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Lions and Roses and Bears OH MY – Article: Tommi | @homevoi28 Cover art: @prettyven0mm_

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Article: Tommi (@homevoi28)

It’s safe to say Harry Styles has a lot of rings. Like, a lot a lot. And with so many, one would think at least some hold some sort of meaning to him or have a story, right? Yes, they do in fact! Potentially, all of his rings have something behind them, but I was only able to find in depth information on 7*. Of those 7 (haha Larry number) the most infamous being the ‘Peace’ ring, which has a whole article for itself here. So without further ado, here are the other 6 rings of his that are theorized (or known) to hold some sort of meaning to them.

*the 7th is only briefly mentioned, I just wanted to keep the Larry call a load of smoke*

Rose Ring

The Rose Ring is likely Harry’s second most well-known ring, and while there is no real way to know what kind of place it holds in Harry’s heart (though most believe it to have been a commitment ring of sorts, possibly an engagement ring, or anniversary gift), it’s clear he cares for the ring based of his reaction to having lost it while at an Ariana Grande concert (he never got it back sadly). The video shows Harry stand up from crouching and then walking around staring at the ground while everyone shines flashlights around to help look.

It is also widely believed (by widely I mean, pretty much every Larrie) that Louis gave him this ring (whether for a symbolic reason, or just ‘cause (they are that couple)). To start off with, the ring is from a shop called The Great Frog (sidenote: The Great Frog also has rope and anchor ring, and used to have a necklace with an anchor, rope, rose, and two swallows positioned like Harry’s tattoos). A few weeks prior to the Rose Ring first appearing (March 4, 2017), Louis followed an Instagram account to a market that had a The Great Frog location. And around the same time, Louis took a photo with a fan a 6 minute walk from The Great Frog. While this photo came out on April 3, it could have been taken much earlier (prior to Harry wearing the ring) and just not been posted till then.


  • February 18 – Louis follows Dover Street Market on Instagram (market in London with a Great Frog location)
  • March 4 – Harry is first seen wearing the rose ring outside a studio in London
  • April 3 – Photo of Louis 6 minutes from The Great Frog is released

It’s pretty common knowledge in the Larry Universe that photos aren’t always posted right when they’re taken. There are still unseens from way back in 2011 coming out, or that we haven’t even seen. It’s definitely not unheard of for people to gatekeep their photos (I’m guilty of it too). For all we know the photo could’ve been taken in October 2016, there’s really no way of knowing, because even if a date is said with them, time and time again it’s proven that said date was a lie. I wasn’t even able to find a date associated with the photo other than April 3. (Baby larries: don’t always listen to the date given with a photo. It might be a lie; see if you can find evidence it was a lie (facial hair is often a good tell).) Basically what I’m getting at is the photo EASILY could have been taken in February or any time before Harry wore the Rose Ring in public and just wasn’t released until later.

The Rose Ring has a caterpillar on the inside. Caterpillars turn into butterflies, and we know that Harry has a butterfly tattoo. (The butterfly has long been suspected to symbolize a sense of transformation for Harry, and he has hinted at it in several interviews, though it has never been fully confirmed.) 


The Ring Rose also has been theorized to be a more tangible representation of Harry’s rose tattoo that matches with Louis’ dagger tattoo. 

Pearl Ring

Almost all of Harry’s rings have at one point been theorized to be an engagement or wedding ring (leading people to believe he has multiple). Currently the Pearl Ring is the one being mainly theorized as a wedding ring.

Harry wears the ring on his right ring finger (next to the Peace Ring – which could also point to it being a wedding ring), which has a few possible meanings. In some countries it’s more common to wear a wedding band on that finger, while other people say it’s the side you’d wear your ring on in a queer relationship. Others even say it symbolizes vow renewals or anniversaries. In research, I could only find sources saying a ring on the right finger being used in some countries is tradition, and for vow renewals and anniversaries. None of the countries it’s traditional in are known to have any meaning in the Larry universe, which leaves renewals and anniversaries for the significance on which finger he wears it on. Keep this in mind.

The Pearl Ring has only been around throughout 2021 and ‘22, but this is an important fact. A pearl signifies a 12th anniversary. 12 years prior to 2021 is 2009, but Harry and Louis met in 2010, right? Maybe not. There is a theory that they met at a Battle of the Bands in 2009, but this theory has supposedly been debunked, though I can’t find it (dm me on Twitter if you have a Tumblr post debunking, I don’t want to spread false information; @/homevoi28). But it is confirmed that they were at least in the same room another time in 2009 (whether they actually met or not is debated). At a Script concert in Manchester. And because they are definitely that couple, even if they hadn’t met, they would likely ‘celebrate’ the anniversary of the first time they were in the same spot (it is some soulmate stuff). Maybe with a ring?

