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For Every Question Why: Live and Direct from Mexico City

Louis has won 184 awards and has been nominated for an additional 116 awards both as part of One Direction and as a solo artist. In December 2020, Louis broke the Guinness World Record for most livestreamed concert for a male solo artist

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On May 20, 2024, Louis Tomlinson announced an official livestream of his upcoming 1st June Faith in the Future Mexico City concert, appropriately titled “For Every Question Why: Live and Direct from Mexico City.” The broadcast will take place on 1st June at 9pm local time (MXN) with a special encore on 2nd June at 11am local time (MXN). Find your local broadcast times here:   The livestream will be directed by Sam Wrench and will broadcast through the Veeps app. Fans can purchase a $16.99 livestream ticket at https://veeps.com/louistomlinson/ The official tweet from @LTHQOfficial says, in part, “Join Louis as he performs live from Mexico City’s Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. The first male solo artist to headline the world famous home of the Mexican F1 Grand Prix, in celebration of his two back to back world tours over the past 3 years.” That same day, Veeps posted and pinned about the livestream: Louis Tomlinson is partnering with Veeps and War Child UK for this livestream.  War Child UK** According to Veeps’ website, a portion of each ticket sold, as well as additional donations received, will go to War Child UK, but the site does not indicate how much a “portion” is or if there is a cap donation that will go towards the non-profit. [1] War Child UK is a non-profit organization that works “to protect, educate, and stand up for the rights of children living through conflict.” War Child goes “to the hardest to reach places to support” children because “no child’s life should be torn apart by war.” War Child UK is guided by the following values: be accountable to children, be bold, be supportive of each other, and be transparent. [2]   In the early 1990s, two filmmakers and a social entrepreneur traveled to the Yugoslavia Conflict and witnessed first-hand how war was impacting children. In response, they created War Child UK.

Today, War Child UK helps to keep children safe. The non-profit supports the children in both their healing process and continued learning process, ensuring children and their families have access to psychological help and quality education. “Whether it’s ensuring Iraqi children get an education, providing psychological support to children who have been traumatized by conflict in Yemen, or finding lost vulnerable children in Afghanistan,” War Child UK works in four very specific areas: protecting children in or fleeing from conflict zones; educating children to ensure access to resources and knowledge; supporting communities short- and long-term through times of conflict; and campaigning to influence global leaders and empower young folks to campaign for change. [3]

According to their website, War Child UK currently delivers on-ground support in seven countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Some highlighted places include**:

Afghanistan: recently scaled up its life-saving work to protect, educate, and provide “more” for children and families**

Central African Republic: life-saving services to those who have been separated from their families, recruited by armed groups, experienced sexual violence, or are working to provide for their families**

Gaza: working on “its biggest ever programme of aid, education, and mental healthcare”**

Iraq: education support, child protection services, and vocational skills training in the aftermath of war**

Yemen: life-saving protection services, education support, vocation skills training, and cash relief to children and their families** [4]

War Child is led by a leadership team of six women and contains a Board of Trustees that is 75% women.

Supporting War Child UK

War Child UK has a lengthy history of raising awareness and money to help support their cause. For more than 25 years, War Child UK has worked with artists, music labels, and others in the industry to record and release albums and put on “unforgettable shows” with popular and well-known musicians. War Child UK most recently was the focus of the 2024 BRITs Week, raising a total of £430,000 ($544.600). Funds from partners, venues, and attendees will, according to their site, “help us continue healing young minds from trauma, turning bomb shelters into kindergartens and reuniting children with their families.” [5]


In just a few days from the time of writing this article, War Child UK will be able to add to their list of collaborators Guinness World Record holder, 180+ music award winner, and dedicated philanthropist Louis Tomlinson.

Some of Louis’ awards both as part of One Direction and as a solo artist include the following: American Music Awards (7x), ARIA Music Awards (5x), Billboard Music Awards (6x), Billboard Touring Awards (5x), BRIT Awards (7x), iHeartRadio Music Awards (1x), Japan Gold Disc Awards (8x), People’s Choice Awards (3x), and World Music Awards (4x).

