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No Stunts Playlist Harry Styles Birthday Month

It’s February and that means both Harry’s birthday and Valentine’s day, so what better way to celebrate than a playlist that’s full of love songs either by Harry or that remind us of Harry as voted by our readers?

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It’s February and that means both Harry’s birthday and Valentine’s day, so what better way to celebrate than a playlist that’s full of love songs either by Harry or that remind us of Harry as voted by our readers?


    1. Hunger –  @RegionOfTheSummerStars was the first person to comment on the playlist, stating this as a top pick for songs about Harry and love. They stated, ‘Hunger is full of regret and despair…it’s about the impulsiveness of youth being tempered with experience and a maturity that our boys should never have had to undergo at such a young age.’
  • Falling –  this is a song that often makes our playlists, but is that really a surprise when so many of our readers love it so much? 
  • Drops Of Jupiter – not a song by Harry or the boys, but the lyrics and tune inspired several of our readers to suggest this as a song that reminds them of Harry.
  • Girl Crush – another choice which often makes No Stunts playlists! The song speaks for itself, although if you want to know more about it, here is a link to another No Stunts article about why Harry may have chosen this particular song to cover. Girl Crush – No Stunts Magazine
  • Sunflower Vol 6 – this song was also a highly popular choice by our readers, receiving 21 votes via the online thread and dms.
  • Adore You – from the melody, to the lyrics, to the music video, this song screams Larry and love.
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love – this song is a classic for a reason. Is there a more romantic song in existence? Of course, when you consider that a cover of this song was the backing for one of Red, White, & Royal Blue’s (movie) most poignant scenes, there was no doubt this song would be part of this list.
  • Alfie’s Song – this is a song that Harry wrote on alongside Bleachers and it gives Larry vibes, especially the lines about declaring love when singing other love songs, something both Harry and Louis have been seen doing. 
  • Hopelessly Devoted To You – a throwback to both Louis’ infamous role as Danny Zuko when he was in High School as well as to the jaw-dropping Harryween moment of 2022.
  • Through The Dark – the lyrics tell of seeing someone you love in pain and wanting to carry their burden for them, a very Larry-centric song indeed.
    1. If I Could Fly – this track was voted for by a large portion of those who commented on the playlist thread. One reader, @moonsunthyme, perfectly summed up why this track was such a popular choice with our readers: ‘Harry’s biggest and most dramatic declaration of love for Louis at every show on his first world tour.’ 
  • Take Me To Church – the lyrics alone make this the perfect choice, as love is love, but add in the music video and the obvious allusion to the popular fanfiction by @wickedarcher, you’ve got yourself a sure bet!
  • Secret Love Song – this song is often the backdrop to a lot of Larry proof videos and the words fit Harry and Louis’ journey perfectly.
  • Songbird  – not only is Harry a huge Fleetwood Mac fan, but the lyrics are beautiful, making it a perfect choice for a love song playlist.
  • Keep Driving – this song talks about searching for stability inside a relationship that’s surrounded by chaos. Sound familiar?
  • Fine Line – this track seems to be quite a hard-hitting one for those who chose it. It isn’t hard to see why, with lyrics filled with pain and hope and love.
  • Leather & Lace – we all know how much Harry admires Stevie Nicks, and this song seems a perfect choice. The song talks about strength and vulnerability in a relationship, with the leather representing toughness and the lace delicateness. It sounds like both Harry, and Harry and Louis to a T.
  • Sweet Creature – @LTHS_Supporter chose this track along with several others, citing this video as the reason why – https://www.tiktok.com/@lisstyles81/video/7312643231458643205. Upon watching the clip, their point is clear and well made. Harry has written so  many songs about Louis and vice versa, that there really can be no other discussion on the subject!
  • You’re Still The One  – Harry himself has stated that this is one of his favourite love songs. Enough said!
  • Golden – this song is not only a lovely love song, it’s also widely accepted by Larries to be about Louis, making it the perfect ending to our playlist.

Of course, this list is by no means complete. There were many suggestions – more than 70 in fact – and we had to limit this playlist to only the most popular ones. As @HiThereItsMe100 observed after voting for five of the songs which ended up in this playlist, there are so many songs by Harry, One Direction, and many other artists which would be perfect for this list and one could ‘go on and on’ when making suggestions. Did your favourite Harry-related love song make the list?

The playlist can be found at the following link:


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