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No Stunts Playlist July – One Direction Memories

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 One Direction Memories

The theme for this month’s magazine is One Direction Memories, so we asked our readers for the One Direction songs which make them think of memorable moments in the fandom. Did your favourite track make the list?

  • Story Of My Life

This track was the most requested from readers and all for the same reason – the music video. The video shows the boys reflecting on their childhood, showing photographs of the boys with their families, giving fans a more personal and intimate glimpse of the boys. 

  • Best Song Ever

This song is also most memorable from the iconic music video, where the boys show that they don’t take themselves too seriously and don’t mind laughing at themselves. It’s also memorable due to the opening which was borrowed from Baba O’Riley by The Who. Finally, this song gave us Veronica Malik!

  • Night Changes

 Night Changes was another popular suggestion for the playlist. Not only does the song talk about seizing the moment and how relentless time can be when it passes by, the song has also been teased/covered by every member of One Direction in their solo careers except for one. Yes, Harry, we’re looking at you!

  • If I Could Fly/Home

Of course If I Could Fly made the playlist! It was written by Harry for Made In The AM and is a very significant song for Larrie’s in particular. The song tells of someone loving so much they would give up everything just to be with them, linking that person with the idea of “home.” It’s very often thought that this song goes with “Home” from the 2015 EP, which Louis wrote (and supposedly leaked). Home talks about a relationship where something is missing and then, when the protagonist meets the right person, they “feel alive.”  The lyrics in both songs are connected, for example, “If I Could Fly” has the lines “I give you my heart, for when you’re lonely and forget who you are.” This seems to be an answer to the lost protagonist in “Home,” who states “I was stumbling, looking in the dark with an empty heart.”

  • Drag Me Down

This is a rather powerful song as the message is one that everyone can relate to. That no matter what people throw at you, you won’t let them hold you back. Within the context of the band, this makes me think of the strain the boys were under, with gruelling schedules, no privacy, and highly controlling contracts. Also, if  we consider the Larry aspect to the song, the song seems to be a response to how management tried to keep Harry and Louis apart, showing that they came through it stronger.

  • Happily

Here we have another Larry song (I’m sensing a strong theme here!). This track is about not caring about what the world thinks as long as you get to be with the one you love. Lyrics such as “I don’t care what they say when we’re together, you know I wanna be the one to hold you when you sleep,”  specifically bring Harry and Louis and their closeted relationship to mind.

  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go

This song made the list for two reasons. The first is readers felt that Louis singing a song during his Faith In The Future world tour written by Harry was memorable and very loud, especially since they had a falling out and no longer speak, according to the general public. The second reason is that whenever Louis recently performed this song, fans who have been around since the One Direction days felt they were being given an extra special treat, making new memories while being allowed to bask in the memories they made hearing this song for the first time back in 2014.

  • What Makes You Beautiful

This song made the list for similar reasons to Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Firstly, the song was suggested as it was the first One Direction single and, for some, hearing it brought back the excitement and carefree nature of the boys in the very early days. Secondly, whenever Harry would sing this song during his solo career, fans felt it was a much loved throwback to a simpler time and allowed them to relive those happy memories. 

  • History

Last, but not least, History. This song was the perfect suggestion from fans to end the playlist with and for obvious reasons. Both Liam and Louis have spoken about this track, stating that “it was about the fans and what they’ve done,” and “we’re gone through this as a band together and we’ve gone through this with the fans.”  Niall has also stated that they had some fans sing along when they recorded the song. You can’t deny that the band endured a lot together, both good and bad, and the fans stuck with them throughout all of it, offering their devotion and support. 

You can listen to the playlist on Spotify at this link – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4pKlximUcNnGYc4lOW85KY?si=f32e79eaa15045ca

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