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Louies Supporting Louis Tomlinson

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Louis often comments on his fans, stating they’re the best anyone could ever have. This isn’t surprising when you look at the level of support his fans offer continually year in, year out. During his long-awaited Walls tour, several fan projects were organised. For example, during Only The Brave, fans shone blue lights to show their support. That’s not to mention the absolute belter of a ‘Faith In The Future’ banner that a group of fans made in Paris in 2022, spanning the full edge of the upper gallery seating area! So when a group of fans began renting billboards to promote and support Louis, no one was surprised.

No Stunts spoke to Marcee, one of the fans involved in the billboard project, to find out more about the inspiration for the project. 

Marcee confesses to being a long-time fan, going as far back as the end of the One Direction X Factor days. She had seen the band member’s auditions on Youtube and found herself hooked, with Louis fast becoming their firm favourite in the band. 

When asked about the billboard project, Marcee was very humble, stating that it was a group project first and foremost. They stated that on one of the billboards, there were as many as six different fans all helping to pay for and create the content in a manner that would be both artistic and meet the requirements set by the billboard company. 

Marcee states, “we knew we wanted to promote Louis and his art in a clear, professional way, so having someone with a graphics background was important to us. They are also the designer behind the FITF banner that was at his show in France (so I knew I wanted to commission them.)”

The project started when she was inspired by a fan project for Kill My Mind in New York. They decided that when they were finally in a financially and mentally confident place, they would coordinate a similar project. The right time came when Marcee found herself moving back home to Vegas from Indiana, and as the move coincided with the release of new music from Louis, Marcee and a fellow Louies began the billboard project. 

“We’ve done five (billboards). One for Bigger Than Me; one for Out Of My System; one for (pre) Faith In The Future; one for (post) Faith In The Future release; and this one for the All Of Those Voices documentary.”

When asked if they had been to any Louis concerts or festivals, Marcee revealed she had been to three so far — both nights in LA and one in Indianapolis. She has managed to get tickets to several of the FITF tours shows too, for which she is very excited. 

“Since I was really young, I have been very into live music. Generally, the atmosphere at any live gig is incredible. Louis’ shows are no exception. The energy literally vibrates off the fans in the time leading up to the start of the show, and when he gets on stage, it’s like a burst of absolute relief. You KNOW you’re in good hands, and everything you’ve wanted is with you in that moment until the very end.”

Marcee also commented on other fans, stating that the passion from fellow Louis has been fantastic. The amount of love and support they show for Louis is palpable and can achieve so much when directed in a positive way. She states that so many people have contacted her to thank her for sharing Louis with the world and that she never expected the project to garner so much interest and support. 

“It’s another way to share one of our favourite artists with people who may not have ever heard of him in the simplest way we can. We don’t do it because we feel his team should/shouldn’t be doing something similar. They have their own methods. We simply saw the opportunity to share him with the world.”

Marcee follows on from this sentiment, stating that it’s important not to take the positive message intended with the project to a negative place and use it to condemn Louis’ team in any way. She and her fellow Louies are very passionate about the potential good that can come from this project and don’t feel negativity has any place within the project. 

Marcee is available to dm on Twitter should anyone wish to contact her regarding future ideas for fan projects. 

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