Louis has won 184 awards and has been nominated for an additional 116 awards both as part of One Direction and as a solo artist. In December 2020, Louis broke the Guinness World Record for most livestreamed concert for a male solo artist of that year and became third overall (all years) with more than 160K tickets sold to fans in more than 110 countries for his “Live from London” (2020) charity show during the Global Pandemic.

Also livestreamed on Veeps, the livestream raised more than $1M (£755,000), which was distributed to four charities: Crew Nation (global relief fund for live music crew members), FareShare (fighting hunger and tackling food waste in the UK), Stagehand (supports UK-based live event production works at times of serious illness, injury, and industry catastrophe), and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. Louis’ touring crew also received some of the proceeds to help with the difficulties faced during the pandemic. [6]

War Child UK also partners with the gaming industry’s developers, studios, steamers, and community members. Together, they have raised more than £5 million towards their efforts.

Additional ways to financially support War Child UK include individual, group, and corporate fundraising or donating. More information can be found on their website: https://www.warchild.org.uk/get-involved

Finally, the War Child UK shop provides opportunities for site visitors to purchase home goods, clothing, kid-friendly items, and music. Their kid-friendly items both entertain and educate children. Their shop site also provides a “Virtual Gifts” space that allows visitors to buy a hot meal, winter clothes, toys, or a generic “Education Kit” for children. Visit their shop’s website for more information: https://shop.warchild.org.uk/

You can learn more about War Child UK by visiting any of their social media platforms:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/warchilduk/

X: https://twitter.com/warchilduk

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@warchilduk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/warchilduk/

War Child UK’s partnership with Louis Tomlinson and Veeps is bound to bring in a pretty pound, and it is all thanks to the generosity of Louis Tomlinson and the willingness of his fans to be a part of the cause.

On 22 May, War Child UK retweeted LTHQ’s post:

Director Sam Wrench

Louis Tomlinson has partnered with Veeps on three previous occasions: “Louis Tomlinson Live from London” (2020); “The Away From Home Festival” (2021), and “All Of Those Voices: The Global Screening” (2023). Louis Tomlinson’s versatility in partnering with Veeps has created a very successful endeavor that delivers quality concert, festival, red carpet, panel, and documentary content to fans in an easily accessible and arguably affordable way.

For the Live from Mexico event, the livestream will be directed by Sam Wrench, a UK-based freelance director who works, “across live music, documentary, and branded content,” according to his LinkedIn profile. Wrench’s Internet Movie Database (IMDB) profile shows he has directed major music documentaries and behind-the-scenes content, including “Mary J. Blige: The London Sessions (2015), “Blur: New World Towers” (2015), “Mumford & Sons: We Wrote This Yesterday” (2016), “Vivo Presents: The Weeknd” (2016), “BTS: Permission to Dance on Stage – LA” (2022), “Billie Eilish Live at the O2” (2023; Grammy nomination), and “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” (2023), among a few others. [7]

Wrench’s IMDB profile also shows he has directed major television specials, including “The 49th Annual People’s Choice Awards” (2024), “40th Anniversary Disney Park’s Magical Christmas Day Parade” (2023), “iHeart Radio Jingle Ball 2023” (2023), “Christmas at Graceland,” 2023), “Lizzo: Live in Concert” (2022), “Billie Eilish the World’s a Little Blurry: Live Premiere Event” (2021), “Bebe Rexha Live: On the Record” (2018), “5 Seconds of Summer Live: On the Record” (2018), and “MTV Europe Music Awards 2016” (2016), among many others. [7]

According to his LinkedIn profile, Wrench has directed branded content for Adidas, McDonald’s, Converse, Toyota, and others.

Although Wrench is no stranger to directing stellar performances by talented artists on large platforms, Wrench is a stranger to the One Direction fandom and, more specifically, the Louis Tomlinson World Tour community we have created over the last -three- years. This community includes making life-long friendships, livestreaming concerts for free, making and trading friendship bracelets and other fanfare, helping Louis Tomlinson get a No. 1 album on the UK Album Charts by donating money and purchasing albums for fans who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get a physical copy of Louis’ music, and being staunch vocal supports (and let’s be real: staunch vocal defenders, too) of Louis Tomlinson both IRL and online.

