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Article by: Lauracassels1 Interview with: KayleeCabral2 and EmilyGalan105

On the 30th May 2023, Louis Tomlinson’s fans melted down into chaos, as fans realized that Louis had a small flag with his name on it on display. Who was responsible for this particular fandom meltdown? Kaylee and Emily, two huge fans of Louis. When they realized it was their flag which Louis was displaying, they both took to Twitter to explain the story behind the flag. Such was the level of interest in this, Kayee’s original tweet racked up 290 retweets, 65 quoted retweets, 1955 liked, and even 102 bookmarks!

Both fans saw a surge in their popularity on social media as everyone was desperate to know just how they had gotten Louis to display their flag, with many supportive and excited comments from both friends and fellow fans on the original tweet. 

Luckily for No Stunts, both Kaylee and Emily have agreed to talk us through their unique experience, 

Having both been fans of One Direction since they were children, Kaylee and Emily became firm fans of Louis when the band went on hiatus.  When they attended Louis’ Gilford show in New Hampshire on the 27th of May 2023, they both were excited to see Louis perform his Faith In The Future album and join in the fun.

Emily had brought two pride flags to the show — one they had bought and one they had been given at school — like so many fans do, but realized they had an extra one. Kaylee had the idea to write a message on it and so Emily wrote ‘Louis’ on it and signed it with their names.  

Although their original plan was to throw it when Louis was performing, but didn’t want to take the risk of hurting him. This is something that has happened in the past, where people have thrown things on stage and it has perhaps hit the artist and, somtiimes, has caused injury. Louis was once famously hit with a chicken nugget one show, and Harry had someone throw Skittles him which ended up injuring his eye. It shows great maturity and care for Louis that Kaylee and Emily thought their plan through and decided upon a safer course of action.

Our intentions were to throw it on stage but we decided not to do that for his safety – Kaylee

They both enjoyed the show as Louis dominated the stage. Emily especially enjoyed his voice live, stating to No Stunts that he sounds ‘so much better live’ than in the studio. They were close to the front and Kaylee was able to touch Louis gently on the chest and chin when he did his signature climb onto the barricade. They also met two other fans there, Donyell and Lynduh, who they’ve agreed to meet up with in July for Louis’ Boston show.

After waving their flags during the show, they both approached a security guard who kindly agreed to help them get the flag to Louis. Considering there are some security staff members who have been confiscating these flags, it was very kind of this particular security member to help out.

We waited till the end and gave it to an amazing security guard. He told us he would try to get it to Louis and he did! – Emily

Once they left the venue, they didn’t think any more about the flag, content that they had enjoyed the show and done their best to give Louis the flag.

However, two days later on the 29th of May at the Laval show in Quebec, what should be displayed on stage but the exact pride flag Emily and Kaylee gave Louis! 

Emily first noticed their flag while watching some Tiktoks of the show. The more Tiktoks she saw featuring the flag, the more excited she became and shared the news with her friend.

I was so happy I couldn’t even speak when I told Kaylee about it. This is like a dream come true and a huge accomplishment not just for me and Kaylee but also Louis and the entire Louis and one direction fandom. – Emily

Kaylee was similarly shocked and excited at the news, aware that this was a huge moment for both themselves and for Louis too. 

I was absolutely shocked and overwhelmed with joy. Not only does he have a pride flag displayed on his set but it was the pride flag we gave him – Kaylee

It’s incredible that this was the first concert either one of them had ever been to, and yet it turned out so much better than they could have ever hoped. 

I never imagined this happening so I’m just blown away by all the love and kind words we are both getting. If there is one thing you get out of this whole thing it would be to BUY THE TICKET! None of this would have ever happened to me if I never got the ticket. – Kaylee

This sentiment was shared by Emily, who also wished to share some grateful words for her experience.

I never imagined this would happen, let alone after attending my first ever concert. I would also like to thank Kaylee for getting the tickets because if she didn’t we wouldn’t be here. My 5 year old self is screaming in happiness over everything that has happened. She never dreamed this would happen after seeing her idol that saved her. – Emily

Surely, this will be an experience they remember for the rest of their lives.

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