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Rosann’s Reading Recs – 2023 Fic Recap

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Article by: @Rosann_1986 on Twitter @WishingICouldFly on Tumblr Art by: jumbiart

Happy New Year! I wanted to do a recap of fics published in 2023. These are the 28 authors of Larry fics on AO3 with the most hits in 2023–purely by the numbers.

Note that some AO3 fics are available publicly on the server, while some require an Archive of Our Own account/membership to access. If you don’t currently have access, you’ll need to sit on a waitlist – typically for a week or two – to gain access. Get yourself on that list ASAP as some of these require that access to read.

The “Summary” is taken from the author’s own AO3 summary. I have removed the “Why I Like It” section this month as I’ve not read all of these fics. Please be sure to read trigger warnings.

This is NOT scientific. On December 11, 2023, I typed “1-345 days ago” in the advanced search menu on AO3. Parameters were M/M, fandom: One Direction, relationship: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson. 2,213 fics came up in this search. These are the 28 authors with the most hits. Thanks to @bkatie617, @faithfullrry, and @serendia5 for helping with the search parameters.

I have ONLY included fics that were published in 2023. Works-in-progress were not included. Admittedly, the hit statistics will have changed by the time this column is published.

You Can Hear It In The Silence by Imogenlee

Summary of YCHIITS: When Harry Styles was accepted into a post-grad degree, he knew he could no longer afford his flat, leaving him with three options:
1) Move back into student halls.
2) Become homeless.
3) Move in with his best (and only) friend, Niall, and three of Niall’s other mates.
He went with the third option. But it was a close race. Shame one of his roommates reminded him why he only has one friend. If there is one thing Louis Tomlinson can’t stand, it’s pretentious tossers, having grown up around enough of them. If there is one thing he can’t live without, it would be his friends. So he was proper thrilled to move in with his best mates and a couple of other lads. That was until he discovered one of them was the archetype for a pretentious tosser.
In the interest of seeing out the twelve-month lease without killing each other, they both try (debatable) to get along despite believing they are opposite in almost every conceivable way, each having the communication skills of a cucumber, and secrets that have no business be kept secret. Note: ImogenLee’s Save Me (from myself) also appears in the top 30.

Persuasive by TheMedicineMan

Summary: In a society where a BDSM lifestyle was it’s core, most everyone were born into the role of either dominant or submissive.
At the age of 18, everyone left their childhood home to get their education. There were specialised schools for each of the three designations, to which the youth were sent to learn their place in life. Arriving at their elected school, the doms and subs spent a lot of time taking different tests that would later on be used to assign them a dom or a sub – their mate, the one they would spend their life with.
Six months before turning 20, three things happened for a sub: They found out who their mate was, there was a happening called “The Mating Ritual” and their education changed from being theoretical, to very hands on practical and strictly sexual.
A nothing-but-kinky-af-porn-BDSM-AU. With feelings and a happy polyamorous ending.

Drops of Jupiter by Itsmotivatingcara

Summary: In a small, sleepy town ruled by prejudice, Louis Tomlinson runs his grandmother’s shop for the occult. He finds comfort in his tarot cards, his friends, and a dog that he doesn’t have room for. He thought the worst he’d have to deal with would be bigotry, until a new sheriff arrives with a headstrong little girl that’s impossible not to fall in love with. But what happens when a string of break-ins leads to a brutal attack, and the towns’ darling is murdered right under their Sunday hats? A murder that just so happens to bear the same modus operandi as similar homicides in neighbouring states. Has the killer been circling Virginia, or is he a local of Lavender Hills?
And what will Louis do when the charming Sheriff Styles starts to suspect him of such a heinous crime? ItsMotivatingCara’s a heaven of hell and Home calls the heart
was also in the top 20.

The Perfect Match by RoseLyn28

Summary: Louis Tomlinson is a well respected Doctor whose life revolves around his work and his 8 year old daughter… until he meets Harry Styles, who becomes his daughter’s art teacher. Harry becomes a part of their lives, loving Louis’ little girl Emma like his own.
Just months after meeting Harry, Louis gets a phone call saying he is the perfect match for a bone marrow transplant for a leukemia patient; Harry is that patient.
“But for many recipients, a transplant is successful and their best or only option. Your gift gives them hope and a second chance at life.”

