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No Stunts Playlist – Indie Bands

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Louis Tomlinson Loves Indie Bands! Louies have known this for a long time. Recently, a random indie band posted a tweet aimed at Louis Tomlinson and how they would never dream of being a support act for him. 

Little did they know that this would set off a huge response IN Favour of Louis, and it wasn’t just all fans either! Many small indie bands came out in support of Louis, slamming the original poster as being bitter and petty. 

A few of the bands who came to Louis’ defence can be found below and on the newly updated No Stunts playlist!

  1. Five Lines – semi nude
  2. FEVER – gold intentions
  3. The shed project – if you know you know
  4. The outcharms – who’s making you smile
  5. Pacific avenue – something good
  6. LUNARCA – runaway 
  7. The howlers – further down the line
  8. STONE – waste
  9. Fat dads – trust and promises
  10. Astoria – where the light lives
  11. Cavalcade – swallow the weekend
  12. Interstate drive – open your eyes
  13. Tom Lumley and the Brave Liaison – crawling
  14. SUPERSAURUS – waking up sad

These bands, amazing as they are, deserve praise and attention for coming to our Louis’ defence. Let’s listen to them as much as possible as thanks for being decent Louis-loving people. 

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