In case you were curious, we haven’t been creating this LTWT/FITF world tour community for three years as Louis’ social media posts have indicated. We’ve been doing this for – surprise, surprise – 28 monfs. oBvIoUsLy.

LTWT Dallas (first show): February 1, 2022

FITF Guadalajara (last show): February 6, 2024

Anyway. We look forward to welcoming Wrench into our little found family. Just don’t fuck it up. 

Fan Projects for FITF Mexico City

Fan Projects CDMX (@fanrpojectscdmx), in collaboration with local accounts, is organizing three major fan projects for the FITF Mexico City concert. 


The first is a collaboration with AltChange (@AltChange) to illuminate the Autodrome with a giant rainbow during “She is Beauty, We Are World Class” (SIBWAWC). The fan project has been broken down based on seating/standing areas. The five rows of seated sections will be divided into the first five colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. The VIP boxes on the right side will be purple. The general admission standing-room only in the back will be multicolored. The goal is to flash these lights while Louis sings, “surrounded by lights.”

The second  is a collaboration with LouisProject (@LouisProject) during “Saturdays” (assuming Louis sings it!). The first row of seats will raise red and white hearts that say “you take the pain away” and/or illuminate their cell phone flashlights. The remaining five sections, VIP boxes on the right side, and the general admission standing-room only sections will all illuminate either red or white lights.

The third collaboration, added after the livestream was announced, will show the colors of the Mexican flag during “Walls” in a project called “México Mi Amor” (Mexico My Love). The point of this project is to show Louis that Mexico loves him.

Remember when Louis Tomlinson attended the Mexico City red carpet premiere of AOTV and the crowd chanted, “Louis, hermano, ya eres mexicano”? This “México Mi Amor” project is another gesture to show how much Mexico loves Louis Tomlinson.

The 50+ seated sections will be split into three groups: the far left will raise green colored paper, the center will raise white colored paper that says “Mexico Loves You” with a heart, and the right will raise red colored paper. Two sections in the middle of the white will raise tan/brown colored paper to symbolize the emblem of the eagle eating a snake on a cactus at the center of the Mexican Flag. The VIP boxes and the general admission standing-room only in the back will illuminate the colors of the Mexican flag.

Fans can download the “Concert Lights” app and select the Louis Tomlinson event for more information. During “Walls,” fans will open their app to participate in the multicolored light show.

FanProjectsCDMX reminds their followers that the entire world will be watching and that they will make this a unique and unforgettable experience for the fans and Louis.


Translation: The whole world will be watching Mexico City, let’s make this a unique and unforgettable experience, it’s up to everyone to make this a reality so Louis can take away a great memory of our country.

If the whole world was watching, I’d still dance with you. One thing that can’t be denied: the LATAM fans, Mexas included, go hard. They’re not accepting anything less. On go we go. 

No Stunts Magazine Giveaway

No Stunts Magazine is giving away 7 livestream tickets to watch the “For Every Question Why: Live and Direct from Mexico City” concert. All No Stunts Magazine readers are eligible to participate. Readers simply need to like, share, and comment on the contest tweet. Winners will be randomly selected on 28th May and notified via DM.


Thanks to generous donations from No Stunts Magazine readers, we were able to donate an extra five tickets. Random winners were selected on 22nd May. Winners were No Stunts Magazine readers who liked, shared, and commented on the contest tweet. Winners were:






Be sure to visit our Twitter page and like, share, and comment on the contest tweet to participate!

Author’s Note:

** The vagueness presented in this article reflects the vagueness of information provided on the War Child UK website.



[1] For Every Question Why: Live and Direct from Mexico City. Veeps. https://veeps.com/louistomlinson/.

[2] What We Stand For. War Child. https://www.warchild.org.uk/who-we-are/what-we-stand-for.

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[7] Sam Wrench. Internet Movie Database. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3532802/.

NOTE: Source #5, the address includes the “!” at the end. It’s a weird address

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