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Larry at HSLOT – The Too Young Tshirt

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Article by: Lauracassels1

During the final weeks of Harry’s Love On Tour, we got so many cheeky moments on stage and fun interactions with fans, but none are so memorable as the interaction Harry had with Mary, (@MaryDsHouse28) when she and her sister, Emily, went to the show at Festivalpark, Werchter, Belgium, on the 24th of June 2023. 

After looking at the fans assembled near the stage, Harry began the ‘fan interaction’ segment of his show, and chose Mary, who was wearing a t-shirt with a drawing of Harry and LOuis, outlined in blue and green, on it, captioned with the words “we were too young,” to interact with over others assembled there. Pretty much everyone on stan Twitter melted down as a blue-greening Mary was shown on the big screen, looking shocked and excited as Harry spoke to her about her sign. Luckily, Mary agreed to speak to No Stunts magazine about the experience.

Mary and Emily are from Austin, Texas, USA, and had gotten tickets to see Harry in Cardiff, Wales, UK, on both nights and also to see him in Werchter, Belgium. They flew out on the 19th of June, not arriving in Cardiff until the next day at 9am after hours in the air. Luckily, they had time to get themselves rested and organised before the first Cardiff show that night. After spending the day in London, Mary ended up in hospital with a respiratory virus. Not one to be put off her plans, Mary and her sister headed to Belgium for the next show. 

On the 24th, Mary’s sickness took a turn for the worse and Emily had to find some medicine for her to be able to get through the show – she wasn’t going to let a virus stop her! Feeling a little better, Mary started to get ready, putting on her makeup, rainbow gem face crown, and the now infamous Larry t-shirt, and headed to the venue. Even though Mary felt really sick, she was determined to make the show. 

Mary said “We ended up walking two miles in the heat to get to the venue. By then we were both super excited, but I was honestly just trying to hold it together since I felt like death.”

It’s no secret that there are some Harry fans who can be rather negative towards Larries, and therefore, many Larry fans don’t flaunt it too much at Harry shows, happy to just wear some blue and green accessories to Harry’s shows. However, Mary rightly surmised that Harry makes fans feel as safe and protected as possible, and so she felt comfortable wearing her t-shirt with pride. 

Mary said “Harry allows his fans to feel like they’re in a safe environment to be themselves and I feel like my tshirt was my way of supporting Harry being himself.”

When asked about the Larry t-shirt, Mary stated that she’d got it from Etsy from the seller ‘PrincessPark10.’ She apparently chose to wear it to the Belgium show specifically as she would be closer to the stage than at the other shows and, therefore, Harry had a better chance of seeing it and reading her sign. Well, Mary was absolutely right! Harry did notice her, and the t-shirt was likely a large part of that. 

Surprisingly, the sign Mary had at the show – “Help me tell my girlfriend I love her” – wasn’t Mary’s first choice idea when deciding what to put on her sign! Originally, the sign was going to say “help me ask Millie to be my GF,” but just one month before the Belgium show, Millie actually asked Mary out first! With the new relationship development, Mary wasn’t sure what to put on the sign, but with the weeks leading up to the Belgium show, she realized she’d fallen in love with her.

“I fell pretty hard for Millie and all I wanted to do was tell Millie I love her in the most special way I could think of, so thus came the sign. Plus as we were making our way through Europe I got more sick and started to lose my voice and who better to be my voice than Harry Styles!?”

When asked about the actual interaction with Harry, Mary’s excitement was clear. Interestingly, she says that there was a moment at the beginning of the show where she made eye contact with Harry, and she feels this is where he first properly noticed her. 

Looking at the image Mary sent us, it’s clear Harry is certainly looking right at her. It really wouldn’t surprise anyone if Harry had made the choice then to speak to Mary later on in the show, since we all know he has a mischievous side. However, even though Harry had noticed her, she says she had no idea that he would actually interact with her as he did. 

She said “I had zero expectation of being chosen out of that big of a crowd! I’m just one small person and Harry attracts such a large audience and Jonny’s Place was far more packed than anticipated.” 

For everyone who watched the live streams or who saw the footage on Twitter later on, the interaction was a rare opportunity and Mary can be seen standing in shocked disbelief that she, out of everyone in Jonny’s place, had been selected. We asked her to tell her in her own words exactly what this felt like:

“My first thought was “Is this really happening? This is really happening. Can this keep on happening?” (If you know you know). I didn’t know if I believed it or not when he pointed at me and asked me my name. I was looking around at everyone around me, but they were looking at me. First of all, it was very sweet of him to come closer when he realized I couldn’t speak very well. The whole time he was trying to pronounce “Werchter” my head was in a cloud, I was fidgety and didn’t know what to do with myself. It all felt very dream-like and someone needed to wake me up. I was also very excited, because I was going to be able to tell my girlfriend I love her!”