On The Horizon by FitzAndLarry

Summary: “Let’s enjoy each others’ company. You’re fit; you’re young; you’re a bloody doctor. You’ve got everything going for you.” There’s a moment of hesitation before Louis plants a gentle kiss atop Harry’s head. “I’ll be whatever you want me to be as long as we’re having fun, yeah?”
Drunk, loose, and excited on the first night of his two-week-long cruise, Doctor Harry Styles finds himself with a little extra company on what has turned out to be a lonely experience. Louis, the pilot who helped fly him across the Atlantic, is the object of his fling.
Thus begins an adventure filled with laughter, sun, and trauma rearing its ugly head. Deadline on their companionship, the pair commit to enjoying their time – and Harry, the screw-up he is, can’t help but lose himself in the fantasy.

nothing quite hits like you by outropeace

Summary: For many centuries, Inferis Lamia had been a college strictly for higher magic alphas, where most rulers of the Underworld had reached their Divine Enlightenment to become the alphas they were now. However, that year, for the first time since it was founded many centuries ago, the academy would welcome omegas from the Underworld, giving them the same opportunities alphas had, the same education.

See my interview with outropeace in this issue of No Stunts Magazine.

i found love in you (and i learned to love me too) by CuckooTrooke

Summary: After months of battling with his own demons, Louis goes back to get what he once left behind, but Harry’s not sure if he showed up in time.
A journey of remorse, healing and love that’s strong enough to break them down and build them back up again.
Sequel to ‘love is a word, you gave it a name’.
Angels Fly by LilyBlue28

Summary: Harry is a lonely omega in the North Western White River Pack who is uncharacteristically drawn to nature and his now outdated primal instincts. He fills his days with going through the motions and clinging to the one actual friendship he has in the omega Zayn, and when he gets a chance he sneaks away to the edge of their territory to sit with the trees and the wildlife and sketch his favorite part of the river.
But what happens when one day he spots the pack alpha, Louis, having an intimate moment with something, or someone, unexpected? Suddenly his quiet, nearly invisible existence gets upended, and secrets he never wanted to know quite literally won’t leave him alone, and even when he tries to stay away, he keeps being pulled back into Louis’ turbulent orbit.
A magical love story featuring a generations long grudge, a menacing curse, and secrets that keep pulling them apart. Will they be able to find a way back to one another through the dark?

Wind beneath my wings by lunarheslwt

Summary: “You shouldn’t be here,” Harry gritted out, wild-eyed. “You should be scared of me.”
Louis opened his mouth to speak, to cut him off, to disagree, but Harry was pushing. “I could hurt you.”
“You won’t hurt me,” Louis said, simple and assuredly. Calm.
“I’m capable of hurting you.”
“But you won’t. That’s not who you are, Harry. I trust you,” Louis whispered.
As an omega carer that works at a rescue and rehabilitation centre for feral alphas and omegas, Louis has experienced all sides of ferality. So Harry- a cold, near mute, non-receptive alpha- was a challenging case for everyone at Phoenix Rehab Centre. Louis wasn’t expecting to feel drawn towards an aloof Harry, or to form a slow bond with him. He certainly was not expecting for his entire life to change in unforeseen ways.

The Pack by IceQueenRia

Summary: Harry is an unwanted omega, in and out of the omega house, consistently being rejected by potential alphas due to him not fitting the stereotypical physical expectations of a male omega. Running out of options, he finds himself being sent to live with a pack of alphas. But surely they won’t want him either… will they? Note: IceQueenRia’s Dominating Teacher, To Fall to His Knees, and Dirty Little Secret Were also in the top 20, I’ve chosen to include just one.

overwhelmingly you by stylinsoncity

Summary: more reflections post-oxford. Part 2 of oxford au
Note: Stylinsoncity’s everything to lose was also in the top 20.

no hand on the reign by tempolarriefics

Summary: Then, he sees it. His eyes lock on the tattoo and he sucks in a sharp breath, unable to look away. His brain screeches to a halt, and not just because of the sight that is a half-naked Harry.
There, on Harry’s outer arm, is an intricate tattoo of a large ship. A large ship which perfectly complements the compass tattoo hidden on Louis’ own forearm.
“It’s that one.” Louis breathes, reaching out a shaky finger to point to the ship on Harry’s left outer arm.
“You’re sure?” Harry asks.
Louis nods. He’s never been more sure of anything in his life.
He has found his soulmate.
Or, a twist on a soulmate au where louis is a newly independent tattoo artist and harry just wants his soulmate tattoo removed. Of course, they’re soulmates.

Glass Closets and Greenhouses by TiredTiredTz

Summary: Charlton Athletic defender Louis Tomlinson and worldwide sex symbol Harry Styles are rumoured to be hooking up after a viral video filmed at Harry’s Wembley show was posted online by Tommo’s twin sisters.
Sources close to the pair tell us the couple have been dating for a while, with rumours of house hunting, marriage and even kids on the cards!
Styles, 29, is as well known for his whirlwind love life as his chart topping music. Most recently linked to British fashion designer Alex Millet-Sloan, Harry has stayed tight-lipped on rumours of any romantic rendezvous between himself and footballer Tomlinson, 31, yet fans online are convinced that all evidence points to #Tomlinstyles being the real deal.

