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Larrie’s New Year’s Resolutions

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Written by Julie @ITakeYouWithMe

Keeping New Year’s resolutions is hard.  Keeping Larry New Year’s resolutions?  That can be easy.  Here are some little things that Larries can resolve to do in 2024, and who knows, they may even become a habit if you just keep driving!

-Watch the Ultimate Larry Stylinson Marathon on YouTube: It’s 2:25:02 of pure Larry. Everything we could ask for, right in one spot. Just sit back, relax, and fond over all of the moments we can’t get enough of that made us Larries and keep us Larries.  If you’ve already watched it, enjoy it again!

-Read Fanfiction: Some people are hesitant to read fanfics, and that’s okay, but you may not realize that there’s something out there for everyone.  Whether you enjoy fluff, angst, alpha/beta/omega (A/B/O), or even alternate universe (AU), you’ll find stories that satisfy your Larry craving.  If you already read fanfics, you could decide to read more often or try a new trope.  Two of the best sites are Wattpad (www.wattpad.com) and Archive of Our Own (www.archiveofourown.org).

-Do things the Tommo Way: Add some Louis to your outlook and attitude!  Be positive, ambitious, determined, confident, passionate, spontaneous, devoted, caring, and generous.  No nonsense.  Have faith in the future.

-Treat People with Kindness: Harry said it best…“Be a lover. Give love. Choose love. Love everyone, always.”  Treating people with kindness isn’t easy all of the time, but if we follow Harry’s words and example, we can each make a difference this year and beyond by helping the world become a better place.  Again, I’ll leave it to Harry…“Put love out into the world. It needs it a bit right now.”

-Expand your social media presence: There are many places to be a Larrie on social media – X/Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest…among others.  Expand your horizons and try other sites to meet more people, get different ideas/perspectives, and maybe even see and learn new things, especially if you’re fresh to the Larry fandom.  If available, join a group chat!

-Help someone become a Larrie: Do you have a friend, family member, coworker, etc. that’s interested in knowing about Larry?  Or one that hears you talking about Larry all the time but isn’t sure what to think?  Take them down the rabbit hole with you!  Introduce them to the fandom by talking and listening to them, answering their questions, showing them clips/pictures (Ultimate Larry Stylinson Marathon, anyone?), etc.  Also teach them that being a Larrie isn’t just about loving Harry and Louis and their love, but for being a voice in the fight for exposing closeting (especially in the music industry) and for equal LGBTQIA+ rights.  They need us and we need them.

I hope your new year is filled with happiness, good health, prosperity, and maybe a resolution or two that adds to your love of this fandom.  Remember that all fandoms have fun, but Larries have more…Happy New Year ‘24!

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