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Pop culture journalist Daniel Bird opens up to us about what it’s like to work with the mainstream media. He began his journalism career in 2017 during his final year at university. Daniel had originally planned a career in royal news but his passion brought him to showbiz. “I wanted to give people a voice as well as share stories that often go unreported. I absolutely love exploring topics I have a keen interest in, including music and live reviews.”


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When asked about the difficulties of the job Daniel said there are times when a piece gets shot down by a PR team or he receives a negative response from people online. He mentioned this is “part and parcel of the job.” He also said that when a piece doesn’t make it to print he does what he can to learn from the experience. “I always think if a story doesn’t make it you need to go away, look at it and re-work it to ensure that it’s the best possible angle you can find and always have it double-checked.”

No Stunts is all too familiar with the concept of PR. Specifically PR relationships. These are relationships formed PR teams under the direction of management teams or record labels, designed to gain attention from the public in order to sell more entertainment products like albums or films. Celebrities employ PR teams to manage their image and how they are viewed by the world. Think of them as storytellers who make sure we see and hear the things that fit the narrative management wants to present. Some of the tales they tell are plausible enough for the general public to believe but often live pretty far from the truth. Working as a pop culture journalist Daniel was very familiar with this type of PR move. 


“There are definitely some relationships that are publicized for certain things. I myself wouldn’t consider being in a PR relationship,” Daniel tells us, but he’s quick to add there’s no judgment from him. “If that’s what is going to sell records or get your name out there, then go for it. I know some people know how to work the industry.”

Daniel’s experience with knowingly writing articles for PR relationships is limited. “I’ve only ever dealt with these on two occasions, one when a person from a couple explained that they had separated well before they announced it and kept the image going to keep up appearances.” 


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Past the PR articles are the in-depth pieces Daniel truly enjoys. “I love writing on things people may not know about as well as hard-hitting interviews. I think my favourite piece to date has been my interview with Melanie B of the Spice Girls about her experiences with racism growing up and during her time in the band as she opened up to me, more than I could have ever expected.”

He didn’t just interview Melanie B, he’s also a long-time fan. “I’ve been very fortunate over the years to meet people I’ve listened to and idolized growing up. I once met Mel B as a fan and a few years later, we get on so well and have created such a bond over the years. I love going from being a fan of an artist and seeing them live to then becoming friends with them, as surreal as it is, it really is fantastic.”


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Daniel’s piece on Melanie B is well worth the read as Melanie opens up about her experience as a pop star, why she’s proud of BLM, and what she has done to fight back against racism within the music industry. You can follow Daniel on Twitter to read more of his articles. 

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