king of my heart by wildestdreams

Summary: Harry shrugged, his shoulders brushing against Louis’. “I think since I was young, I craved that feeling, though. I didn’t always hate being a prince, but over time, certain aspects of it just bothered me so much. I remember being four years old and realising that every person in the world knew my name, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted that. I told my mum as much and she tried telling me that being a prince is not a punishment. That it was a privilege that I should be happy about it, but no one asked me if I was. But looking up at the sky, I remember that all of this will one day mean nothing, and neither will I. All the pressure will then disappear and I could just be.”
Louis stayed quiet, allowing Harry the space to open up because he knew Harry wasn’t looking for advice, but just someone to confide in. What he wished he could tell him was that in the short amount of time that he’d known the prince, in Louis’ eyes, he couldn’t be insignificant if he tried. He was brighter than every star up there in the sky. He was all Louis could look at and think about.
or A Red, White, and Royal Blue AU where Hollywood elite, Louis Tomlinson, finds himself falling for the closeted Prince of England.

Stranger Than Larry Fiction by Larrysmomfics
Summary: It’s been twelve years since Harry met Louis on TXF, became best mates with him, eventually falling head over heels in love with him. Six years post One Direction deciding to go on hiatus and now everyone is doing their own thing. All the boys have solo careers, some are touring, and with their busy lives in play, Harry and Louis have sort of grown apart. Harry’s been filling the Louis void by devouring Larry fanfics, giving himself a chance to love Louis from afar in his own way. So far it’s worked for him and he’s content with his love of Louis being of the unrequited variety.
That all changes, however, when Harry reads a particularly emotional and classic fic in the fandom, and he simply can’t help but call Louis despite his sobs to tell him all about it, inadvertently sending Louis down the Larry fic rabbit hole as well.
A canon-divergent AU where Louis and Harry read Larry Stylinson fanfiction.

It’s Fine To Fake It ‘Til You Make It (‘Til It’s True) by sunflouwerhabit
Summary: Harry Styles @HarryStyles_KE
hi again! so, i wanted to apologize one more time for the whole “helogogjs good gksdjid” thing, and also say that i didn’t just accidentally open your DM’s when i wasn’t paying attention earlier. i sort of had a question about a tweet you posted yesterday? like. the whole “rent a boyfriend” thing? is that something you were serious about? and if so, how does one come to hire you to be their boyfriend? i’m, um, asking for a friend
Harry dreads an impending visit to his hometown, where he’ll be forced to reunite with a newly engaged ex-boyfriend, a childhood best friend turned near stranger, and a family who never understood just how desperately he needed to leave.
In the midst of it all, a ludicrous Twitter proposition brings him to Louis.

Addictive Heart by Alwaysinlove

Summary: Louis prefers to be single. He’s seen too many relationships crumble around him to want a boyfriend in his life. As a successful singer on tour, his schedule doesn’t exactly allow for a relationship anyway.
So he has Harry.
Beautiful, handsome Harry, who always turns up whenever Louis is lonely or horny. Because Harry is in love with him. Sadly, Louis doesn’t do love.
Until one day, Harry stops replying to Louis’ messages and he goes on a mission to find out why…
Although the evening light was fading fast, Louis’ eyes fell on the deep red scratches that decorated Harry’s otherwise tanned back, just below his shoulder blades, smirking smugly to himself as he knew his handiwork would last for days.
you taught me how to love (i taught you how to stop) by devilinmybrain (venomedveins)
Summary: “I was always better at hand to hand than you,” Harry growls, even as he leans his weight into the blade. It’s small, sharp, has a handle of gold roses.
“I don’t know about that.” Louis moves his arm forward, makes the presence of the barrel of the gun fit snugly to Harry’s hip. “I think we just play differently.”
“You going to shoot me?” Harry asks, those wild eyes tracking over Louis’ face. “Do it.”
“I think I’ve put enough scars on you,” Louis answers, means it about the stretch marks still lining the sides of Harry’s stomach, but it lands a little too raw. There are other scars on Harry’s body that Louis blames himself for, scars inside too.

The Pros and Cons of Breathing by HelloLovers13

Summar: Omega Harry has always known he’d be married off someday, so when he’s betrothed to Prince Louis, he’s anxious about having to leave his life behind, but hopeful for a happy marriage.
The hope doesn’t last long, with his husband avoiding him at all costs and Harry being left to fend for himself.
Can he find happiness even in a broken marriage?

a cycle of recycled revenge by brokenbeaks
Summary: Foxburgh, England, 1983.
In the heat of summer, wreathed by pastures, rolling knolls, and thatched-roof cottages, Louis takes on a new job: caretaking for a recently blinded man named Harry. As it begins, what seems like a simple task turns into a quest that costs him every last bit of his pride and tolerance. Harry is, in practice, a two-legged curse. And Louis is just gonna have to put up with it.

Or: The one where Harry likes to infuriate Louis almost as much as he enjoys straddling his lap.

