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Delicate Point of View

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Poem by: - Julie @ITakeYouWithMe

They felt the power of that word
The power of that moment
So did I.
But why?
Their scream was loud
But my silence was louder.
I felt it because
I didn’t feel free
I wasn’t.
I wasn’t me.
But I knew I wasn’t in over my head
Because they waved the rainbow over theirs.
I found myself through my journey
Though filled with struggle
I was filled with the hope and strength
From someone I admire
And those with me in spirit
And those right beside me
That love me
For me.
I owe them everything.
I had the courage
The confidence
To wave the colors
To write for all to see
To silently scream
That I wanted to be free
I wanted to be me.
It came full circle
With my idol
“Will you help me come out
Handing them the symbol of my pride
Feeling as though they took my hand
I heard these words
“This is your time
No one else here
It’s me and you.”
I’ve never felt more loved
I’ve felt more seen
I’ve never felt safer
For the first time
By someone that didn’t know me.
The words
“It’s me and you”
Are forever etched
In my memory
In my heart
On my skin
And every time I remember, feel, see
It takes me back to that moment
While pushing me
As you raised my pride symbol
It was like a dream come true
The walls, the barriers
And you
The one I’ve looked up to
Looked at me
I was free.
You put the weight on your shoulders
So it was no longer on mine.
I was wearing a backpack
Filled with the heaviness
The stones
Of fear, oppression
Frustration, suppression
And it was almost completely emptied.
Because of you
I can stand tall
I can stand true
I can stand strong.
I feel empowered
To now stand as an ally
To celebrate with the open
To now be a voice
For those who want to stay quiet
And those who don’t have the choice.
If I can help
Even one person
It’s a win.
Remember you can
Be free
To be who you want to be
And love who you want to love
Because not matter if this is where
Your journey ends or begins
Love always wins.
My moment may not have been perfect
But it was perfect to me.
After you had your moment
Take your time
To bring it to light
Share it
When the time is right.
In the words of my idol
“This is your time.”
You’ll know when it’s time.
And I know
Right now
It’s right for me.
It’s time.
The final step in my journey.
My last step-ping stone
Is removing the stones
Still in my backpack.
The heaviness
The weight
Of fear.
The fear of truth
And the unknown.
I will be able to stand completely
With you knowing my freedom
That I am not straight.
My journey will be full
My backpack will be empty.
No more stones.
Will you help take them out

This poem is based on a wonderful story from/conversation with Niki.

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