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Article by: Laura.cassels1 art by: myrowx

In March 2023, Louis Tomlinson released his documentary All Of Those Voices, to the delight of his fans. Directed by Charlie Lightening, the documentary delves into the private side of Louis, showing his family life behind the scenes, as well as pre-show footage for his 2022 world tour. Fans scrambled for a chance to get tickets to see the documentary and it was a resounding success all around, with over 500,000 fans watching the film in cinemas in more than 60 countries around the world. No Stunts covered the London Premiere in a special edition of the magazine. You can get your copy at the following link – Louis Tomlinson’s AOTV | MagCloud

However, there were many fans who didn’t manage to see the film, who were disappointed and wanted to celebrate Louis’ success with him. Luckily, Louis decided to stream the premiere of the film, giving fans a second chance to see the documentary or even see it for a second time. Fans could enter a draw to win tickets to the actual red-carpet LA event or purchase tickets to watch the stream for up to 48 hours after the premiere event, sending fans scrambling for their devices to sign up for the chance to see Louis in person at the event. 

The film streamed on the 13th of May 2023 on Veeps.com, along with a red-carpet event at the Ford Amphitheatre in LA. Just like with the London premiere back in March, the LA streaming premiere included a Q&A session, but also had the added bonus of previously unseen footage! This revelation incited much speculation amongst fans as to what would be included in the film, considering there was already a lot of family, friends, and backstage footage contained within the original film. 

Another interesting feature of the streaming premiere that wasn’t included in the original release was the ability of fans to submit one question for Louis while purchasing their streaming tickets. Louis would then select a few to include within the Q&A session, giving fans the chance to participate even more. 

This isn’t the first time Louis has used Veeps for streaming purposes. The star is clearly a fan of the streaming service, as he used the platform during lockdown to put on a live-streamed event, one of the biggest ever held if the statistics can be believed. The event was streamed in more than 110 countries and more than 160,000 tickets were sold, raising over £750,000 for charities to help those in the entertainment industry affected by the pandemic and children’s charities – specifically, Crew Nation, Stagehand, Fareshare, and the Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. 

The event won Louis a much-deserved Guinness Book of World Records award for the most live-streamed concert by a male solo artist. Well done, Louis!

💙💚Fan Testimonials💚💙

It’s no secret that Louis has always had a special connection with his fans, treating them with respect and kindness whenever they cross paths. Even body language educator, Craig James Baxter (@bodylanguageuk on Twitter), noticed this and discussed Louis’ fan interactions in depth on several Twitter posts. 

It’s no surprise, then, that so many of Louis’ fans had an amazing time at the AOTV Streaming Premiere in LA, reporting that Louis interacted with them as much as possible and gave them a truly magical and memorable time. Below are a handful of fans who were happy to share their experiences with No Stunt magazine.


“The experience as a whole was just unbelievable. When I got the email that I won tickets I called and asked if it was a scam. Learning that it wasn’t, I immediately booked flights from South Dakota to LA. When I got to the Ford, the line was already long, I was #131 and I was there for hours. When the gates finally opened, it felt so surreal! Walking up the same carpet that Louis and Charlie would be walking up. I got in to go find my seat and I accidentally ran into Charlie himself (I got a picture with him) he was so nice and fun! About an hour later they are start waking the carpet and it was amazing to see with my own eyes instead of on Instagram. The Q&A was amazing and Louis kept looking at me and made a few faces for some photos for me (he clearly knew I was taking). 

After the Q&A I unfortunately had to leave because my flight left in a few hours. But the crew was taking the red carpet down as I was leaving so I asked if I could take a tarp thing and they said no. So I asked if they’d ask the team if I could have it. And they still said no. Then I asked if they’d notice if one was gone if I stole it, (as a joke, I don’t steal) they said yes and it’s not allowed. So I went to leave and they chase me to the gate and said I’m allowed to take it home

(TSA searched me because it flagged their system) now I’m attempting to figure out how to display it since it’s so heavy. Overall the experience was amazing and I’m so glad I got the chance to go! Louis means a lot to me and this event means a lot to me too. I’ll never forget it.”

Payge Schmidt 


“The Ford is small but is gorgeous. The block walls could have felt cold, but it was very intimate. The staff I interacted with were lovely. During the screening, the hills and trees behind the screen seemed majestic. I felt like I was watching in a castle set in the forest. Very magical atmosphere. The Q&A was with preset questions, but Louis also responded to our comments and reactions

He made us feel like it was a conversation amongst friends vs an event. I may be a bit biased since I was on the receiving end of a one-on-one moment, but this was one of the best experiences of my life.”  



I have been a Louis girl for 12 years. The moment I saw him I knew he was special. From that moment on, I had the same dream as every other fan: meeting Louis Tomlinson. I truly never thought it would happen but on May 13th that dream became a reality. I was the first person to arrive at the venue, getting there at 9am the day before the red carpet premiere. My friends getting there not long after that made me that much more excited. Not only would I be seeing the man who saved my life, but I also got to experience it with some of my favourite people. Spending days and nights camping with friends and meeting new people in line is something so unique and to be able to do that and be in an environment where we all felt so safe together was truly amazing. When Saturday came around and more people started showing up my friends and I who were at the front ensured that everyone stayed hydrated by passing out water and food by buying and giving out pizza. We stayed in constant communication with venue staff and made sure we were respectful of every rule they had. Everyone was beyond kind and caring and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better first-time camping experience. The time came for us to go inside and everything suddenly became real. It hit me so hard and once I started crying I couldn’t stop. I’m sure that all my friends and everyone that was watching me around the world while I was sobbing and talking to Zach Sang can attest. Everything I said in that interview reigns true. Louis saved my life and so many others and he means the absolute world to so many of us. So when he hit that red carpet and I was able to see him in real life I was shocked. He is so pretty and smiley and he genuinely looked so happy to see all of us there. You could feel the connection he has with us as he came around and interacted with all of us. 

When he got to me I couldn’t believe how blue his eyes were. He smiled at me while talking and looked at me in the eyes and it was magical. I look back at all the videos and pictures from that day and just try and relive it as much as possible. Louis Tomlinson, the man that brought me out of my darkest moments and made me smile when no one else could, spoke to me and gave me his full attention even if just for a few moments. 

Almost everything about this day and rewatching the documentary made me fall more in love with Louis (if that’s even possible lol) and gave me a whole new appreciation for everything that he and his team do for us.



“I still can’t believe I was given the opportunity to attend the Global Premiere of All of Those Voices. Being so near Louis and hearing some of his thoughts on the film, as well as getting to watch it in a venue filled with so many like-minded people who have nothing but the deepest of love for him was an intensely emotional experience, and one I will never forget.”   



Hearing how many people had a positive experience at the LA Streaming Premiere really reminds me of just how much I love Louis and just how much he and his music means to me. I was going through a very difficult divorce from my abusive ex-husband and I wasn’t sure I would make it through the experience. I know that sounds dramatic, but there were some very dark days during that time to be sure. It was at the very beginning of lockdown too, so I felt so isolated and wasn’t able to have family and friends around to help me process what had happened. However, I discovered Louis’ music and it felt like the clouds were starting to lift for the first time in months. It sounds cheesy to say it, but I honestly feel like he saved me, and reading these testimonials just reminds me of how important he and his music are to so many other people out there. Keep up the amazing work Louis!

I would like to express a huge thank you to everyone who contributed their experiences of the AOTV LA Streaming Premiere – this article couldn’t have happened without you.

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