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All Of Those Voices: Everything We Know So Far

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Article by: Drea | @DreasHouse28  Art by: Finnvel

On February 8, 2023, Louis Tomlinson announced the upcoming release of his first ever solo documentary, All Of Those Voices, set to hit theaters worldwide on March 22, 2023. It’s been years in the works, and we couldn’t be more excited to bawl our eyes out in a movie theater AGAIN, thanks to our wonderful Larrent. 

Here’s what we know so far about the documentary. Some of this you already know, but hopefully some of this is new to you. 

Charlie Lightening

So who is Charlie Lightening and why is he important to the All Of Those Voices documentary? 

According to his official Instagram account, Charlie Lightening is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. According to the Internet Movie Database and Internet Music Video Database sites, some of Charlie’s top-billed credits include co-directing Liam Ghallagher’s 2019 As It Was documentary (where Louis and Harry were both reported to have attended!), Nile Rodgers’ 2019 “Once in a Lifetime Sessions with Nile Rodgers,” and at least eighteen music videos for artists including Jamiroquai, Liam Gallagher, Paul McCartney, and The Script. He also has BTS footage credit for Kylie Minogue dating back to 2003. Just before meeting Louis, Charlie also worked with Paul McCartney on his 2017 world tour. 

Charlie and Louis reportedly met in 2019 at the As It Was documentary premiere. Since then, Charlie has directed four of Louis’ music videos and his Away From Home Global Streaming Event (2021). He’s also the person we can thank for the LTWT photo content we received. 

To Be Honest reported that Charlie was recruited by Sony Music (co-founder of Syco Entertainment) to work with Louis. Charlie reportedly helped Louis with his famous 2019 “Wanted to get this off my chest” 2019 tweet 

announcing he was all but parting ways with pop music to make music for himself and his fans. Louis and Charlie must have hit it off because this sparked a professional relationship that has seen them through that career change and up through this documentary we are so excitedly anticipating. 

Wanna know two cool things? 

One: Charlie’s professional website sells limited edition prints of Liam Ghallager’s Knebworth 2022 concert documentary. They range in price from £150 – £350 (roughly $180 – $418). Is this something we might be able to do for All Of Those Voices? Maybe. 

Two: On August 12, 2022, Charlie replied to a comment on his Instagram post and said he met Louis and 1D backstage in 2012 and found it “so mad” to be working with Louis 10 years later. 

Louis Interacting with Fans about the AOTV Documentary

On March 30, 2021, Louis replied to a fan saying he was already working on a documentary. Did we take it seriously? Sure. But also, no. This was right around the time that he was at peak 369 cryptic clowning us. We were a bit preoccupied with dissecting some of life’s biggest philosophical meanings surrounding 369 to really focus on the documentary he so casually mentioned as if it were nothing major. (tweet

Fast forward to February 10, 2023. Louis was really active on Twitter and a lot of stuff happened that day. First, Twitter user @ltpovs asked Louis if he was actually working on the documentary back in 2021 when most of his fans thought he was working on the Away From Home Film Festival BTS footage. Louis replied, “Yeah exactly!” (tweet)

Second, the Sassmaster for Doncaster was alive and well. When Twitter user @pamn121 commented, “Having it available to stream (online) would be awesome. (It w)ill reach just about everyone then,” Louis replied, “Great idea Pam…” (tweet)

It made us think of that one “GrEaT qUeStIoN” interview he did back during 1D days: 93.3 FLZ Interview

His fans, however, don’t hesitate to sass him back. Twitter user @damnitdana replied, “We’re all gonna pull up to the theater wearing this. Do you still have the fit?” and included the infamous picture of pre-1D Louis taking a selfie at the movie theater wearing 3-D glasses, a gray scarf, and green t-shirt. (tweet)

Third, in a reply to a fan question, Louis tweeted that the documentary is, “Something I’ve wanted to do for a while.” (tweet)

Fourth, the tweet that started the gayos off in the first place is when he decided to check up on us. Louis tweeted, “Can’t wait for you all to see the film! How’s everyone doing?” 

This was five days after the 2023 Grammy’s and one day before the BRIT Awards. How are we doing, Louis? HOW ARE WE DOING? 

This was two days after he randomly dropped a bombshell that he was releasing a documentary the following month. By then, Twitter users pointed out that we are likely going to get unseen footage of fetus Louis, frat boy Louis, hedgehog Louis, quarantine Louis, long hair Louis (lhl), Mexico Louis, backstage LTWT Louis, and Iceland W E T Louis. These in addition to possibly unseen footage of Nouis, Zouis, Lilo, and/or Larry (!!!). 

Again we ask, Louis, how are we doing? HOW ARE WE DOING? How TF do you think we’re doing?! 






is it March 22nd yet?

Final Thoughts

Louis told GQ magazine in 2019 that he loves thought-provoking films after having watched a documentary related to the dark side of social media amidst the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. 

In late 2022, Louis invested in an incomplete documentary based on Doncaster Rovers’ former football star James Coppinger’s career. According to the Doncaster Rovers’ Club News site, the documentary was originally crowdfunded and supported by smaller club partners and sponsorships. When the documentary ran out of funding, Louis Tomlinson stepped in to provide the remaining funding needed to complete the documentary. 

Louis Tomlinson is a staunch supporter and fan of the Doncaster Rovers, but providing necessary funding is a whole other level of support. Louis must believe in the project and support the documentary of Coppinger’s career. Once again, Louis has shown a passion for reflective explorations of success and lessons learned. We can only hope the same explorations will be in the All Of Those Voices documentary. 

Can we expect to see a thought-provoking documentary from Louis Tomlinson? Probably. At the very least, it will be incredibly reflective if nothing else. The Track By Track videos, music video BTS footage, LTWT Reels, and Away From Home Festival BTS footage all show a humble artist who is immensely grateful for the opportunities he has been given and has fought for over the years. His reflective and humble approach to his career spanning over a decade is at the forefront of these glimpses to the inside workings of Louis Tomlinson’s professional reality, and I can’t imagine his documentary will be anything less than reflective and thought-provoking. 

Connect with Louis, his team, Charlie, and AOTV documentary on any of their socials: 

Louis Tomlinson: Twitter Instagram 

LTHQ: Twitter Instagram TikTok

Charlie: Twitter Instagram 

All Of Those Voices: Twitter

Find showtimes in your area: All Of Those Voices Website

And finally, come back to our No Stunts Twitter page on Sunday, March 12th, at door time for a special 10-day countdown to the AOTV documentary! 

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