, even if you just want to watch Harry doing his infamous high kicks with Pauly. Watching back these videos lets you relive those moments of Harry, and is likely to bring a smile to your face.
  • Talk to Him: Okay let me explain this one. Although Harry doesn’t really appear to be present on social media, even before his break, it can be extremely consoling or therapeutic to act as if you are talking to him, especially in those moments where you miss him the most. Whether that means directly messaging him, tweeting him, or other avenues, communicate with Harry in a way that you feel comfortable with. You never know what he sees and what he doesn’t online, and it’s always possible what he sees can bring a smile to his face, when he sees how much we love and miss him.
  • Celebrate His Birthday: Since February is his birthday month, participate in or organize fan projects during his birthday month. There are always some happening for the entirety of the month, starting on his birthday,, so participate in as many as you can. As a result, on his birthday your feed will be filled with Harry, which is something we all love. Which leads me to…
  • Fill your Social Media Feed with Harry Content: Organize a fan project within the fandom or just simply fill your feed with Harry content. His birthday was one example, but there does not need to be an occasion to fill your feed with Harry content. You can organize a special day to celebrate Harry, and get the fandom involved or just go ahead and post about Harry as much as you want, chances are people will get involved regardless. If you are on Twitter (X), you may have seen a couple of accounts who love to randomly spam the timeline with Harry GIFs and it always brings about so much joy.
  • Spread a bit of Kindness around You: Harry personifies kindness, and treating people with kindness in everything he does is who he is. Finding a way to spread a bit of kindness in your own life can help you feel closer to him, and is always a rewarding experience. Spreading kindness can be done in a million different ways, so choose something that makes sense to you.
  • Have a Harry-Themed Get Together: Get together with friends, family, or whoever, and have a night dedicated to Harry. Listen to his music, watch Harry content, make food inspired by Harry (I’m anticipating a lot of fruit…), and just spend time dedicated to him.
  • Take on a Harry Project: This idea is more for the artsy and creative folks, but take on a creative project inspired by Harry. This could be drawing, painting, knitting, or creating really anything Harry inspired. It’s a great way to focus some energy while he’s away and also imagine how accomplished you will feel once it’s complete, and you can enjoy it and always have that reminder of him through what you created.
  • Seek Comfort from Those Around You: Connect with those around you. This can be your family, friends, etc., but for a lot of us that is the fandom because we all know exactly how it feels to miss him. Reach out because talking to people about how you feel and sharing those feelings can be very helpful. Never be afraid to reach out as chances are there are so many people feeling exactly as you are and missing him just as much.

There are so many other things to do while you miss Harry, but these are just a few examples, which I sincerely hope will bring comfort to anyone who reads this, or who does any of these. Most importantly though is to make sure you take time to express how you feel during his break and rely on those around you, as it’s important to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally. Missing Harry isn’t easy on any of us, but together we can all make it a bit easier on each other. 💚

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