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Bri Carter – Queer Hyperpop

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Interview with Bri carter

Bri Carter is bold and creative with fierce lyrics and music career that has taken off on TikTok. From her base in New York, Bri delivers a sonic fusion that’s infectious with hyperpop, alt rock, and a dash of rap.

I met with Bri over Zoom: her black and pink hair peeking out from under a black baseball cap, setting the tone for the down-to-earth effortless style she brings to the table. From the moment she spoke about her music, it was evident this wasn’t just a career, it was a calling.

Bri’s musical journey began in 5th grade when she first picked up the saxophone. Fast forward to high school, and she’s slaying it in a rock band, playing guitar and bass. “Music has always been my sanctuary. Growing up I always loved music, especially when I was around the age of 15 and learned how to play the guitar.” 

College became Bri’s playground for musical exploration. Here, she began experimenting, blending influences from across the musical spectrum into her own unique sound. Now she lives in her own apartment with one room dedicated to recording. “It’s my favorite room in the house, I spend as much time in there as I can.” 

But Bri’s journey isn’t a solo one; it’s a collaboration. She met her drummer, Ivy Wang, at a New York City concert, and together, they’ve elevated Bri’s music to new heights.

When it comes to inspiration, Bri’s cup runneth over. From Pierce the Veil to Pvris, Julia Wolf to Ji Prince of New York, her diverse musical palette shines through in every note.

Time to go listen to her music. My personal favorites are “Heartless” and “I’m Destructive by Design.” A fan favorite is “ur gf listens to my music,” a coy, petty, queer song that’s fun to sing. In Bri’s own words regarding the song, “Our relationship might be over but my music’s still here so you’re gonna be hearing that for the rest of time. Like the relationship can die but my music can’t, something that was ironic in a way.” 


Looking ahead, Bri’s releasing a new single in March and gearing up for tour along the East Coast of the United States this summer. And wouldn’t it be a dream to see Bri sharing the stage with Louis or gracing the lineup of the Away From Home Festival? I did mention it to her, so here’s hoping they connect at some point. Listen to Bri Carter here!

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