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Zayn and Feeding Britain

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Feeding Britain is a UK based charity whose main focus is making sure no one goes hungry. They’ve partnered with sixty-six anti-hunger organizations, ranging anywhere from schools, community centers, and local enterprises. They constantly strive to come up with new projects and innovative ideas to keep food in the mouths of everyone in the UK. In addition to helping feed people, they’re also strong on educating the people on how food insecurities can be prevented in the future. They have three main levels of change that they strive to achieve—establishing and supporting regional partnerships, building a national network, and gaining systematic change. [ 1 ] 

On November 7th, 2022, Zayn took to Instagram with a letter to the Prime Minister, asking him to properly budget to assure children in poverty won’t be going without meals at school. He stated that four million children live in households who have or currently had been dealing with food poverty. He even said how he relied on free school meals when he was younger, and how he’s more than familiar with the shame that comes from not being able to eat at school.

Zayn said, “I want government to act urgently to assure that children no longer have to suffer the trauma and stigma of hunger and poverty and can grow up to have healthy, productive lives.” [ 2 ] He emphasized the importance of the Prime Minister green-lighting the Universal Credit, which would provide children with hot, free meals daily, by reminding him of how an estimated 800,000 children aren’t able to have food at school, despite them being in poverty. He didn’t just stop at a public letter to the Prime Minister, though.

A few days later, on November 21st, 2022, he revisited Instagram to announce his new collaboration with Feeding Britain. He launched two shirts, a long sleeve and a regular tee, with various statistics and graphics on them pertaining to saving the future and helping feed the children. Not only was this an outstanding way of bringing attention to the organization, but 100% of all proceeds of the merchandise went directly to Feeding Britain. In addition to the shirts profits going directly to charity, he also made them incredibly size inclusive ( starting at an xx-small all the way up to a true 4xl ) and had them produced at a fair trade factory. As of March 18th, the shirts are still up and available for purchase on his merch website. 





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