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5 Things We Want to See in Louis Tomlinson’s All of Those Voices

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Article by: Drea | @DreasHouse28  Art by: Jumbiart

Louis Tomlinson’s much-anticipated documentary is set to release in less than one month. Slated for a world-wide theatrical release on March 22, 2023, All of These Voices will provide viewers with a raw and in-depth look into Louis’ life from childhood, through his time in One Direction, to his self-acceptance as a successful solo artist. 

The usual suspects will be there: unseen childhood photos, painful recollections of personal tragedies, and honest reflections about his sold-out Louis Tomlinson World Tour (LTWT). But what else do we expect to see? Here’s a list of five things we want to see on the silver screen.

  1. Pride Flags 

Have you been to or streamed a Louis Tomlinson concert?! Have you seen clips from his concerts on social media?! To say Louis’ fans casually bring pride merch to his shows would be an understatement. His fans bring pride merch in droves. 

But where do we even begin to talk about them? Perhaps in the church of burnt romances? Perhaps in the sky that lacks dying stars? Or in the tall tales that only say hello? Or at the place where Louis asks for mercy to be poured upon him? Or in all the lonely shadow dances? Yes. Yes to all of it. 

LTWT fans brought hand-held pride flags for themselves, for their loved ones, and for complete strangers alike. Some fans purchased hundreds or thousands of hand-held pride flags and distributed them before the show. Many draped a pride flag over their shoulders. Some wore pride-themed clothing and accessories. Some wore pride-themed makeup on their bodies. Some made signs. 

During LTWT LA n1 (March 12, 2022), Louis Tomlinson pointed to a group of fans in the audience, likely up in the 200s, that Louis wanted Charlie to get footage of. As fans, we had no idea what the footage would be for but lightheartedly assumed it would be for a documentary or perhaps a behind the scenes video for the LTWT. We don’t know what Louis pointed to specifically, but we can assume it was the group of fans with a massive pride flag hanging over the balcony that he kept pointing to throughout the concert. Twitter went ablaze with opinions on what they were pointing to, but some fans at the LA show confirmed it was in the direction of the draped pride flags. 

Charlie/Louis source: lwtedging

Photo: @DreasHouse28

Louis’ fans have a deep, deep connection to and place within the queer community. And although Louis has never picked up a pride flag on stage, we know he knows that we know he knows we’re holding a flag up even when he can’t. 

At this point, saying All of These Voices will not have pride flags in it is essentially the same thing as saying All of These Voices will not have Louis Tomlinson in it. They will both be in there, front and center. They will.

  1. TPWK / Larry Accessories 

Have you seen the Away From Home Festival livestream from September 2021? At the 2:49 mark, a fan with a “Treat People with Kindness” phone case is clearly visible on the screen. Louis could have easily edited that footage out, but he didn’t. He kept it. 

Screen capture taken from YouTube user @stylinson.28’s video

Fast forward to May 18, 2022. Louis Tomlinson posted a photo to Instagram from LTWT with Louis against barricade singing “Kill My Mind” with his fans. Fans quickly spotted the Larry Hug phone case visible in the photo. Again, Louis could have easily edited that footage out, but he didn’t. He kept it. 

Screen shot taken from Louis’ official Instagram

Sneaky, sneaky Louis. Little did we know that less than nine months later, the color version of this photo would become the background for his All of These Voices documentary poster. Larry hug and all.

So here we have TPWK and Larry Hug phone cases in professional contexts. The likelihood of Louis including Harry-related merch or accessories in his AOTV documentary is very high. 

  1. Fan Projects

No Stunts Magazine covered one LTWT fan project in Monterrey, Mexico, that got Louis’ and Charlie’s attention. During “Drag Me Down,” fans released a banner that read, “Who the fuck is gonna stop us?” Louis acknowledged it and Charlie reportedly took footage of the banner. Read more about this show and the banner’s architect here: Louis Tomlinson in Monterrey

During LTWT’s opening night (February 1, 2022) in Dallas, Texas, Louis told the crowd, “I need you and you need me!”  It was an impromptu declaration of mutual adoration while speaking to fans for the first time on the LTWT tour, but it certainly wasn’t the last. He spoke these same words many, many times throughout LTWT. We’re sure at some point Charlie got this on film, and we’re pretty positive Louis will put this in the documentary considering how much he meant those words each night he said them to us fans. 

During Louis’ cover of Kings of Leon’s “Beautiful War,” fans turned on their flashlights and lit up the room in every city. Down in Latin America, the fans came in full force and also did this during “Kill My Mind” with a synchronized light show. With much larger capacities than North America and Europe, Lima (20K), Rio de Janeiro (18.7K), and Santiago (17K) had enough light power to light up the night skies. We have no doubt we will see these fan projects in the documentary. 

Nothing connected Louis with his fans better than the Only the Brave Pride Flags fan project. Louis bore his heart and soul for one minute and forty six seconds each night on tour. Fans bore their hearts and souls as they screamed 137 words back to Louis each night. This bond is symbolized in the pride flags waving in the air, draped over people’s shoulders, on their bodies, and on their signs. It’s not a matter of if pride flags will be in this documentary, but more of how many flags there will be. Our guess is a shit ton. 

  1. One Direction Unseen Footage

I mean, the AOTV trailer confirmed this. The trailer dropped on February 22, 2023, across all social media platforms. The first ten seconds of the 60 second trailer are unseen clips of One Direction footage playing under an audio introducing the band at their last concert in 2015. 

Grab your tissues. You’re gonna need them. 

  1. Barricade Louis

His throat-

His chest-

His mouth-

His hands-

His blown out pupils- 

Just. Yeah. Barricade Louis needs to be there. That’s it. That’s the description of what we want to see. 

– – –

Connect with Louis, his team, Charlie, and AOTV documentary on any of their socials: 

Louis Tomlinson: Twitter Instagram 

LTHQ: Twitter Instagram TikTok

Charlie: Twitter Instagram 

All Of Those Voices: Twitter

Find showtimes in your area: All Of Those Voices Website

Come back to our No Stunts Twitter page on Sunday, March 12th, at door time for a special 10-day countdown to the AOTV documentary! 

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