Danger I Can’t Hide by CelticSky

Summary: “Don’t,” Tomlinson’s voice was low, gravelled, hiding out in the night where only Styles could hear it. “Stop it. Calm down. You can’t do anything.”
Styles’ chest heaved. Tomlinson had him pinned against the wall, his forearm strong against his ribs. The night air crackled around them and all he could hear was the overlap of their breath, desperation, exquisite need and pain and desire and longing and lingering resistance.
He couldn’t take his eyes from Tomlinson’s lips. The way they fell open to expel air against Harry’s jaw. His tongue darting out to wet them between desperate words, making them glisten in what little light there was. His eyes were lidded and unseeing as he himself looked down to stare at Styles’ mouth.
Flying Officer Styles and Sergeant Tomlinson would have likely never crossed paths in a time of peace, their lives laid out neatly, predictably before them.
But then the world became unrecognizable. Too soon they grew accustomed to fear, surrounded by death and destruction, not even their freedom a certainty any more.
Until they found each other.
Another person to lose.

these bad omens (I look right through them) by likelarry
Summary: How on earth does someone his parents’ age look so damn hot? All of their other friends look… bland and boring.
But Louis, fucking hell. He’s something out of Harry’s wettest fucking dreams.
Where Louis is Harry’s parents’ friend and teaches at Harry’s university. Harry can’t resist getting a taste.

I Don’t Wanna Face The Music by hereforh
Summary: Louis likes to think he’s a pretty normal, typical lad. He likes spending nights at the pub with his mates, he loves football and is very close to his family. So when he moves to London for uni, he doesn’t think much will be different.
Until he makes these new friends who are nothing like his mates back home and change his life for the better – and this one boy who messes with his head from the get go and makes him question everything he has ever thought about himself.

Traditions by Hell2here0i0come0
Summary: This is just smut! With maybe a tiny bit of plot but like really really tiny. Hope you like it!
It’s Louis’s Birthday. A birthday has traditions.

Bikestrike by thinlines
Summary: What would you do if you saw someone riding your bike, which had been stolen weeks before, across campus?
Omega Harry chose to show no mercy. He didn’t know it would all lead him to his own demise.

My Worst Nightmare by BooBear411
Summary: Louis bursts with excitement, squealing slightly in his arms, while Harry watches him with an amused and soft expression.
“Why are you so happy?”
“You never stay. Sometimes I feel like you are changing right in front of my eyes and that one day you’ll forget about me.” Louis whispers. “I just want us to always stay friends.”

“I’ll always be your friend, Lou. That will never change.”

Or the one where Louis’ been in love with the same boy his whole life. Unfortunately, said boy hates Louis’ guts and wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Gay For Pay by reader_chic_2
Summary: “Is this the part where I say ‘make me, sir?’” Harry’s jaw clenched. Focusing back on the contract, Louis smirked inwardly. “Why can’t we fake the kinks again?”
“Primarily,” Harry said, voice dropping lower with irritation, “because my website promises real BDSM, not staged. Practically speaking, I’d love to hear how nipple clamps can be faked without falling off and halting a live stream.”
Louis wanted to take this contract and rip it apart. “Then why didn’t you get somebody who’d enjoy this? If I don’t enjoy sex with men, what makes you think I’ll enjoy getting tortured in addition?”
“I didn’t want somebody who will get attached. Many subs do and hide it from me. Straight men are less likely to get attached.” Louis snorted at the response coming from someone who clearly never had been rejected a day in his life.“But I’ve changed my mind. I think you will enjoy this because you are definitely not straight, and I think seeing you have a gay spiral will be amusing.”
. . .
Or when Louis needs to take money to keep his family afloat, he turns to the porn industry where hot-shot Harry Styles picks him to be his sub. The only issue is that Louis is straight and Harry doesn’t believe him.

Summer’s in the air and baby, heaven’s in your eyes by starryhaze
Summary: “So we probably shouldn’t do this.” Louis says, and Harry knows he means staying like this, wrapped up in each other, and he nods, then lifts his head from Louis’ shoulder. His eyes are focused on the ground while he tries to will the tears away.
“We shouldn’t. I’m sorry Lou it’s just-“
“Hey it’s fine, baby.” Louis promises, gently rubbing this thumb over Harry’s cheek. Harry leans into the touch and blinks up at Louis.
“Not your fault.” Louis says, looking around before he presses his lips against Harry’s in a short but sweet kiss. “You’re like my dirty little secret now.” He grins wickedly and gives a wink, making Harry blush and bite his lip as he steps away.
or a 70s tennis au filled with skirts, pet names and intrigue

Xoxo – Rosann

Happy reading and thanks for checking out my recommendations. I’d love to hear from you and what you think of my suggestions! Let me know if you have any thoughts for future themes!

@Rosann_1986 on Twitter

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