Of course, it wasn’t just Mary who Harry interacted with, but also her fantastic sister, Emily, who helped Mary when she couldn’t speak properly to answer Harry. We were curious if they had discussed Emily being Mary’s voice if Harry should speak to them, or if she saw Mary struggle and jumped in to help in the spur of the moment. but as Mary has already said, as much as they hoped Harry would read Mary’s sign, they really didn’t think it was something that would happen to them:

“I honestly had no anticipation of being chosen so we never discussed what would happen if he talked to me. When Harry asked my name, Emily could hear my first few attempts which came out pretty pathetic and silent so she shouted out for me like the awesome sister she is!”

The fact that Emily didn’t think twice about helping Mary just shows how close as sisters they are. We asked Mary about this, and she told us a little about her relationship with Emily: 

“Her name is Emily and she’s 27 years old. So my sister and I have lived in different cities for almost three years now about an hour and a half away and I don’t see her that often. I introduced my sister to this fandom back in 2020 and since then it has slowly brought us closer together. This past year after I decided to impulsively buy Harry tickets across the world we began spending more time together diving deeper into this fandom everyday, spending upwards of 8 hours on FaceTime together!”

We have to say, if there’s a force on Earth strong enough to cause two sisters to reconnect, it would be Harry and, by extension, Larry!

Additionally, Mary reported that Emily also had two signs with her, all prettily done up in blue and green, in order to show Harry that he had her support. Between Mary’s blueegreet t-shirt and Emily’s blue and green signs, they were obviously Larrying and Harry not only took notice, but chose to interact with them…twice. Once slightly earlier when he asked where they were from (and he repeated their answer of “Texas” into his microphone) and later when he talked to Mary about her sign.

In the history of fan interactions with Harry, the lucky ones chosen have always reported a myriad of aftermath reactions, from feeling elated, to hyper and energised, to a bit down, or even simply overwhelmed. We were very curious to know how this particular interaction had left Mary feeling. 

She said “After the concert I was definitely on a high which allowed me to ignore how physically ill I was feeling for a little while. By the time we got to a place where our ride could pick us up we had a very hard time getting a cab and the longer we waited the more sick I felt, yet continued to have a beaming smile on my face. Also, while waiting people from the concert recognized me and we talked for awhile and exchanged social media with one another.” 

Of course, there was one thing No Stunts was dying to find out: what did Mary’s girlfriend, Millie, say in response to the interaction? What Mary had to say really melted our hearts as one of the sweetest thing ever: 

“I sent it to Millie who is a nurse who works overnight so she didn’t see it right away. Being the amazing nurse she is, she waited until she had a moment to fully watch the video and then FaceTimed me as we were making our trek back to get a ride to our hotel after the concert. She was over the moon and said ‘I love you too’ and then we talked about the rest of the concert and how her shift was.”

Not surprisingly, Mary’s Twitter life underwent a drastic change. Originally, her activity on Twitter had been sporadic at best, with a modest 30 people following her. However, once the interaction with Harry was over, Emily, who had luckily been filming, uploaded the video to Twitter and tagged her in the post. Anyone who followed Emily and saw the post, immediately followed Mary or posted positive comments and encouraging comments on her timeline. Also, there were several live streams during the show, and people who had watched the interaction on those also took the initiative to find out who Mary was and follow her. 

She said “Immediately my phone started blowing up with followers and comments to the point where I was worried my phone would die! Honestly I got some hate messages, but for the most part I received a lot of nice and supportive posts. Since that day I’ve been able to interact with a lot more people within the fandom which has been awesome! Being more active on Twitter also allowed us to meet more people at Louis’ shows when we got back home to Texas.”

The journey back to the US was quite gruelling, however, as Mary was still sick. They had managed to catch their flight to Dublin, Ireland, after the show, but Mary was too sick to board their flight to the US and they were forced to stay in Dublin for a couple of days for her to recuperate. Luckily, on the 30th of June, Mary was well enough to make the journey back home. 

She said “This trip was definitely THE hardest yet most rewarding trip I’ve ever been on. My sister and I are closer, my girlfriend knows I love her, and I got to meet my favorite artist/role model.”

We’re sure that, no matter how amazing the experience was, they both were glad to be back home and able to relax properly! We hope Mary is feeling much better now and are so grateful that she was able to take the time to speak with No Stunts magazine, even though she was sick and travelling. 

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