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One of the awesome things to come out of One Direction is the friendship between Louis and Liam. Although they didn’t get on at first, they soon formed a close bond where they had each other’s back. Their friendship, as much as there were meaningful and heartfelt moments, was full of fun and letting loose, especially when they were performing on stage. Their laughter and hugs and generally being supportive to each other was infectious and can easily be viewed in one of the many fan-made compilations on Youtube. 

As Liam has just had his 30th birthday and Louis is currently on the European leg of his Faith In The Future World Tour, this playlist is dedicated to the ‘Lilo Bromance.’ We asked fans for songs which remind them of Liam and Louis. These could be from the One Direction discography, the boy’s solo careers, or even songs unrelated to One Direction. Below are the results. 

  • With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles

This song was anonymously suggested by a fan who stated ‘this song is basically Lilo in a nutshell. They might not see each other all the time, what with their careers and busy lives, but if one needs the other then they’ll be there in a heartbeat. That’s true friendship goals.’

  • Macarena by Los Del Rio

This song was my contribution to the playlist. Whenever I hear this song, I’m always transported to Liam and Louis having a laugh on stage while they all danced to this during the One Direction days. They kept facing each other and being silly, making it stick in my head forever more. 

  • Common People by Louis Tomlinson

@Onedire19777384 picked Common People because ‘I just think it’s Louis telling Liam that he doesn’t have to act like he’s famous just to be himself, a common person.’

  •  I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders

This was another anonymous contribution to the playlist. The fan says this ‘reminds me of how Louis defended Liam after the Logan Paul thing. Although many people turned against Liam for the stuff he said, Louis had his back and that’s what friendship’s about.

  • Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo (feat. 2 Chainz)

@0hits_LouisT made this suggestion to the playlist, stating ‘it just reminds me of that video they did where they’re all dancing to it and it just brings me joy every time I see it.’

  • No Judgement by Niall Horan

@inactiv280 says they picked this song because ‘I think it’s pretty self explanatory as t why this song speaks to them. Not only for Louis being himself and Liam always being captain but also on a deeper level I think they both fully accept each other regardless of their flaws, Louis specifically with the whole impaulsive situation.’

  • Act My Age by One Direction

@Onedire19777384 says they suggested this song because ‘Louis has always been told he he needs to act his age by management and I think Liam always gave Louis the confidence to just be his happy bubbly self and not worry about acting his own age.

  • Matilda by Harry Styles

This was another contribution by @inactiv2880, who said they picked it because ‘Liam has been very open about his struggles with his mental health and he’s faced a lot of hate. He has always been open about how much Louis has been there and helped him through those times.’

  •  Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel

This is another of my picks. It’s a timeless song about being there for someone who matters to you and I certainly think it would apply to any of the boys, as they went through an extended intense situation when in One Direction. As was previously mentioned by one of the other contributors, Louis has never wavered in his friendship with Liam, and vice versa. This can be seen from how Louis was at the side of the stage when Liam performed his solo songs at Hits Radio Live in 2019 and how Liam supported Louis at the London Premiere for All Of Those Voices. They may not always have loads of time to hang out nowadays, but they’re always there for each other.

  • Saved By A Stranger by Louis Tomlinson

@Onedire19777384 also suggested this song because ‘Liam and Louis didn’t know each other at all before the band and they grew a beautiful friendship and Liam has said multiple times Louis saved him so they were basically saved by a stranger’.


The playlist can be found at this link.


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