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Queer Book Nook – The Love It Takes by Skylar Burton

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When I heard Skylar was putting together this tribute to Louis Tomlinson, I knew it was going to be amazing. I decided that I would be able to afford a copy a few weeks after it was released, and was looking forward to eventually reading it so much I swear I was vibrating. Imagine, then, how amazed I was when a copy of the book arrived on the day of release! It turns out a good friend had bought it for me as a surprise! After screeching and doing something resembling Chandler from FRIENDS’ happy dance, I quickly made a cup of tea – Yorkshire with a splash of milk, of course! – and settled down to read!

I wasn’t disappointed. The more I read, the deeper I fell into the book, as the experiences and testimonials from fans from all over the world sparked my own experiences within the fandom. As I continued to read, the feeling of community and being completely understood overtook me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such kinship with the words within a book in my entire life. 

Usually, these types of publications are written with management control and can tell a very rigid and scripted tale of what it’s like to be part of the fandom. However, since Skyler made the decision to use content from fans in their own words, the result is honest, authentic, and highly relatable. Additionally, when I heard that all profits from the sale of this book will be donated to charity, I was blown away. The prospective good that will come from this project is huge and I truly take my hat off to Skyler for working tirelessly to see her idea become a reality. 

As much as the book as a whole is astounding, there were a few favourite parts which I feel are worth the mention. Firstly, Skyler’s description of Louis’ connection with his fans in the first section of the book, titled The Red Thread.

I have often tried to explain to my friends and family outside of the fandom just how much Louis means to the fandom, but I’ve always struggled with finding the right words. Even the word ‘fan’ always seemed less that what we all share with him. However, when I saw Skyler’s entry, I knew I had finally found the right words. We have a connecting thread! I read this page several times and even came back to it after I had finished the book. One quote in particular really stuck with me – “For Louis and his fans, the ‘red thread’ symbolises more than just a connection; it is a lifeline of support and love that flows both ways. It is in the way his music becomes a sanctuary for many, a source of comfort in times of turmoil and a cause of celebration in moments of joy.” Never has a metaphor resonated so much with me as this one did. 

Another contribution which was memorable for me was seeing a poem from a friend of mine within the fandom. I actually didn’t realise it was her poem at first, caught up as I was in my excitement of it all, but once I realised after the fact, I just had to go back and reread it once again. 


Seeing her words sum up just how motivating and nurturing Louis’ music is to so many people was a surprise and was truly special, as it gave the contributions a touch of real life for me. 

Lastly, I really loved seeing the Bigger Than You (BTU) Kindness Project entry. I knew Louis has been involved with charity work within his career, but I had no idea that he had inspired fans to come together to form a movement to spread kindness and positivity. 

Apparently, what started as a comment from a radio host in 2022, has now turned into ‘a multifaceted community initiative’. This initiative has many areas, from fan giveaways and games, to larger scale fundraising projects and even a project to help fans who cannot afford tickets to be gifted them by extremely generous fans to allow them to go to a live show. The closing words of the page were particularly hard hitting – “Louis’ kindness, generosity, optimism, and passion are not just individual virtues; they become a shared responsibility within the fandom, transcending boundaries and proving that, indeed, it’s Bigger Than Us.” I’m sure I wasn’t the only fan to read these words and become inspired to do more to pay any kindness I receive forwards.

The book is truly remarkable, to celebrate Louis Tomlinson from the perspective of the fans. Over 250 people contributed their stories, poems, and art to the project, with the contributions split into 9 different sections, covering every area possible of Louis’ fandom.  I have been in the Louis Tomlinson fandom since 2020 and I have seen first hand just how powerful we can be when we all work together. I’ve seen fans purchase billboards when Louis wasn’t getting enough PR on his albums or tours, I’ve seen light projects at shows that blew everyone away, and I’ve seen fans rise up to help each other when they’re in need, such as when someone is suffering from personal tragedy or when a large scale disaster occurs, like the storm at RedRocks. This fandom can move mountains, and when you look through this book, all of that love, passion, dedication, and resourcefulness is evident in abundance. I truly urge all those who haven’t yet read this book to do so, and if anyone is looking for a book to inspire someone they know who isn’t in the fandom, this would be a perfect gift to consider. 

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