Bear Ring

Another one of Harry’s more well known rings is the Bear Ring. Of the rings believed to have some sort of meaning to it, this is the only on the list to not have been commonly theorized to be a commitment ring. It has however been theorized to have something to do with pride.

The Bear Ring first showed up on May 3, 2013, in Amsterdam (possibly May 1 in Belgium, where he wore a ring on the finger of the Bear Ring has consistently made its home, but the photos from Belgium aren’t clear enough to see if it is the Bear Ring or not). He wore the ring consistently after that up to 2019, but has rarely worn it since.

The reason the ring is thought to symbolize pride is that the design is derived from the art for the 1973 album from the Grateful Dead, which in color the bears form a rainbow (possibly a tie to RBB and SBB.) The ring is supposedly also nicknamed “the gay pride dancing bears” ring.


Harry has messed with the ring at rather telling moments. In an interview in late 2015, the interviewer brought up getting married and having kids, and Harry held up his hands, looking at his rings. At an OTRA show in 2015, he announced Ready to Run (a Very Gay Song) then kisses his ring. And finally, in June 2018 at Madison Square Garden and touched it after saying, “We’re all trying” to a person who said they were trying to have a child. (Note, this was also the day of the famous “You’re Still the One” and “If I Could Fly” performances at MSG.)

Lion Ring

For newer fans, you’ve probably heard of the Lion Ring most, from Harry losing it while at Coachella. But it’s possible it’s got more than just that story to it. Up until Harry lost it and fans worked to get it back to him, there was no common theory on the ring, and then we saw the engraving on the inside.

Harry’s had a few variations of the Lion Ring, first showing up in 2017, whereas the ring with no jewel has been more common since 2021. Depending who you ask, you’ll find that Harry has either never said who gave him it, or that he got it from Alessandro (possibly both – “he never said but possibly Alessandro”). 

When the ring flew off during Kiwi at Coachella Night 2, immediate panic set in with fans of “can we get this back to him?” knowing Harry often cares a lot about his rings. This belief was only strengthened by a fan posting photos of it in an attempt to get the ring back, showing that the inside had the engraving “second times a charm.” Everyone has different theories on what this could mean, could be a vow renewal, signifying them getting back together after a break (though I’m not here to debate on that, I have my opinions, this is just not that place), some even said that could be about getting married once before it was legal, and again after. And then others said it was probably just about Harry losing a version of the Lion Ring before and this is his second (Larryfy that and it could be a Rose Ring replacement). 

And a generalized theory about the Lion Ring is that it could represent Louis in some way considering he once said in an interview that if he had any animal head instead of his, he’d want a lion head. Lions represent strength and courage, and lion rings specifically represent protection, power, and success. Take this as you will.

As mentioned, fans wanted to get the ring back to Harry and they succeeded! After getting his ring back, Harry posted a photo of it captioned “It hath returned.” and “Thank you.” with a lion emoji, sticker of a roaring lion, fire emoji, and most adorably, a gif of a pouty [blue-eyed] kitten with fire in the background, discovered to have likely been found with the search ‘angry kitten.’

Birthstone Rings

Last but certainly not least: the Turquoise Ring. There’s not much information or theories surrounding this one; it’s mostly just the facts.

Harry only wore this ring in 2014/15 possibly because it broke after this. It’s not super clear what the gemstone in the ring was, but it was the same color as a blue topaz. And guess which month’s birthstone is a blue topaz? Yep, December. The month Louis was born. Some variations of blue topaz are very reminiscent of Louis blue, but the color on Harry’s ring was very turquoise, and just saying, turquoise is a mix of blue and green.

The only other information found on the ring is that when Louis said “sometimes people get engaged for years,” Harry started twisting this ring.

Harry also briefly wore a red ring in 2017, it was likely either a garnet (which is the Capricorn birthstone, and Capricorn is Louis’ zodiac/sun sign. Simply put, sun signs come from a different division of the 12 months based on Western astrology. Because of sun signs being separate from months, the signs have different birthstones) or a ruby which signifies passion, love, and courage, and specifically in an engagement ring, passionate, undying love. 



Master Posts https://twopoppies.tumblr.com/post/160773016086/hi-im-new-to-the-fandom-and-i-love-larry-soo 


Rose Ring




Pearl Ring



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Lion Ring





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